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What's a good name for a dog? A girl dog, that is. Especially one who seems to really like jumping on things. And who is very fluffy - I think my room now has a layer of dog hair on top of everything.
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[The GFC, the Disciplinary Committee, and Fight Club have teamed up to bring Balamb Garden an unforgettable experience with the weekend-long paint balloon tournament! Prior to the tournament, various sponsorships are given tables to organize and plot for their dominance over the other teams.

During the tournament, most parts of the school is fair game! (Though Headmaster has politely requested that all students refrain from the usual restricted parts of the school). Feel free to hit your opponents, though don't be surprised if they strike back! There are a few stations that are designated paint-free zones: the GFC, DiscComm, and Fight Club areas (as the Fight Club's hosting seminars, the DiscComm is monitoring students for suspicious activity, and the GFC's selling balloons and food) as well as the gymnasium and pool, but the rest of Garden is fair-game.

All students, SeeD, and staff members are given ten paint-filled balloons to start. The GFC will be selling extra balloons for 2 gil a piece, while craftier people may find a way to circumvent their limits.

Happy Holi! Fight, win, and eat lots of yummy spring-themed goods!]

[ooc: We will not be monitoring balloon usage, so feel free to go over the limit! We just politely request that you refrain from using a godlike amount unless it would be IC for your character. Enjoy Holi, everyone!]
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[BBS; text]

Do Humans In This World Usually Decorate Their Common Gathering Areas With Such Bright Red Depictions Of Hearts And Or Equally Red Flowers
While Terezi Would Greatly Appreciate This Decadent Cherry Red Scenario I Must Confess That Its A Bit Too Overwhelming
This Is A Good Color But Not When Used In Quantities High Enough To Damage Visual Receptors

But Despite This Overabundance Of Red I Cant Say These Developments Make Me Unhappy
Im Glad To See The Sun Again Even Though It Is Not The Same Sun I Had At Home
But Its Significantly Better Than Fifty Two Weeks Of Darkness

I Suppose An Introduction Is In Order If I Am To Be Living Here For An Undefined Amount Of Time
My Name Is Kanaya Maryam And I Am A Troll
Which Is Actually The Name Of My Species And Not An Indicator That I Typically Indulge In Campaigns Of Provocation With The Use Of Messaging Systems Although Some Of Us Have Been Known To Enjoy Such Activities

Now If Youll Excuse Me I Must Find My Living Quarters And Hopefully Make Them Considerably Prettier
I Doubt That An Aesthetically Pleasing Environment Is A Priority Here If The Assigned Cadet Clothing Is Anything To Go By But It May Possible That My Standards Are Simply Too High When Compared To Everyone Elses
It Wouldnt Be The First Time That Happened And I Doubt It Will Be The Last


[Kanaya can be seen walking through the Garden corridors while trying to find the entrance to the female dorms. It's a bit difficult to go by unnoticed when you're literally glowing while wearing a red dress, but Kanaya acts as if nothing is out of the ordinary while she glances from her surroundings to the map she has been given, and then back to her surroundings again, trying to find her way in this strange new place.]

((ooc: If you'd prefer not to have Kanaya use her green font when tagging your character, please tell me so in this post! Also, I will be travelling later today so my replies may be a bit slow. Sorry about that.))


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