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F A N T A S T I C ♥ A N N O U N C E M E N T

GOOD MORNING, BBS! SELPHIE TILMITT HERE! I have amazing news! News that you're all going to be V E R Y excited about! Exams are a complete ULTRA BUMMER, so it's time we all did something to make recovering from them A W E S O M E. Thanks to Mister Remy leBeau, I've come up with a SUPER MEGA FUN PLAN. Most of the credit goes to him though! SO YOU BETTER THANK HIM!

We're going to have a C E L E B R A T I O N! Brought to you by the Garden Festival Committee! It will be in the theme of INDEPENDENCE! This means that there's going to be a lot of food, fun, and games, all outside! In order to pull this off the GFC will be spending our time setting up games and acquiring the needed things for seating!

But we can't do this alone! OFFICIALLY! We're requesting the COOKING CLUB'S help! We'll need your talent to make a huge to do like this go off without a hitch! If we're cooking for the W H O L E Garden, we're going to need a lot of preparation! Any suggestions on what to serve would be great, and of course we wouldn't dream of asking anyone but you guys to help! Sorry, Zell! JUST hot dogs won't do for this celebration!

ALSO! ANYONE WHO'S INTERESTED is welcome to suggest games and activities! We at the GFC have some ideas, but this is a celebration for the ♥GARDEN♥ So you guys should have some input too! This post is for suggestions and questions! Let's GET THIS DONE guys! You cadets deserve something fun after such a hard exam session!

♥ ♥B O O Y A K A♥ ♥
Selphie Tilmitt
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[Remy was lucky enough to actually get a hotdog today. He'd pulled it off before and they weren't half bad, but Abel has one of those very tasty T-Rexar steaks he'd cooked after their little...er...destructive foray in the Training Center.  It's making Remy's mouth water, which would explain why he pulls out a deck of cards from the pocket of his trench coat (he always seems to have one on him, but this is Gambit we're talking about) and slaps the as yet unopened pack down on the table in front of him.]

D'accord, mon frere.  That sho' looks mighty tasty.  Three hands. Best two outta three. De game's Blackjack. House wins, we trade lunches. If de table goes to de player, we keep how we are and we like it.  Those sound like fair odd to you?

[OOC: If your characters are interested in cards (not just poker. Remy hasn't heard Triple Triad yet), feel free to poke them!  Remy makes a lot of his money hustling cards.  Also, my dear, sweet Disciplinary Committee, if you want to punish him, GO AHEAD! (Not sure if gambling is against Garden Policy or not, but leBeau doesn't care.]
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Wow, I didn't think new students would show up in the middle of everything! I hope you don't have a hard time catching up! I'm Miku Hatsune, and I'm extra good at defense and aerobic fitness if you need some help!

Aah, and I was wondering. . . is there a way to make posts here more recognizable? I don't have trouble with remembering the numbers, but I think pictures would be nice too!
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[It was lunchtime, finally. Remy thought he'd been clever, signing up for this school in this new world.  If he was going to be stuck here, he thought, having every resource possible at his disposal would be a great idea, right?  He'd only been to four classes so far, though, and he was convinced he'd underestimated, well, everything.  His notes were spread across the square table in front of him in a haphazard fashion.  Notes of Garden Code, notes on regiment formation, notes on this, notes on that.  His red and black gaze swept across the scattering of papers before him, seeing, but not really comprehending.  What had he gotten himself wrapped up in again?  He heaved a tired sigh and rubbed his hands across his face, then running his fingers through his hair, and licked his lips.  He was Remy leBeau. He could break into anyone's house, steal all their valuables, and escape without a trace.  He could handle a little schooling.  This was nothing.  He wished he believed himself.

He took a sip from the fountain drink that had accompanied his lunch (he hadn't been lucky enough to score one of the Garden's famous hot dogs and had sufficed with a chicken sandwich) and picked up the notes from his first class, Garden Code or whatever it was.  He read it for all of five seconds before putting it down and heaving a loud sigh.]

Nom de Dieu, this place gonna be the death of you, leBeau.

[OOC: /is nervous. I hope I did this right. Anyway, anyone ever is free to bug him in the Cafeteria at lunch. He'll probably welcome the distraction XD]


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