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[Merlin hadn't visited Balamb Town yet, but it today he'd decided that he was going to walk down and take a look. The town was unlike any place Merlin had ever seen in Albion though, so as he wondered around he felt very much like he'd turned into the village boy who'd stared at everything he saw that he'd been on his first day in Camelot again.

Throughout the day, there were a few places where Merlin could be seen]

1. [On the way to the town, as Merlin walks along the road. If you're on your way to the town too, you might pass him by]

2. [Traffic lights. Merlin's stopped at the corner of an intersection and is now wondering what those flashy light things are for. It's still daylight, so they're obviously not there to help people see...]

3. [A Department Store, where Merlin has found a section full of amazing things: kitchen gadgets. He doesn't know what most of them do, but they're interesting and he's sure that Gwen would like to have some of these.]

4. [A pet store! Which has Merlin looking in the window at a puppy with a rather perplexed expression. Why would you want to keep a dog in a glass box?]
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[Cissie's been gone long enough for Rorona to realize her only apprentice has gone home, but she's been busy pouting in private and making pies to say anything about it. Now, though, it's time to see if she can't find anyone else to teach alchemy to.]

Is there anyone who wants to learn alchemy?? I'm looking for possible new apprentices! OR just an apprentice.

Anyway, if you're interested, lemme know! And... I'll interview you!

-- Rorona
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hey a lot of you have already taken the higher magic courses right? what do you think is cooler? attack or restoration magic?

i'm probably not gonna do a lot of the summoning stuff

i don't want to forget anybody important.

- lea

[Anyone who stops by the Quad this afternoon will find Lea there, trying to perfect the art of getting his Frisbees to curve midflight and come back around to be caught. He's convinced he can do it if he gets just the right spin on them! In the meantime, though? Today's forecast is sunny with a chance of unexpected flying pointy object.

It's not against the rules, right? He definitely doesn't remember anything about Frisbee in the quad. So it's got to be okay.


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[ It's almost too much for her to take. Gwen has been home for such a short time, hasn't even fully settled, and now she isn't quite sure where she is. Morgana had, understandably, given her a bit of time off despite her wanting to find a distraction. Being a captive and having to parade around as the ward of Uther Pendragon was difficult enough without all that followed... So she thought when she woke up the next morning she'd be safe and sound in Camelot and back to her usual day-to-day.

She was almost in a panic before the instructor found her and tried to help. A trip to the Headmaster's office and an acceptance letter later she still didn't quite understand what was going on. She just nodded politely, took her materials and was sent out of her own in the big Garden.

The whole place–Balamb they told her it's called–is a bit off-putting for Guinevere. It's smooth and shiny for lack of a better description, and so unlike Camelot and every other stone and wood-built village she's been in. Her nearly fruitless hunt around the center of the Garden just brought her back to the Lobby steps where her search began. Must have passed it, she thought a bit downtrodden, though she can't blame herself for being distracted given the circumstances. It's time she asked for help.

She works up the nerve to walk up to any passer-by who will listen with a simple question: ]

Umm, sorry to be a bother but could you point me to the [ She pauses a moment to make sure she's remembering it right- ] Dormitory?

( ooc note • feel free to bump into her wherever & whenever in the lobby area. she looks very lost and needs all the help she can get! )
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What would you do if you found out someone was lying to you? I mean, I can't confront them here. But I really want to keep living like that or....take a chance and leave. I trusted her. She took care of me, kept me safe, when was her. It was her all along.

Anyway, Lea, Cissie, since Eugene is here now, did you want to meet him? He wants to meet you both, he's said.

~ Rapunzel
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how can you tell if somebody from your world is gonna show up? is it just if you've got a serious enemy?

and if there're gonna be this many bad guys showing up just to mess with us why couldn't they drag in more of our friends or something. cmon, seriously!! why not somebody we'd like to see for once?

[Monsters and villains everywhere... and Lea just doesn't know what to do about most of this. It's making it pretty tough to concentrate on his classwork, that's for sure.

And there's nothing he can do about it. He's barely up to occasionally summoning something. From what he's heard about the things that can do to your memory, fighting with nothing but that under his belt is going to end badly for everybody.

Well, maybe the people who can really fight will handle it. He's got to get stronger first. He's also very bad at patience. So he's just going to skip out on all that studying for the moment and head right for the Training Center to see just how much he can take on. The littler monsters are about the right size...

Looks like there are some bigger ones showing interest in the scuffle, though. He's holding his own for the moment, but somebody might want to give him a hand pretty soon.]
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[In the quad, Aladdin is peering quizzically at the translation necklace. On his shoulder his pet monkey Abu looks at it with him, making a disinterested noise.

Chances are most people won't be looking at the young man or the monkey though. That persian rug which is floating in the air beside him and somehow managing to look curious is much more attention-grabbing, after all.

Aladdin hasn't put on the device yet, so when he speaks it's in Arabic, not English]

So what do you think, Abu?

[Abu natter's away in a tone that suggests he doesn't think much of the device. Aladdin grins and shrugs in response]

Hey, as long as it works. [He puts it on and spreads his arms, facing Carpet. Suddenly, his next words come out in English] How do I look?

[Neither Abu nor Carpet understands English, but they seem to guess what Aladdin means. In response, Abu huffs his disapproval - but Carpet seems like like it, giving Aladdin a cheerful salute with one of its tassels]
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[Apparently, most people didn't come to the Parking Lot too much. Fortunately Dataku was not 'most people'. So inside the dimly-lit, awful smelling Parking Lot, you may find a silver-haired kid in a leather coat walking around. He occasionally rests a a hand on one of the objects -- a vehicle, say, or maybe a wall -- but never for long, and he always looks around in case someone catches him down here. He's not sure if the lot is available for cadets such as himself.]

[It definitely wasn't the datascape he was used to. As a matter of fact, it was very far from it. But somehow, even though he was data and the inner workings of the computer were something completely separate... being here was calming. He didn't really bring anything to do, but he didn't want to; Dataku was content to walk around and look at all of the vehicles the Garden used for transportation. By far the most abundant were the armored tank-like cars, which according to their name were restricted to use by SeeDs. But that wasn't the only thing in there, oh no, and he was totally interested in exploring it all.]

[Feel free to stop and stare. Because honestly, who spends their time in the parking lot?]

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[Option A, BBS - fed up with this whole "extra quarter to qualify as a pilot" business and the way he pretty much only has one worthwhile class, Espio has decided that "boring errand-running" is better than "boring boredom." Anyone need a favour? A favour that, depending on what it is, may end up questioned to the point he refuses to do it and makes you feel bad for even asking?]

Okay. I'm bored.

If anyone needs any errands running in the mornings, let me know. Here or just grab me in the hallway, I don't care. I don't have classes or missions to do, and I'd rather be useful.

[Option B, Action - yes, he says grab him in the halls, but right now he's more interested in the car park. Although he never got the machine's most useful feature working again, he's been working on his little hovercar during his spare time so that it doesn't look like such an embarassment.

Okay, so it still looks like an overgrown bumper car but at least it's less eye-searing than it was - Espio is working on painting it a glossy black, getting paint all over himself in the process. It's advisable not to get too close - you will either a) get paint on you, or b) get pestered to go get him a drink.
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[With the help of a generous passerby, Emil's figured out the computers here enough to type out a message! Let's see how this goes.]

Hi, everyone. My name is Emil Castagnier. I guess I'm new here. I just arrived today. And, um, I have a question. Can somebody help me with the classes I'm supposed to be taking? It's been a long time since I've had to go to school.

Maybe some more help on using these computers would be nice, too. Are they really going to be important?

[He considers writing more, but leaves it at that. Better to get a feel of the place first, and besides it's taken him long enough trying to get a few sentences out on this thing as it is.]
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[He'd hardly admit it, really, but he had developed a fondness for Aerith. It's distant, yes, but it's what he can manage being a Heartless and all. She had, after all, accepted him as individual rather quickly--something quite unexpected. So, perhaps, when she'd vanished, it had... Bothered him, more or less. So, it's back to anonymity for him.]

Has anyone seen Aerith? She appears to have gone missing. It is quite unlike her, and it is also quite worrisome. Has she simply gone missing? Or is she off on a mission? Perhaps she has gone home? I request more data.
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[Looks like there's a new face in the garden, specifically standing around in the lobby with her arms crossed and in a huff. Though it supposedly doesn't give much effect to make people take her seriously, considering she's no older than eight.]

And just when I thought things like this were over. [She mumbled to herself in a sigh. Yeah, it was one thing that it was at least told beforehand and she was ensured to come back to her homeworld at the first. But this time, she wasn't in the human world and the way of coming back was still a mystery to the people of the garden.

Doesn't mean she still can't try to ask around.

Hey, uh, excuse me!
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okay i know i talked to people about this before but this time FOR REAL.

who's up for a trip to the beach in balamb town this weekend? sunday afternoon so people don't have classes and stuff?

we can go fishing, swim, all that stuff. it'll be awesome. plus my brain is gonna ooze out my ears if i spend another weekend on homework, and i can't be the only one, right? right?

just reply here or catch me in class or something!

- lea

[Despite the cheery tone of his bbs message, anybody who's out by the front gates this afternoon might spot Lea sitting on a bench near the fountains, hugging his knees and staring at the water. He almost looks lonely.]
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Oh maaaaaaaan, Leijon!
What happened???????
You left in such a hurry I couldn't ask if everything was alright or not!
Did something upseeeeeeet you~?
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[Sometime between classes, Cissie had found some spare time to experiment in the kitchen. Carefully propping a large cookbook on the counter, she carefully read it over again and then began to pour everything into her metal mixing bowl.

She'd intended to bake some cranberry chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies - Bart'd expressed interest in them, so why not? - and maybe even a batch of blondies, just to be experimental, but it's pretty obvious that she's baking as a total coping mechanism. How obvious? Well, this isn't exactly her first batch of cookies.

With flour smudged all over her face, her hair disheveled and coming out of its ponytail, and even a few food stains on her apron and jeans, Cissie's looking a little worse for the wear as she beats the batter into submission---but somehow, in the mess of baking, she seems oddly content. Even if she'll soon have more than enough desserts to feed an army in a few hours.]
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Greetings Balamb Garden!

First, on behalf of the GFC, I would like to thank everyone for participating in all of our events thus far this year. Because of your enthusiasm, we have made these events the best yet, which spurns us to make forthcoming events better than the last!

Second, as most of you may recall, there has been a recent graduation of a group of individuals to SeeD status. Congratulations to you all! I was also amongst that group, and therefore, I must regretfully step down as the Garden Festival Committee leader. As much as I would like to continue on, I'm afraid my future duties will conflict the needs of the committee, and that isn't fair to all of you.

The person to replace me will be Mikuru Asahina. She was my apprentice for some time now, and I am confident that she will do her very best for everyone here in Balamb Garden. I hope that you'll be kind to her as you have to me!

If there are any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you.

Gakupo Kamui
SeeD #28262
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[Espio can be found in a few different places this week, but mostly either in the hallways or in the training centre. So, multiple choice it is:]


[For someone who was so insistent that dance classes were completely worthless, Espio certainly seems to be having fun dancing with grats. And it pretty much is dancing - he's far too accustomed to grats, at this point, to take a fight with them seriously, so... he's got a bit creative. It makes the fight last longer, sure, but right now, time-wasting is a plus.]

You lot just aren't any good, are you? We need an upgrade to this place.

[Even when deliberately making a fight drag on, it still doesn't take long to take grats down. Espio has accomplished a pile of incapacitated foes. He has to admit, dancing through an easy fight does make it mildly more fun, especially when it comes to swinging the bloody things around by the tentacles.]


[Featuring a lizard on a bench in the middle of the hallways, right when the morning classes are on. He looks like he's sulking. He kind of is sulking, since, well, he's only really got his piloting internship to focus on right now. So boring.

He's flicking through one of his old roommate's sketchbooks to pass the time, but he doesn't think it'll last him until lunchtime. To put it simply, Espio really wishes that something interesting will pop up in the middle of the corridor, but that strikes him as unlikely. With a small grumble, he rolls over - mistakenly thinking for just a moment that he's still on his bed - and crashes straight onto the floor with a yelp.

WELL IT'S A GOOD THING CLASSES ARE STILL ON. Not many people around to see that!

Sitting bolt upright, a bit shaken, Espio looks around just to make sure nobody did see that, ready to tell anyone around that he absolutely did not just do something ridiculous like falling off a bench.
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Apparently, my sister, Instructor Argotera, has been here for some time and no one bothered to tell me. That being said, I feel it is my duty as her brother to warn the Garden. Do not attempt to flirt, hit on, or pick up my twin. It will be painful for you should you attempt to do so. This is not a threat, simply a warning because my sister has quite a temper and a wicked sense of humor.

I should also warn that my younger brother, Cadet Zagreus, has arrived. I claim no responsibility for his actions, and please do not expect either myself or Artemis to handle him.

Family reunions and public service announcements aside, are there really so few artists in the Garden?

--Instructor Cynthius

[When that's all said and done, Apollo can be found in the TC, having a little archery practice. With Artemis here, he's compelled to practice more. Can't let Sis outshoot him]
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[During lunch, one may find Tsukasa at a table, reading one of his textbooks easily while munching on one of the famous hot dogs from Balamb's kitchens. He's not really paying attention to anything other than the fairly easy to understand textbook in front of him, absorbing it quickly like he was prone to do. Maybe come and sit with him?]


[Post-classes you can find him in one of two places: either finding him slipping into a door marked Hikari Studio with a sign out front which you were CERTAIN was a janitor closet once before.

Otherwise you could catch him later in the day, outside of the gates and taking pictures of the scenery and passerby, that pinkish camera rapidly advancing the film.]


It's late at night, past curfew, but Tsukasa's outside again, not even bothering to care about the rules for being out late. This is something he needed to check for himself as he transforms into Decade, and it was far too cramped in the Hikari Studio to do so.

Taking out a pink cell phone, he slid a card in, and began to press buttons.


[His form blurring, his armor changed, adding a line of cards across his shoulders and one on his forehead. Locking in the K-touch to his front and moving the buckle to his hip, Tsukasa hummed to himself in thought.]

So it does still work. That's a good sign that it hasn't changed since the last time I used it.


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