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[It's Friday Lunchtime in the Quad. There are people. Lots of People, and There is an instructor near the centre of the Quad and has two fold out tables there. He unfolds them both before hopping up onto them. There is a bullhorn too.]

Hey Everyone! This is instructor Westcliffe, and this is an intervention!

[He just lets that sit for a moment.]

Nah. Not really. But I do have something much cooler for you all. Tomorrow, Saturday I want anyone who is interested in joining the premier dance troupe in the Garden! No previous talent required and we'll take anyone. No elitism here.

[With that he beams. And just to show off, Puts the bull horn down, and jumps off of the table, twisting upsidedown in the air and landing on his feet in a perfect cross-legged crouch so he can twist dramatically to a standing position, sweeping his left hand and extending his right to create a perfect showmans bow.]

Sign ups here! First meeting tomorrow morning at 11am sharp. Late people will be given embarrassing introductory activities. Or not. Show up have fun! That's the Agenda!
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[Oh, now this is hard.

It probably doesn't really look like he's struggling, but Espio feels really sluggish. He's been out of training for a few weeks, and as far as he's concerned it's left him really rusty. It's not like him to go so long without training.

And to make it worse? This bloody twig is getting in the way!

Oh yes. Espio's taking Blunt Weapons this quarter, just to pass a little time now that he's completed his Martial Arts training. Using a pole, though, is trickier than he'd anticipated - he's used to much more freedom of movement. He's sure that, in time, it'll get much easier, but right now the pole is just... a thing that's to be worked around rather than with.

Maybe it'll be better if I just use the stick as a movement thing for now...
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[Aah, isn't it a glorious day!? The sun is shining, the sea is... full of salty sea-goodness, and not a single enemy bird in sight!

Yeah, it's not every day you cross some odd threshold where an infinite number of realities suddenly and inexplicably converge, and you're left standing in some guy's office with a piece of paper in your hands telling you how awesome and amazing you are with a faceless wonder asking you questions about your personal life.

Seriously, cabbages are a sensitive subject, okay?

But enough about that. Once everything's said and done and he's arranged his things in his dorm (which really means dumping them in a heap on his bed and sauntering right back out of there), Sokka's first aim - since he's been informed classes aren't until the day after tomorrow - is to hit that Training Center he's heard about. Because quite honestly, there's only one way to get over being separated from your friends and main squeeze without any warning.

And that's to throw pointy objects at strange foreign creatures and hope something lands.

Except, well... when he exits the dorm hall? He'll discover that the cafeteria is practically right next door to the dormitories. And if disguising himself as the shortest, skimpiest prison guard ever has taught him anything... cafeteria means FOOD! Probably limp, wilted and shriveled lumps of what could barely pass for edible, but at this point, he's willing to take that chance.

Sinking his boomerang into something can wait a few more minutes. Right?

Well... at least they think I'm a cool dude. That counts for something!

( ooc: So yeah! Feel free to run into him in the dormitory area, cafeteria, training center - or the corridors leading to any of them! And if your name happens to be DAVE STRIDER... well, first of all, I'm sorry. Deeply sorry. Second of all, welcome to your new roommate~. 8] )
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[OOC: Please note in the subject of your tag if you're hitting her up during or after class! Also, M'gann is disguised so she doesn't have her green skin.]
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[There is a guy sitting in the middle of the quad. He looks incredibly happy to be there and he's not hiding it. He's got his legs crossed, a can of soda in his hands and he's smiling to himself.

He hums a tune as he pours the rest of his soda into his mouth, swishes it around before swallowing. With his continued beaming, he crushes the can in his fist and throws it diagonally cut across the entire quad, before it bounces off of one of the walls and lands into the trash can.

He pumps his fist before standing up, If you saw him standing, you may see a fairly faint trail of sparkles. If you watch him walk towards the cafeteria, with a particular spring in his step, you may notice some definite glittery sparkles as he half-skips to the door.]


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