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1. [t's quiet in Garden.

Too quiet.

And as such, you might see something in the air. It's making wild jerks everywhere as it leaves a smoke trail, headed right towards the quad. It's a white form with what appears to be a ROCKET on its arm.

Someone was testing out their powers just gained a while ago. And with a yell of "IT'S SPACE TIMMMEEEEE!" the form crashes into the wall and slumps down, the rocket continuing to spray rocket power.]


2. [Tsukasa's in the infirmary now, and he's got a dislocated shoulder. Come to annoy him?]
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[During lunch, one may find Tsukasa at a table, reading one of his textbooks easily while munching on one of the famous hot dogs from Balamb's kitchens. He's not really paying attention to anything other than the fairly easy to understand textbook in front of him, absorbing it quickly like he was prone to do. Maybe come and sit with him?]


[Post-classes you can find him in one of two places: either finding him slipping into a door marked Hikari Studio with a sign out front which you were CERTAIN was a janitor closet once before.

Otherwise you could catch him later in the day, outside of the gates and taking pictures of the scenery and passerby, that pinkish camera rapidly advancing the film.]


It's late at night, past curfew, but Tsukasa's outside again, not even bothering to care about the rules for being out late. This is something he needed to check for himself as he transforms into Decade, and it was far too cramped in the Hikari Studio to do so.

Taking out a pink cell phone, he slid a card in, and began to press buttons.


[His form blurring, his armor changed, adding a line of cards across his shoulders and one on his forehead. Locking in the K-touch to his front and moving the buckle to his hip, Tsukasa hummed to himself in thought.]

So it does still work. That's a good sign that it hasn't changed since the last time I used it.
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[The entire cafeteria is gift wrapped.

No! REALLY! It's all gift wrapped in funky designs! Anything you can imagine, it's there! Ribbons and bows included!

Chairs! Tables! Lunch trays! Spoons! Forks! Knives! EVERYTHING IS GIFT WRAPPED! Have fun unwrapping them.

And there is a pink gorilla sitting at a table, drinking tea from a very nice teacup and saucer.

It's apple tea, by the way.]
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1. [There's a stranger in the quad today. He just literally showed up out of nowhere but all identification marks him as a Cadet. And he's taking pictures everywhere with a magenta, or maybe pink phone. In fact no place is safe from his relentless picture taking: locations, people, etc. Maybe go bug him about taking pictures of sensitive things?]

2. [It's later in the day and he's taking a picture of several plants in the training room when there's a loud roar that makes him look up. A t-rex is snarling at the young man who calmly replaces the cap on his lens.

Maybe you're a more experienced cadet or a SEED but this young man shows absolutely NO FEAR as he straps on a white camera and pulls out a card.]

Henshin.Read more... )

[Did he just flying kick that T-Rex in the head?: And the T-rex exploded? Hmm....]
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[Multiple choice time for Instructor Sunarrow! Either you can find the blood elf sitting in the sun and going over some notes in Thalassian, enjoying some 'quiet time' in the quad (any time away from every pet she owns is quiet time, seriously, even if the Quad itself is not necessarily a quiet place).

Alternately, you can find her in her classroom with the training dummies set up, going at a little target practice, because--well. Kat enjoys shooting things, really, but also it doesn't pay to get rusty. She does have an image to keep up, after all!

Anyone care to join her?]\

(ooc: I have been so fail, sob. Life just keeps trying to eat me, but I keep trying...I love you guys!)


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