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[Even though the hour is getting late, Selphie is rather comfortably sprawled out on one of the benches that's strewn decoratively about the Quad. There's still just enough light from fixtures and the moon for her to make out what she's scribbling down on her collection of papers.

"Food and Drink" would be taken care of easily enough. That much at least, is circled in cloud like patterns. Below that entry, "Entertainment" is written, which of course, has several question marks and scratched out lines below it. She hasn't quite figured out what sort of entertainment she wants for this particular shindig. Even as she ponders the options, the pencil gripped between Selphie's fingers is tracing a stray flower off in the corner of her notes. Her lips purse somewhat in frustration, as she lightly stomps her feet out against the arm of her claimed bench.]

Bummer! Why is this so difficult! It doesn't have to be perfect, Selphie! Everyone's going to enjoy it, you know. There's plenty of time too. The end of the month should be a good idea!

[The petite girl sits up, and tucks the pencil behind one of her ears in order to keep herself from chewing on the already abused eraser-end of the utensil. Planning your own birthday party is supposed to be fun, not frustrating. For a moment, she considers taking a break. Maybe she could find something to eat. The cafeteria might still be open!]


Jul. 9th, 2010 12:48 am
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[ Rude is sitting at a table in the Cafeteria, getting used to his surroundings. He choose a seat more out in the open than he would usually care for, but he was being more conspicuous than usual for a good reason. They had told him that his partner from back home had been dragged into this whole mess as well, and he felt it was much more likely to find him out and about socializing rather than in attendance to any classes.

He was also keeping a sharp eye out for Tseng. He would be the guy to speak with to gain a bit more insider information on this place, and he knew it.

He knew what he had to do. All that was left was sitting, and waiting. . . ]

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Jul. 9th, 2010 12:06 am
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[He'd come away from the cafeteria with four hamburgers, that had been his first order of business.  Next Sora had found somewhere to eat them, and he'd found the Quad.  One of the meat patties had been taken out  and crumpled up and placed down in reach of an orange tabby cat who ate it up pretty quickly.  He let his eyes drift up to the sky.  The real, blue sky.]

So, whaddya think of this place?  It could be a trick, something to throw us off.  Except...  [Sora paused, letting his eyes drift close.  Feeling the fresh air, the warmth of the sun on his skin.]  It feels so real.

[Nothing more was said as he started in on the first hamburger.]


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