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*If you are anywhere in the Training Center today, there's a good chance you'll run into a short little black carapace amusing himself by beating the shit out of some monsters with a crowbar.

He isn't in a bad mood exactly, just frustrated and dealing with it in the only way he knows how. He could probably just use someone to talk to, actually. Or someone to spar with.*

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Sep. 27th, 2011 11:29 pm
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so recently i recievved a uh
wwhats the earth name for it
oh right
i recievved a kitten
youvve probably seen him runnin around a little bit or somethin but uh yeah
hes fitted wwith a collar a bell an a tag
youd knoww him if youd seen him an i mean hes not that fuckin hard to spot believve me
i might be wwantin a little bit a advvice since ivve nevver really taken care a somethin like this before an evven if i do knoww i havve a great handle on keepin him all happy an content
wwell i wwouldnt mind someone givvin me a small tip or somethin
just wwanted to say it wwhile i remembered

[Also attached is an image of said kitten.]
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hello all you lovely garden residents
i got me a motherfuckin riddle here i want to be sharing with you
so throw your answers at me all good and proper

knock knock
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so i finally get back and it's already finals
fucking shame
guess i'll just have to look forward to all your suffering next term

the name's spades slick
i teach intermediate blunt weapons training and drama
and you'd better believe they're gonna be tough
i ain't your babysitter
so if you're gonna be a pansy and start blubbering at a little pain you better stay the fuck out of my classes

but if you aren't completely fucking incompetent
i guess maybe we can get along


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