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[World hopping? Something fairly common for Xion. It's her job of sorts, afterall. Confusion about this certain situation she had somehow found herself in? Fairly. But that was okay! That was.. Fine. Sort of. Maybe.

She looked over the letter again, reading it closely. And then again, to see if magically some new information came up. Which, of course, it didn't.

Which was making her (quietly) panic. Shuffling her feet against the ground, looking terribly lost. Though to be fair, a hooded figure where you cant see their face is kind of shady, no matter where you are, right? Right. But that fact seems to be lost on one petite sized girl staring at her letter enough that it was possible she would bore holes through it on sheer will alone.

Ooh! This isn't good..
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[Sup, Garden?]

[There's been a silver-haired guy in a silly bodysuit wandering around the place for... weeks now, at least, maybe going on a month. He's been giving people lip, getting in brawls with NPCs, and generally being a giant prick. But today he looks like he's got a mission, so he's walking through the hallways with his eyes narrowed like he's going to strangle someone, once he finds them. We wouldn't approach him if we were you, but hey, who knows?]

[...Oh god, he's coming closer.]

Hey, you.

[He looks pissed. Also, he's talking in italics. Run.]

...Did a glow-eyed guy covered in Darkness come through here?
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[Riku's nearly making a second home out of the training center at this rate. Ever since classes started and a particular, familiar looking kid arrived, he's been in there nearly everyday. Not all the time though. He needs to be around for Kairi's sake and be around her long enough as to not make her worried about him. But while he's here, he's pushing himself as hard as he can, practicing his magic and sharpening his swordsmanship skills with an almost dance-like routine with his Keyblade. It's not going to help flush away the memory of seeing a younger version of him with those weapons, but he's hoping it might help exhaust him to the point of not wanting to care anymore.

Except for the fact that he maaaay have bitten off more than he can chew with a T-Rexaur. It's harder to take down than most of the others, making him idly wonder if a Gunblade is any easier. But eventually, the beast falls. But no matter how hard he's panting, or how exhausted he feels, Riku just keeps going after the next enemy. And the next.]
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hey everyone!!

i know you guys heard about the beach right?? :O so whos going? it'll be a great chance for everyone to relax after finals and everything. it should be fun!

oh but i was wondering what kind of things do you need to bring to the beach? is there anything i need to get? we didnt really have a beach back home and the only time i went to one i was only taking a walk!! so if anyone could help that would be great ok? :D

everyone is coming right??? please please please come!! or else! >:)

- vanille

Action for the Library, after making the post. )
( ooc: Dated before the beach party..! )
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[Riku hasn't been up to much over the past few weeks. Coming into the Garden so late in the quarter, he wasn't sure what classes to take or specialization to enroll into with finals looming so close. He's gone to visit different classes to get a feel for how things operated here, but nothing was concrete just yet.

Not to mention the lack of his usual powers made him wary about things. It was strange not to be able to have the Keyblade in hand.

So today, after scoping out more classes and getting used to the layout of the Garden, Riku's decided to relax in a nice shady spot in the Quad focusing on controlling his new power. He's in control of his ice a lot more than he was at first, now just freezing things when he wants to. He's practicing using his ice to tiny little ice model and scupltures. There's a few half-melted hearts around his feet, one paopu fruit, and currently he's got a half formed model of his Way to the Dawn in his hands.

It's good practice for control for him. Come and admire some of his handiwork?]
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[He doesn't seem very comfortable. In fact, he seems anything but comfortable. But he has to do this.]

Greetings, fellow students and instructors. I have... A confession to make.

[Here goes. This may not be received well.]

My name is not Sora. I myself was actually lacking a name, so I took the name of someone I share a close relationship with. Recently, a friend of his gave me my own name.

[...This is very uncomfortable. He doesn't like to admit his lies, his shortcomings, his lack of a true identity.]

I am now named Ardos. It's a pleasure to meet you once again.
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has anyone seen Luxray? I can't find him anywhere. I'm really worried. If you don't know what Luxray looks like, he's bigger than a dog, blue and black with a yellow tip on his tail, and he has electric powers. He looks kinda mean too. Please tell me if you see him anywhere.



[Dawn is on the quad, sitting on a bench. It's starting to get late, so there really aren't too many people out besides herself. She's curled up in a ball, crying into her thighs. But you may find something a bit more out of the ordinary. Looming around her are strange.. things. A few dead looking flowers are floating over head, and a very ratty looking cat is sitting next to her, looking up at her expectantly with glowing yellow eyes. Behind her, various bugs are floating in the air. Cicadas, flies, bees, etcetera.

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[In some slightly off-the-beaten-path part of the quad today, there is a giant pie, and by giant, you could say that several grown men could fit inside of it comfortably--it is, however, oozing apple filling and not... blood or something else onto the grass, so perhaps that's a comforting thought. On top of said pie, there's a rather odd assortment of other baked goods: muffins, strudals, loaves of bread, cookies...

It's a surprisingly expansive list! The odd thing about the pile, however, is how nothing appears to be of the normal size; everything is either too big or too small. There are doughnut holes larger than your head, and yet, at the same time, there are cinnamon rolls you could fit on a fingernail.

Well, at least they taste good? If you're brave enough to try one at least.

Oh, right, there's also a guy seated a few feet behind the giant pile of baked goods, leaning against the base of a tree. He appears to be surveying the stack with mild interest as he munches on a cookie the size of a hubcap.
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[ Making their way from the Garden Lobby to the Fisherman's Horizon inn are a boy and a girl, each with a course catalog tucked under their arms and matching confused faces. Their bodies are turned into each other slightly, enough to let onlookers know that they're friends. The girl's eyes keep darting about, whether in amazement or sheer surprise is difficult to tell. The boy looks warier, shoulders hunched, stooping like a silver gargoyle over his companion. At some points, the girl rushes into the fancy shops, leaving the boy alone on the street, his eyes snagging on every pooled shadow.

They're probably going to get epically lost. Help them out?

ooc: Feel free to tag either one or both of them--no guarantee Bun and I will be on at the same time, sadly. ]
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[ like most people in the Garden, Riku hasn't gotten any sleep. Well, he has, but the sleep that he's gotten has not been... good. Dreaming of being possessed over and over again tends to make your mornings pretty miserable. he's learned to deal with it, though, even if he's got bags under his seagreen eyes now, that he keeps trying to rub away. he leans his back against the railing of the Secret Area after curfew, writing in what looks like a notebook, or sketchbook.

after a while, though, he gets frustrated with trying to figure out what the dreams mean, or why they're happening now, and tosses his notebook over to the side, looking out at the view.

care to join him in angsting? the silence is giving him an earache. ]
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[Rock climbing plus lack of good sleep sounds like a terrible idea. Oh-so-terrible. Good thing he ate all the meat he could at lunch--that should keep him going.

Sokka stands in class and rolls his neck before popping his back. If everybody else can do this, he can do it too. He's a great climber! He took all that advice from Aang's crazy dreams and praticed, didn't he? Not to mention that all the sword work has definitely given him some great looking arms.

Lacing his fingers, Sokka nods cracks his knuckles. Stretches his arms over his head and then left right, left right, and down to touch his toes. Okay! Time to rock this class.

... Get it? Rock the class? Rock Climbing?]

☆ One ☆

Jul. 9th, 2010 12:06 am
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[He'd come away from the cafeteria with four hamburgers, that had been his first order of business.  Next Sora had found somewhere to eat them, and he'd found the Quad.  One of the meat patties had been taken out  and crumpled up and placed down in reach of an orange tabby cat who ate it up pretty quickly.  He let his eyes drift up to the sky.  The real, blue sky.]

So, whaddya think of this place?  It could be a trick, something to throw us off.  Except...  [Sora paused, letting his eyes drift close.  Feeling the fresh air, the warmth of the sun on his skin.]  It feels so real.

[Nothing more was said as he started in on the first hamburger.]
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[Welcome to... this big metal floaty place.


So, welcome to this big metal floaty place that doesn't really look anything like a garden but supposedly is, and you're going to be a student. In classes. Instead of going home and saving the world. Er, probably saving the world. Mostly likely saving the world.

Always better to soak up information like that on a full stomach--which is why Sokka's found the cafeteria and is scooting down the line, loading up a tray. Really loading it up. More or less it looks like he's trying two or three of everything.

Hey, free food.

day 1.

Jun. 22nd, 2010 03:50 pm
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[ if anyone's passing by the Garden's library, they might catch Riku coming out with a few--uh, well, few is an understatement--books underneath his right arm, and a few in a canvas bag. he's a hard studier, especially during the first few weeks. he's starting to walk back to his dorm, before--


his tote rips open. ... aww shoot. he sets his other books on a nearby bench and goes about picking the ones that fell up, readjusting his black scarf around his neck so no one steps on it as they pass by. ]


Jun. 11th, 2010 11:38 am
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[One: new person in the library, poring over books and looking at a sheet of paper in one hand, and twirling a pencil around the fingers of the other hand. He looks like he's having a bit of trouble, because shit English isn't really his best subject. Sure he can speak it a little, but reading is a whole different ball game.

"Kamui" leans back in the chair, heaving a long-suffering sigh.]

... Mendokuse. (... This is such a hassle.)

[Cue silent staring from a passing librarian, and cue him smiling sheepishly at her.]


[Oops, forgot for a moment there he has to start speaking in English. This is not going to be as easy as the last place. At least there he didn't have to worry about the language barrier. Here he needs to get with the program, start learning things and...

Crap, he might need to take up those English remedials.]


May. 30th, 2010 05:48 pm
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[So, being a new kid at school means one must do some wandering to familiarize oneself with the grounds and maybe make a few friends or run into some bullies, etc. Riku has been doing just that, though he hasn't really made any new friends yet and thankfully, hasn't ran into any bullies. He is, however, wandering into the training center and-

Oh hello, Mr. T-Rex. How are you today? He blinks a few times; it is his first time seeing a dinosaur after all.]

I'm glad you're not a Heartless. Hate to see what you'd be like... though I guess Sora would like you.

[Mr. T-Rex doesn't seem to care and demonstrates this by opening its massive jaw to roar in Riku's face. He doesn't seem too fazed, aside from wincing from the horrid breath of the dinosaur and extends a hand to one side, Way to Dawn appearing in a burst of light. Blocking a rather large claw, he's just going to trade some blows with the lizard; it's been a while since he's got some good training in.]

[ooc: feel free to watch/jump in/laugh- anything is fair game!]


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