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If you were not affected by Time Compression's latest stunt, then disregard this message. I assume you have nothing of interest to offer me.

The remainder of those who have unfortunately been affected, I would like to speak with you, either via message or in person if you so prefer. Particularly, I'm interested in whether or not you've showed a distinct lack of powers beforehand.

Those of you who have had prior abilities can rest easy. I have no desire to round you up for identification.

Erik Lehnsherr
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[A little ways inside the front gate, something strange is going on. There is an elf sitting up against the edge of the path. For those who know him, he has back the markings that vanished during the time when everyone's powers got mixed up. But that's not what's strange. What's strange is that he is not lurking and brooding, or cleaning up and brooding, or serving hot dogs and brooding (he does a lot of different things around here, and also he broods).

Instead, he is staring with a deeply quizzical expression at the five Triple Triad cards spread out in front of him. Every so often he picks one up, turns it over repeatedly in his hands, then puts it back down.

He doesn't get it.]
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[Now that Ahim and Luka are here, Marvelous is starting to think of how to implement them stealing themselves their own vessel for the four of them to stay at. Already, Marvelous knew he wanted an airship but, there was only one owned by the Garden and, he wasn't going to take that for himself because they needed it for their own use. So, with the plans to go to Balamb, Marvelous decided that once they dock there, they're taking one of those.

But until then, time to prepare.]

Scenario 1: Training Centre

[Marvelous didn't train as much as Joe did but, for now he was here. But, the people he met so far might not recognize him since this time, he was in his Gokaiger sentai garb. Grats were no challenge for him so, with sword in one hand and gun in other, he takes them down one after the other.]

Scenario 2: Fisherman's Horizon

[Marvelous is still a sentai but, not the pirate themed one anymore. Instead, this wizard themed one is standing off in an alley where there were a few sheets of metal. Wand in one hand and tapping it against the palm of his other hand, Marvelous looks at all this junk and scrap metal lying around, plan forming in mind.]

This should be enough.

[OOC: So, while in sentai, people who've met Marvelous before likely won't know it's him HOWEVER the gun and sword he uses are the same one's he uses from his Gokaiger outfit so, if anyone has taken a good look at either weapon, they might be able to make a connection in Scenario 1.]
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[HEY THERE GARDEN. You remember that awesome party this past weekend? Yeah? Have a lot of fun? Maybe you got together with that cute guy (or gal). Wore that bikini that was just a too bit skimpy? Had a bit too much to drink? Or you totally faceplanted trying to hit that volleyball.

Whatever it was? All those embarrassing things that should stay back on that beach and never be talked about?

They are totally plastered up on the backside of the Garden Directory in picture form. That's right. This is the Wall of Shame. Sorry were you hoping no one saw all that? Enjoy your photos guys B)]

((ooc: up to you guys whatever Seifer and Japan caught pictures of, make stuff up, HAVE FUN /o/!))
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Option 1 - Training Center:
[Ever since his embarrassing defeat to a woman, Joe had taken it upon himself to visit the Training Center daily. He would stay there for hours on end-- from the time the school opened for classes, and until night fell upon the Garden, only stopping to take a break for lunch or dinner. To say that he was obsessed with winning was an understatement. There really was no other option besides winning.

Today, he's there again, fighting through grats and meeting the occasional T-Rexaur. Actually, the monsters are beginning to get too easy for him-- though it still takes a little while to defeat a T-Rexaur. He's also getting used to dual-wielding his sabre and a gunblade, though he still tends to prefer using his sabre rather than the gunblade.

It's really no different seeing him fight today, but as he makes his way to yet another area, something happens. As he leaps to attack a monster, he doesn't exactly make it back to the ground. Instead, he stays floating in the air, and in a little bit of shock.

He knew he didn't transform, so it wasn't like he could blame it on one of them. He was just... him.

And he was floating in mid-air.

Oh, and look. There comes that T-Rexaur he was fighting just at minute ago, charging at him. A little help would be great right about now, since he really doesn't know what was going on, or how to control this power of his.]


Option 2 - Secret Area:
[Spending so much time in the Training Center recently, Joe had randomly stumbled upon the Secret Area. It was strangely peaceful, and there didn't seem to be anyone there tonight. After the random... mishap... in the Training Center earlier, he was a little spooked, to be honest.

He sat along the stone railing that overlooked the Garden, his legs dangling over the edge. It would be a lie to say he wasn't thinking of jumping right off the thing to see if he could float again... but then again, that would be a stupid idea if he didn't, and he really didn't fancy dying.

Pulling out his Mobirate and Ranger Key, he had an idea. Maybe transforming into his Jetman counterpart could help him out. So if he did fall, he'd still be able to catch himself before he actually hit the ground. Maybe it would work.]


[ooc; Right so Joe has unwillingly found himself with the power to levitate/fly for the Superpower Event! Though, he hasn't quite figured out the flying part yet. :\]


Aug. 29th, 2011 03:34 pm
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[So Marvelous was never the most discreet person in the world because he really just doesn't care. But, as of yet, no one has really seen his power or witnessed a transformation from him because he simply doesn't care to inform people of them.

But since he showed up, there might have been a time where people have noticed a shadow flying over head that looked like a person in red with wings

or did it look more like this?

Maybe while walking down the streets of Fisherman's Horizon, down in an alley or another street you might have caught a glimpse of something that kinda looked like this in the corner of your eye

Or was it this?

However today no one will be seeing these random caped crusaders in red spandex

Because Marvelous, despite the fact that he's not a student, is in the cafeteria and on his third serving of lunch.]
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[So outside the Fisherman Horizon’s inn is a boy in bright red, squinting at a letter in his hands and generally looking confused. ]

..How is this even---this is for a school, right? And what’s a cadet? [he makes a face] I’ve had enough homework to last for a lifetime. I don’t need anymore! Ugh what if the Professor saw this letter—she’d probably make me, wait where is this--

[he seems to remember something, as he jerks upright, looking around with wide eyes]
GUYS?! Where are you---we've got  to stop Mithos! 

[he’s checking his person, noting he has the two swords made by his fathers.  ]

This makes no sense..Mithos, what did you do?! Damn it..

[and he’s staring helplessly around the area of the Inn, at the ocean and generally looking a bit upset. For a few minutes he stands like this, staring at the paper in his hands, before he turns on his heel decisively and]

Okay, I can’t get anything done standing like this I'll start looking..Dwarven Vow #16, You can do anything if you tr----

[ and bumps into a sign, headfirst]


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[After a few days of being stuck in this world, Joe hadn't found much out other than what was obvious. For the most part, he and Marvelous dug up the same information, which wasn't much to go on anyway. What was clear was that they were in a school, and a military school at that. Authority, structure... neither he nor Marvelous did well with that. It was too boring... lacked excitement. And rules... they were meant to be broken by their standards.

At least the 6am wake-up call didn't bother him.

He was up and ready before the early-morning wake-up call, but he wasn't going to any classes. Of course not. Why would he? It's not like he wanted to be here, anyway. The idea of joining military again made him uncomfortable. The last time...

Well, that was then. He was a pirate now.

And he wasn't about to quit training to stay at the top of his game. So as soon as he was ready that morning, he made his way just at the edge of Fisherman's Horizon to a clearing, one that he hoped would be private. And with Marvelous' sabre. If he needed it back, he'd come find him.

With a clear head, he began to

ooc; You really only have to watch the first 30 seconds of that.]
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[Scenario A]

[This town wasn't so bad, really. It reminded her a bit of Oerba - it just had that quiet sense where everyone seemed to know each other. Well, it used to, probably. She figured all of these extra people in town weren't doing much for the quiet.

Not that any Garden students were causing a ruckus. Good thing, since even though as a SeeD, she was supposed to be setting an example and enforcing all of those rules, she wasn't really up for the task. Hey, if everyone was old enough to be wandering around town, they were old enough to keep themselves in line.

Even so, Fang found herself wandering along the Horizon Bridge, inadvertently keeping an eye on things. Well, half an eye, anyway. What she was really thinking was that this spot probably had a fabulous sunset. Maybe she'd risk breaking curfew to see it, though it was a silly thing to break it for.

Hmph. Rules. Who needed 'em?]

[Scenario B]

[Whether it from being a l'cie or just because of plain old unwillingness to let anything get the best of her, Fang usually had no problem in taking down a T-Rexaur - as long as it was just one at a time. Sort of like the King Behemoths back home.

On this particular night, though, this one seemed to be giving her trouble. She'd sought out the Training Center since she was feeling particularly restless and of course, she could only go here. Nothing wrong with getting rid of some beasts to help someone sleep, right?

Maybe she was more tired than she'd thought, because this thing was certainly putting up a fight. It wasn't as though she didn't feel strong enough to beat it; more like...she was drawing her strength from the wrong sources. But that was stupid. She knew her strengths better than anyone, after all, and had been using them and fighting for a lot longer than most.

Bah. Perhaps she should use a status spell, though she'd been finding little use for them lately. She held her spear out for defense, calling up her rather pitiful stockpile of magic for a Sleep or something, but to her surprise, instead of the intended spell, a tiny burst of flame shot from her hand. It wasn't anything at all impressive - it lasted barely a moment, but it was enough to startle her into staring at her hand in surprise.

That hadn't been l'cie magic...or her l'cie magic, anyway, unless she'd gained a few new abilities while she wasn't looking. Hmph. If no one had seen it, it probably wasn't anything getting herself all worked up over. Spell flukes happened, right? She needed to concentrate on this beast, anyway, before it saw fit to chomp her right in half.]
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[Wherever this place was (Fisherman something or other), Marvelous wasn't exactly thrilled by it. All he knew was he woke up, there were papers with him that he glanced over before throwing them in a trash bin and walking out on his own into the town itself.

He will be wandering around, generally lost and the confusion is pretty much clear on his face.]

001 Action

Aug. 14th, 2011 01:21 pm
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[There is a reason besides her ability to turn invisible that Shelke is refereed to as the "Transparent". No one notices the slight girl sitting on a bench as the busy, laughing students buzz around the Quad. They are too caught up in whatever they are doing to notice the letter that Shelke clutches tightly on her lap. Their eyes travel right over the blank look on her face, almost as if she was deep in thought but really not. As the crowd thins , she almost acts as if she wants to speak to a few of the passerby. However, Shelke quickly goes back to her thoughtful blank expression, her grip tightening on the piece of paper.]


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