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[In an effort to expand from posts about archery, today Artemis is in a Martial Arts classroom. She can be found wailing away at a training dummy like it had just kicked her puppy or something. Honestly she prefers training with other people, so anyone is more than welcome to interrupt her. She doesn't believe in pulling her punches though, so be warned.


About time break was over.

Let's talk classes. Got any favorites or a class you can't stand? For me it's Biology, it's just as bad here as it was back home.

[It has nothing to do with the fact that it's Wally's favorite class, nope of course not.]

If there's a class you know you're going to hate, do you put it off or take it as soon as you can?
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[The video feed shows a young man about nineteen wearing a uniform and sitting in the library thoughful, and a bit unsure of himself.]

Excuse me. I'm new here, and I was wondering if someone could explain to me about para-magic? I have a couple classes about this topic. Where I come from, such things don't exist except in stories as far as I know so any information about this topic would be helpful. I'm Chris.


Later on, Chris is sitting on a bench somewhere in the lobby section. He looks a little worried about something but does his best not show iot on his face.
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Hey cadets and SeeDs alike -- anyone out there familiar with technology a bit more advanced than what we normally see? I've got a bike from back home here that might need some preventative maintenance soon.


[If you're curious what he's talking about, well, if you're outside you might have a chance to see it later that evening. Having refrained from using it while Garden was in Dollet, Snow's making up for lost time on his hoverbike a bit more lately.]

[...Truth is, it reminds him of home, and of good things. Sort of like a promise, or a vow.]

[So as the sun heads for the horizon, the hoverbike in turn descends from the sky, with the tall Instructor mounted on it and a distant look on his face as he brings it to a halt not far from the entrance to the garage.]
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So um...

I'm Chris Ramirez and I guess I'm new here. I've got the letter but I still have a few questions about how I got here. And has anyone by the names of Kit Taylor, Maya Young, or Len, shown up on the Garden grounds? It seems I arrived a little late in the quarter, so I won't be in classes until after the finals. And here I thought I was done with school.


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