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[If Mulan ever thought she had been confused or worried in the past it was nothing compared to this. She's found herself in a strange place and she has no idea how she even got here. Some sort She read the letter that she had been given more than once, just to try and get her head around this whole thing. It hasn't helped much. She's been wandering around the gardens for a while now, calling out the names of her friends and family. All she wants is to see a familiar face, someone that she knows...

So, that's where you'll find her, wandering around the Gardens looking extremely lost and confused. Come and talk to her won't you?]

Father? Shang? Mushu? Ping?

[There's a pause before she speaks in a quiet voice]
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[The weather is wonderful, the people are relaxing, and best of all? NO CLASSES! Spending a whole three weeks at Obel Lake is different than all the other trips, but that doesn't mean the fun will be any different!

Well, with the addition of ponies, this break will only be a little different. Any good horseshoe jokes about?]

(ooc:This is just a mingle post for the Obel Lake trip. Feel free to hop in and stir up some CR!)
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[the screen turns on, and it reveals a young woman with reddish-pink colored hair, who has a small, plant-like creature floating beside her]

Um, hello. I guess I should introduce myself... my name is Fujieda Yoshino, and in case it wasn't obvious, I'm new here.

And I'm Lalamon! It's a pleasure to meet you all!

[Yoshino blinks, and smiles fondly at her friend before continuing]

I never asked to be here, but I guess I should make the most of it. Once the new term starts, I'm going to be taking classes here, and I guess Lalamon will be here will be doing them with me...

Nothing's going to stop us!

[sigh] Lalamon... [ahem] Anyway. Um. Yeah, I guess that covers it. Oh, yeah! Erm, to someone named Ahri... Lalamon and I are your new roommates. I hope we can get along with one another...

((OOC: It goes without saying, but italics represent words spoken by Yoshino's partner, Lalamon.))
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[Balamb Garden has taken off around the Balamb coastline! The seaside and clear night sky can be seen through the windows and from the balconies. The halls are mostly deserted besides the stray student walking about, and even the usual faculty members are missing from their posts around the school. There's a certain festive energy through the air, the source coming from the happily decorated ballroom located on the second floor.

[At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. The Headmaster speaks to the Garden.]

The Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Garden Festival Committee.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.

[Within the ballroom, there is a stationary stand for punch and food, as well as roaming caterers offering drinks (grape juice) and canapes.]

Voting is now closed. There is a thread here for announcing and crowning the winners; on-lookers are free to react in the thread.

Attendance is entirely optional, so with most of the faculty at the dance, characters are free to roam the rest of the school! However, as Balamb Garden is flying around the Balamb coastline, they will not be able to leave (unless you can fly or really like heights and don't mind injuries...), and any characters left behind will be stranded for a few hours.
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[There seems to be a festive atmosphere all throughout Garden. Why? Because it's the Homecoming Carnival! The Garden Festival Committee and their unaffiliated helpers have been hard at work all morning and when 1300 hours strikes, it's finally open for everyone to enjoy.

The directory has been reprogrammed slightly:
It also has a piece of paper stuck underneath:
Kissing booth: Turn around
Food booths: Around 1F main circle
Triple Triad: 2F bridge
Carnival games: Front gate area
Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel: Road to Balamb

Each stall/booth has free, more elaborate maps:
Big image! )

Have fun, Garden!]

Each attraction will have its own thread. We've listed the people running shifts in the top comments as a reminder to those who signed up; feel free to make your character a thread for their shift even if you missed OOC signups.

Characters have different shifts which allow for everyone to enjoy other parts of the carnival as well instead of being stuck manning a booth the whole night. For the dunk tank, kissing booth, food booths, and talent quest it's best to leave your character's name in the subject of their comment to start off their thread indicating their shift/time onstage.

Proceeds will be going towards building and furnishing a student lounge for fun stuff, so most attractions cost money:
Kissing booth: 2 gil per kiss
Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel: 5 gil per person
Carnival games (throwing/shooting X at Y, water gun race, whack a mole, skee ball, Ring the Bell, etc): 1 gil per game
Face painting: 2 gil per person
Food stalls: Snow cones 3 gil, cotton candy 3 gil, and funnel cake 5 gil; "food from your home world" up to individual characters
Dunk tank: 5 gil for 3 balls, 10 gil for 10 balls
Fortune telling: 3 gil per reading
Marriage booth: 5 gil a couple
Balloon animals: 3 gil an animal
Wandering entertainers: Donations welcome
Judgmental Claire stare: 5 gil
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[The quad's all set up for the date auction! A handsome-looking blonde guy - one of the native cadets on the GFC - is center stage with the list and a mic, auctionees (and Headmaster Cid, sipping on a drink supervising) ready behind him. (Alas, Pinkie is out campaigning or something, and Mikuru is doing some last minute work elsewhere and doesn't like the stage anyway.)

[He flashes a smile.]
Gooooood afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else! I'm Russell Drake from the Garden Festival Committee, and I'd like to welcome you all to the GFC's second charity date auction! Once again all proceeds will be going towards the Centra orphanage, so please be generous with your bids! Bids start at 1 gil and we do not take rain checks or IOUs!

We have a fantastic bunch of volunteers for your dating pleasure today, so without further ado, let's get started!

  • Each person has their own thread. Please put your bids in the subject lines so people can see them! Threads collapse after fifty comments, so using the subject lines will make the bids easier to see.
  • Bids close and winners will be posted on Friday before the carnival post goes up. IC-ly, the winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon.
  • If you missed signups, PM [personal profile] wrmods and we'll squeeze them in as an IC "saw the auction on the day, hopped onstage and harassed the GFC to auction them off" auction. Just characters who would willingly sign up at this point, please!
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    [Those wandering outside in the Quad today are certainly going to find an interesting sight. An unknown man is sitting at a table (where did he get that?), shuffling a deck of playing cards and leaning relaxed in his chair. The chair opposite him, along with the cards and table, suggest that he's waiting for someone to come play with him, but the looks he gives those who pass from under the brim of his hat might be a bit too eerie for most to approach.

    Regardless, he seems oddly comfortable in his weird little niche. Occasionally a few cards will float up of their own volition and form a little circle around him before settling back down.]

    ((OOC: Basically, if you sit down, Fate is going to challenge you to a card game. During this game, he is going to cheat -- not at his full potential, but still subtly. He wants to see just how many of you can catch him at this.))


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