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[No classes for Tandy, today! She's dressed in yoga pants, blue t-shirt, with her hair tied back with a white bandanna. She's cozy in a seat in the library, bare-foot (shoes are under the table) studying for tomorrow's classes.

Is food allowed in here? If not, then she may get in trouble for munching on those crackers that she's hidden inside her book bag and discreetly sneaking one each minute. So sue her, she's hungry. She didn't really eat much this morning thanks to an upset stomach from last night's meal (that is the last time is putting hot sauce on mac 'n cheese), and crackers were supposed to help settle the stomach anyways, right?]
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[It's late at night - close to curfew - and Tom's sitting on the grass in the Quad. Beer bottle in hand, he counts the stars before chugging down another sip or two. There's actually a lot of things wrong with this picture: for one thing? Tom's still on alcoholic probation. As in, he's not supposed to touch the stuff.

Yet he did. And he's currently on his second bottle. Crap.

Tom's not really one for talking - especially when he's in werekitty form - so he won't notice people right away. Still, it's a little hard to miss a 6' tall werepanther casually chugging beer like there's no tomorrow. He looks up at the sky again, double-checks the number of stars, and then... takes another sip.

So much for upholding his promises.]
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Figured I might as well ask this since I haven't seen it yet. For everyone, even if you're from this world, how many languages are you fluent in? And could you name those languages, especially if it's more than one?

Personally, I'm fluent in three languages: English, Arabic, and Farsi. (I know French too, but it's really bad French). ... Though I guess you could soon add Japanese, since Ryoji's gonna teach me some too.

Oh, right: before anyone tries to pull that crap on me, binary is not a language. I don't care what you think.

~ Damian Razem
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[Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Why the hell did it have to be a school of all things? She could handle kidnapping by a drug lord. OK. She could best a child kidnapping attempt. Easy. But of all things...she's taken to this school? That she now has to attend? Oh yea. This is just going to go by wonderfully.

Right now, she's unhappily sulking in the Quad, the Course Catalog beside her, untouched.
]  Why of all things...it had to be a school?


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