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hey a lot of you have already taken the higher magic courses right? what do you think is cooler? attack or restoration magic?

i'm probably not gonna do a lot of the summoning stuff

i don't want to forget anybody important.

- lea

[Anyone who stops by the Quad this afternoon will find Lea there, trying to perfect the art of getting his Frisbees to curve midflight and come back around to be caught. He's convinced he can do it if he gets just the right spin on them! In the meantime, though? Today's forecast is sunny with a chance of unexpected flying pointy object.

It's not against the rules, right? He definitely doesn't remember anything about Frisbee in the quad. So it's got to be okay.


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[To say that Yuna is confused would be an understatement. The last thing she remembers is drifting off to sleep, and suddenly she's lying on a cold, hard floor with a strange, robed figure hovering over her saying something about sleeping in the hallway being against the rules.

After berating Yuna for a few minutes, with the poor girl unable to get a word in edgewise, the robed figure suddenly thrusts a letter into her hands and walks away. She unfolds the paper and begins reading, eyebrows furrowing the further down the letter she gets.]


[Clutching the letter, she begins wandering the hallway, searching for someone to explain what's going on. Anyone besides the incredibly rude person who woke her up, of course.]
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[ It's almost too much for her to take. Gwen has been home for such a short time, hasn't even fully settled, and now she isn't quite sure where she is. Morgana had, understandably, given her a bit of time off despite her wanting to find a distraction. Being a captive and having to parade around as the ward of Uther Pendragon was difficult enough without all that followed... So she thought when she woke up the next morning she'd be safe and sound in Camelot and back to her usual day-to-day.

She was almost in a panic before the instructor found her and tried to help. A trip to the Headmaster's office and an acceptance letter later she still didn't quite understand what was going on. She just nodded politely, took her materials and was sent out of her own in the big Garden.

The whole place–Balamb they told her it's called–is a bit off-putting for Guinevere. It's smooth and shiny for lack of a better description, and so unlike Camelot and every other stone and wood-built village she's been in. Her nearly fruitless hunt around the center of the Garden just brought her back to the Lobby steps where her search began. Must have passed it, she thought a bit downtrodden, though she can't blame herself for being distracted given the circumstances. It's time she asked for help.

She works up the nerve to walk up to any passer-by who will listen with a simple question: ]

Umm, sorry to be a bother but could you point me to the [ She pauses a moment to make sure she's remembering it right- ] Dormitory?

( ooc note • feel free to bump into her wherever & whenever in the lobby area. she looks very lost and needs all the help she can get! )
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[World hopping? Something fairly common for Xion. It's her job of sorts, afterall. Confusion about this certain situation she had somehow found herself in? Fairly. But that was okay! That was.. Fine. Sort of. Maybe.

She looked over the letter again, reading it closely. And then again, to see if magically some new information came up. Which, of course, it didn't.

Which was making her (quietly) panic. Shuffling her feet against the ground, looking terribly lost. Though to be fair, a hooded figure where you cant see their face is kind of shady, no matter where you are, right? Right. But that fact seems to be lost on one petite sized girl staring at her letter enough that it was possible she would bore holes through it on sheer will alone.

Ooh! This isn't good..


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