Jun. 12th, 2010 06:56 pm
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[It had all been too strange for Id ever since he came to this new world. One moment he was fighting what some might consider the most powerful being in the ancient past of what was to become the continent of Gressen, and then the next thing he knows, he's somewhere else, his sword returned back to normal, and with him being picked up by some kind people.

At least, he thought them to be kind. Oakbing always said he was a little too trusting of others.

Now, he found himself enrolled in this place that was training people to become some sort of warrior. At first, he figured he was fine as he was, knowing how to battle with a sword. That was, until he saw the class listings, which included magic. He took them only because they reminded him of the world he'd left behind. And Ilran. And the others...

He was now on the far end of the quad, just taking it all in. The sights, of course.]

I know I need to get used to all this very fast. I barely even remember half of what I was taught in class. I barely even know how to work those things that they use in there. Com... comp... something.

[It was here where his sword, now transfigured into a golden sort of combination ring/bracelet, spoke to him in his mind]

-You mean computers. I'm... I'm sorry I can't be of much use to you around here, unless it's to protect you, Id-nim-

[To the casual observer, he could quite possibly look as if he's about to speak to himself in a low whisper, however.]

It's not your fault, Lamia, it's not your fault.

[Feel free to talk to the dude that completely looks like a lady. Don't worry, he's all too used to the fact that he's been thought to be a female before. Just how far you take it might make the difference on how friendly he might be.]


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