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[Sup, Garden?]

[There's been a silver-haired guy in a silly bodysuit wandering around the place for... weeks now, at least, maybe going on a month. He's been giving people lip, getting in brawls with NPCs, and generally being a giant prick. But today he looks like he's got a mission, so he's walking through the hallways with his eyes narrowed like he's going to strangle someone, once he finds them. We wouldn't approach him if we were you, but hey, who knows?]

[...Oh god, he's coming closer.]

Hey, you.

[He looks pissed. Also, he's talking in italics. Run.]

...Did a glow-eyed guy covered in Darkness come through here?
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how can you tell if somebody from your world is gonna show up? is it just if you've got a serious enemy?

and if there're gonna be this many bad guys showing up just to mess with us why couldn't they drag in more of our friends or something. cmon, seriously!! why not somebody we'd like to see for once?

[Monsters and villains everywhere... and Lea just doesn't know what to do about most of this. It's making it pretty tough to concentrate on his classwork, that's for sure.

And there's nothing he can do about it. He's barely up to occasionally summoning something. From what he's heard about the things that can do to your memory, fighting with nothing but that under his belt is going to end badly for everybody.

Well, maybe the people who can really fight will handle it. He's got to get stronger first. He's also very bad at patience. So he's just going to skip out on all that studying for the moment and head right for the Training Center to see just how much he can take on. The littler monsters are about the right size...

Looks like there are some bigger ones showing interest in the scuffle, though. He's holding his own for the moment, but somebody might want to give him a hand pretty soon.]
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[He'd hardly admit it, really, but he had developed a fondness for Aerith. It's distant, yes, but it's what he can manage being a Heartless and all. She had, after all, accepted him as individual rather quickly--something quite unexpected. So, perhaps, when she'd vanished, it had... Bothered him, more or less. So, it's back to anonymity for him.]

Has anyone seen Aerith? She appears to have gone missing. It is quite unlike her, and it is also quite worrisome. Has she simply gone missing? Or is she off on a mission? Perhaps she has gone home? I request more data.
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[You know, after living in a castle of white halls that tend to morph due to the memories in your heart for almost a month of existence, one would think that he'd be used to suddenly finding himself somewhere else. Sadly, this is not the case and suddenly being enrolled in a military academy designed to create mercenaries? Yes, that certainly is something new to him.

He's currently in the library, trying to make sense of any particular bit of information on this he can get his hands on... rereading the letter he'd received upon his arrival. Time Compression? ...SeeD?

"Mr. Riku's" head was beginning to throb, and with his bitter acceptance that he's good as dead - at least back home - otherwise... Sigh. Parking himself at one of the computers. May as well use the ID and password to try and find some answers to this mess.]

Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised by this, and while suddenly getting dragged here by "Time Compression" or whatever may have come in handy...

What exactly did I get myself into this time, I wonder.


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