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[So outside the Fisherman Horizon’s inn is a boy in bright red, squinting at a letter in his hands and generally looking confused. ]

..How is this even---this is for a school, right? And what’s a cadet? [he makes a face] I’ve had enough homework to last for a lifetime. I don’t need anymore! Ugh what if the Professor saw this letter—she’d probably make me, wait where is this--

[he seems to remember something, as he jerks upright, looking around with wide eyes]
GUYS?! Where are you---we've got  to stop Mithos! 

[he’s checking his person, noting he has the two swords made by his fathers.  ]

This makes no sense..Mithos, what did you do?! Damn it..

[and he’s staring helplessly around the area of the Inn, at the ocean and generally looking a bit upset. For a few minutes he stands like this, staring at the paper in his hands, before he turns on his heel decisively and]

Okay, I can’t get anything done standing like this I'll start looking..Dwarven Vow #16, You can do anything if you tr----

[ and bumps into a sign, headfirst]


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[Hello, Garden.

Today is a pretty normal day, despite all the things going around.

The birds sing, the sun is up, and Clark Kent is walking around, headed for his Basic English class. The exams are almost here, so he has a lot of work to do. He wants all of his students to pass, and he's doing his best to teach them properly.

So yes, pretty normal day.

Well, except for the fact that Clark's upper body seems to be completely invisible as he walks, and he doesn't seem to be noticing...]

[OOC: Clark power-swapped with Danny Phantom this week! I am, sadly, still unfamiliar with that fandom so I am getting most my information from the respective wiki. Please, do tell me if I get something wrong.
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[Dawn's glad she has the opportunity to explore a whole new town! There's not too much to it, but it's still interesting. She'd pretty much expected every nook and cranny - even exploring a few shops here and there. She bought a pair of binoculars, too! It had started to get late when Dawn decided to rest on the Horizon Bridge, looking off into the distance with her binoculars, lying flat on her stomach with her legs twirling around. The sunset was especially beautiful when it set over the ocean, Dawn thought.

Meanwhile, her Luxray is a bit bored. He's busy trying to zap fish in the water with a thunderbolt. Dawn doesn't notice.]
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[Here is a girl with bright pink, curly hair, bouncing around with a party blower and giving some out random strangers. She's wearing a grin that could crack anyone's face.]

It's so GREAT to be BACK! [She looks over to her pet baby alligator, who's wearing the tiniest party hat ever.] C'mon, Gummy! Shake that tail!

[Pinkie Pie rocks on the balls of her feet in excitement.] There are so many new people! [GASP] That means there are a lot of new names and BIRTHDAYS to remember! And you know what meeeaaaannnnns!

[Gummy simply blinks at her. Of course he does...not. But Pinkie Pie will tell him, right after she takes a deeeeeep breath. Uh oh.]


[Let the parties BEGIN!]

[Later on the BBS, when she runs out of party blowers.]

HI EVERYBODY! And a special HELLO to all the new arrivals!

I guess I'm new to, huh? Hahaha!

I'm Pinkie Pie! I'll be your cute and friendly instructor for Home Economics! That's just a fancy title for cooking and sewing and baking and EVERYTHING COOL AND YUMMY class! I just got back from a REALLY awesome mission, so I look forward to meeting EACH and EVERY one of you!

Don't think you can escape! Pinkie Pie will find you!

Bye now!
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[Did you have any kind of pottery in your room? You know... plant pots, vases, anything like that? Well, whatever you had, you quite probably don't have it anymore. Someone has systematically gone through the dorms and hurled a not insignificant amount of pottery out into the corridor outside, smashing it into teensy pieces.

...completely unrelated to this, or not, Link's on his way back to his dorm. He has found 326 gil, a small wind-up toy, a stick, and a magazine where, for some reason that's entirely beyond his understanding, all the women forgot their clothes. Rather a modest haul, really...
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[Garden's favorite group of vicious girls are at it again. This time, they're sitting at a table near the lunch line in the cafeteria, and they're not at all trying to be discrete with what they're saying; in fact, their "whispers" are quite staged as they lean in close to speak with one another:]

Just when I thought they'd be gone for good, they keep coming back!

Seriously! They're worst than bite bugs. Can't they just stay gone?

What's worse is I think that there are more of them than ever. They just keep multiplying and multiplying!
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[Those out in the training center are in for a surprise today. Instructor Dragonsblood, who's been strangely reclusive for the past while, is absolutely tearing through anything and everything that gets in his way. However, while this itself may be perfectly normal, the instructor himself certainly isn't.

There's a half-crazed look on Kurt's face, his hands constantly clenching and unclenching around the hilts of his weapons. He's grinding his teeth as well, and his breath is coming in heavy, struggled gasps.]

Damn it all...
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[The training centre, 8am, and there's this kid in green - he's thirteen, but somehow looks younger - facing off against a monster many times his size. You'd think he be scared, but nope. The way he's acting, anyone would think it was routine.

C'mon, he's beat Molgera. THIS THING IS NOTHING.

He doesn't speak - he's completely focused on this fight. Just hacking away at it doesn't seem to be doing the trick, though... he wonders what else he can try.
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[Huh. One second in Garden, and the next second, back on his boat, sailing towards a very familiar looking island. On the edge of the boat sits a young Rito girl, looking somewhat anxious.

The King of Red Lions isn't exactly the largest boat in the world, though - he's kinda tiny, really. With so little space, it'll be a tricky transition for the others from Garden as Link slooowly clicks on to the fact they're heading towards the Earth Temple. Again.

Aw man, Redeads. Fun.
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"We're under attac-"

[The cry that came up from the guards became a scream as a rush of fire smashed against the exterior walls of Eblan, rocking the castle on its foundation. Upstairs, the Prince awoke suddenly, leaping to his feet in a flurry of sheets and pillows.]

No. This can't be --

Not again!


May. 6th, 2011 11:58 pm
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[Seeing his family again was great, but it also reminds Marco just how much he misses them, which is getting to be a bit too much a theme. So he's ignoring all of it and spending a lazy day hanging out in phoenix form, reading and listening to music. And when he's sure Toby's up, looking for him thanks to a mysterious message. Anyways, there's a fiery blue hanging around the garden. Though when it comes time for lunch, he'll be back to his usual human self. If only in the cafeteria. Feel feel to spot him around.]
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Wow, everything's so big! And blue!

[An unfamiliar looking kid is out on the 2F Balcony, peering through a red telescope as he looks over the city. Link has been here in the Garden for two days already, but so far has only really explored the Garden itself - he's just surveying the city before he wanders out to explore it.]

It's so blue, but there's no sign of the sea anywhere! [A small nod to himself.] This must be a really big island.
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[[A little more than confused, bordering on frustrated, Hiiro sits himself down in a not so busy area of the Garden. If anything he's been doing his best to avoid contact with anyone, this place-- it doesn't seem to be a malevolent trick of any sort. Just another school from the way he's seen it.

However, this place is far, far from being the school he remembers coming from. The one that he fought tooth and nail, ran blood and sweat over to get back to his friends; this whole thing isn't sitting right. Something is terribly wrong with the fact he's got no sense of where they are, can't pick up anything from any of the students he knew anywhere in this place.

At least if one of them were there, by now he should have been able to pick up their trail.

A heavy sigh leaves his body and his arms cross over his chest, his eyes close for a moment of clarity. He's been trying all sorts of his best not to believe he's a)finally lost his mind b)been kidnapped or c)a little of both. His heart is weighed heavy on as well, he was just finally starting to get along with certain parties, beginning to get a handle on a life that wasn't so full of daily trials.

With another calculated, less than audible breath out, he stands (eyes open now of course) and begins to walk back to the room he has been assigned, slowly enough that he can take in the sights and maybe make sense of all this foolishness. With luck, maybe even find a way to break whatever web of a spell has been cast over him if he could find the mutant behind it.]



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