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[ Kiden had never wanted to go back to school once she'd left it. Too many people getting into her business, too many professors getting on her case, too much pressure, too much work, too much noise, too much everything.

But magical high school? In another dimension? She was liking the whole 'blank slate' idea; the lack of stoning and gang violence was just an added bonus. The outside world was hostile to people with powers? Fuck, as far as Kiden was concerned, if she could get out of here without anyone ever even thinking she had powers, she'd be happy.

So she'd spent the last few days getting her stuff in order, avoiding her roommate and getting a feel for campus. She took advantage of No-Time to get to all sorts of otherwise hard-to-access places and christening them with the acrid smell of cigarette smoke.

She was going to make herself right at home, and fuck anyone who thought otherwise. ]

[[ooc. Due to the nature of her powers, Kiden can legit be anywhere you feel like finding her, though she'll usually only show up in public places to avoid akward questions. If you are one of her teachers, you can come get your preliminary insults introduced! =D ]]
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[Well. A lot certainly had changed, that's for sure. It almost seems like luck that Leon would get back in time for a some prep before quarter started, wouldn't it? Not as much time as he would have liked, but... delays happen. Leon feels almost a bit disconnected upon returning to Garden; it feels different, realizing what he's going to need to do. It's kind of good to be back, too.

Oh, well.

No use crying over spilled milk.

First thing was first: Leon needed something to eat. Badly, considering that tedious little habit of forgetting. Might as well as multi-task while he was at it. He's quiet, picking at a plate of food in the far corn, plans and notes sprawled across the table in front of him. The sooner it's done, the sooner Leon can decompress.]


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