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[ if there's some people in the Training Center, there is a very high chance that running into ( 1 ) John Egbert will occur. however, this also means that there is also a chance of running into one of these giant lizards as well. yes, John has been told about the usage of his windy powers. but this is John. he's a derp and will end up using them anyway.

using them to ride one of those T-Rexaurs. or just fly around it to agitate it even more. the kid is the MASTER PRANKSTER. what better prank is there at the moment than being faster than the monster trying to chomp him into bits? besides! it's a freaking dinosaur! how impossibly cool is that!? ]

so this place has got to be one of the coolest places ever!!!!!!!!
bet you can't guess what i spent my day doing.
hehehe. :)
the hardest part, though, is trying to figure out what to name him.
er, well, i think he's a him, but i'm not sure that it's okay to just check a dinosaur out like that.
talk about rude!!
i happen to be a very culturally sensitive young man and lifting the skirts on poor dinosaurs just seems very wrong.
poor guy. i think i wore him out. :(

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[Well, the carnival was cool and all but John didn't really feel up to it so he was only sparcely there for a few minutes. Homecoming was a definite no. Yeah, school dances? Not going to be a thing. Specially not right now when everyone else would probably pick up on his mood.

Which would be terrible. He did not want anyone getting worried or something over him. So, for now he was just going to stay in his room and worry about his homework. Homework which sucked no matter what universe you were trapped in.

There was so much memorizing in this garden code class bluh.]

1st Beat

Jul. 19th, 2011 01:58 am
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[First, there is a BBS post. you can tell what universe this guy is probably from because his font color is obnoxious.]

cut for obnoxious font color )
private message to Dave Strider )
private message to Jade Strider )

[At two o'clock PM on Monday, there is a man T-boarding in the courtyard.
In the courtyard.

But whenever anyone with ANY sort of authority walks by, he seems to make the board vanish with a simple slight of hand and a murmured word. Anyone from the Homestuck universe would recognize this as clever use of a Sylladex. Anyone else would blink and scratch their heads. The point is, YOU DON'T GOT NOTHIN FUCK THE PO-LICE I AM AN INSTRUCTOR YOU DON'T OWN ME]
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[New post on the network! New ID, new typing form...might ping some of you.]

i will readily admit that being pulled from a null universe doomed to be yet another footnote in the annals of paradox space and into whatever dimension that this school occupies was quite felicitous indeed
and i suppose that i owe our ever so gracious hosts some credit in that regard
i have business to attend to in the incipisphere
and i will simply not be kept from it
so i believe that my first order of business will be to find a way to reverse whatever process snatched me away from the land of crystal and mirage
and proceed to aggrieve aggress and attack
until i have stolen away the secrets that balamb garden has to hide
as i said to strider once before
lets rock the fucking house

[On the action side of things, have a kid who looks...a lot like Dave Strider? Sitting under a tree on the quad, reading a book and looking pissed. OVERDRAMATIC? A LITTLE. But seriously he'll get to the bottom of this shit. "Time compression"? Of all the...those scientists that letter mentioned had better work fast. Is it you, or did his shadow just start moving...?]
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wow it's been a long time since i posted anything on this network.
i think that garden got a lot of new people recently so i wanted to say hi to everyone!
being kidnapped by paradox space is kind of a downer but this place is pretty cool, i promise!
also if any of you type in a silly way with colors and courier and you just got here, let me know!
you might be from my world!

anyways, i wanted to ask a question.
do any of you know if you can maybe drop a class you're doing really bad in?
like beyond the help of magical tudors bad.
like ...i am pretty sure i broke three computers bad.
er if someone could let me know that would be awesome.

- ectoBiologist

[Also have some action. This is generally open for any kind of shenanigans, just let me know when and where it takes place when you tag! He can be found working hard in class, goofing off in the quad, or just hanging out in his room!]
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[Rose had sat through the meeting politely, showing no sign that this sudden upending of her entire world was really much of a bother to her at all. really, she ought to be used to all the interdimensional bullshit by now.

once she's left to her own device, though? a rather irritated scowl slides into place as she surveys her new home. this is seven kinds of stupid, especially considering they'd grabbed her before she could alchemize something useful. well, no use crying over spilled milk. time to make the best use of her time, and that meant starting mission number one: locating someone from her world. there was no doubt in Rose's mind that someone was here; this kind of bullshit just called to them.

so she begins wandering everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. the lobby, the library, the training center, peeking into all the dorms...if you're in the Garden it's likely you're going to see a young girl stalking past you.

likely more than once as she seems to be either slightly lost or making absolutely sure she's checking everywhere. either way, Rose seems to be a girl on a mission. don't you want to stop her and ask what the fuck she's doing?]
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I realize this kind of information is probably in your confidential medical files, but in the interests of health and safety as we Instructors go over our lesson plans for the upcoming quarter, who here has allergies?

No need to be shy; I'll go first: I am allergic to cats. So I would appreciate it if people didn't bring cats into the drama or music rooms. ♥

- Instructor Sharpay Evans

[This is by no means a not-so-thinly-veiled comment on the cat invasion. Why would you ever think such a thing?]
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hey egbert
you got a minute
i have something for you

yet another musically inclined question for the masses
i already found the drums in one of the music rooms
so this place isnt completely cockblocking me from jamming
but anybody know if theres turntables in this world
or am i going to have to improvise
and find some record players to get old school on


[ Dave can be found milling around either at a computer outside the path to the Quad, or in the Quad proper. He happens to be wearing a jacket at the moment, and if one looks close enough they might notice that his pockets twitch every now and then. Yes, there are kittens in them. One each, in fact.

He doesn't appear to be too concerned about being caught with them, since he's pretty sure pets are allowed and he thankfully does not have a hoard of them like Greece and Nepeta did yesterday. Rather, he simply taps out a rhythm on the tops of his thighs, thumbs hooked in his pants pockets, occasionally doing some footwork as he waits around.
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[He had no idea how long he'd been trapped in there, but thank god he was allowed out now. He had no idea what had caused him to get such an icky and debilitating disease but he was just praying and hoping he'd never have to deal with that ever again.

He reveled in the fresh air swamping around his nostrils. He moved towards his room, not that he could really call it that after not really spending much time there. He wanted to see everyone too.

He moves through the quad, he took his time, taking in the scenery again after such a long time. He smiles to himself and sits down on the bench he had the first time he'd come to the quad. He sighs and looks out over the quad.]

I should probably go and see Snow and Vanille and Serah... they were probably worried.

[He spoke aloud, not really taking much action on his words except to swing his feet lightly.]
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If anyone is interested, I have prepared some snacks and tea. I will have them set up in the Quad, so please feel free to stop by.

- Japan

[And he will be in the Quad in his black military uniform, snacks set out on display. They are all as Japanese as he could possibly get with stuff from town. They definitely look nice! And if Japanese cuisine is something you enjoy, it should be a nice change from the selection in the cafeteria. You might spot him passing some out, or offering some with a bow, or enjoying a cup of tea himself.]
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[So usually when a nice person warns you about not going into a place because it is forested and full of dangerous animals that will try to eat you, people tend to listen no?

Nepeta not so much. To her credit, she waited a while so that she could recover a bit, but she was mostly a walking bruise underneath her baggy clothing and oversized jacket. Pretty much everything Duo had said when he described the training center were things that appealed to her. Forest, shrubbery, wildlife--she was a girl who had been more or less raised herself in the wild and had hunted for animals much, much larger than herself. The training center sounded like heaven in comparison to the rest of the crowded and overly bright Garden.

It was so strange. She always use to love meeting new people, but this was the first time she'd ever actually had to face so many strangers at once and it was rather unnerving. Her life had been a mostly solitary one, and while she didn't mean to avoid people she just...thought she needed some time alone right now. She fully intended to return to her dorm every now and then, if only because of how fond she was of Ronnae, but right now?

Nepeta was looking for a cave to live in. This was probably against the rules of this place but screw the rules. How would they know?

She paused, hearing a wrestle behind her. Was that one of the monsters she had been warned about? Her claws extended in preparation and she gave the air a sniff before relaxing. No, not a monster. It was a person.]

((ooc; mostly for john-mun but if anyone else wants to hit Nepeta up, you are welcome! Just a heads up that she'll like be cagey/avoidant of strangers right now.))
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[Standing in one of the hallways is a kind of funny looking kid. He's short and stocky with a ridiculous mop of inky black hair that looks like it hasn't been combed in weeks, but that's far from the strangest thing about him. Protruding from the mop of hair are a pair of orange-gradiented horns for starters, and the skin they protrude from is greyed and somewhat leathery. His eyes are yellow and his teeth are sharp and he... pretty much looks pissed off at everything.]

[Don't worry, that's normal.]

So let's pretend for half of a fucking miniscule human time measurement that I give one iota of a fuck about this place, and assume that I want to figure out where the fuck my dorm is.

[He glowers at the piece of paper in his hand.]

Would one of you useless pink monkeys like to point me in the direction of A201?

[[ooc; tags when i'm back from a thing.]]
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[The moment he stepped into the Lobby, a wave of relief washed over Apollo. Compared to being out in the field, there was significantly less chances of fighting at Garden - except for the occasional squabble and the Training Center - and honestly, he missed the hot dogs. Even if they weren't really dogs.

Standing on the edge of the Quad's stage, he pulls out his guitar and starts to strum the beginning of a rather familiar theme song (those who've seen said 90's American show would definitely recognize the tune). Instead of the typical lyrics one might expect, though? He's... singing along to something rather different.]

♪ ~ So no one told me life was gonna be this way
My job's a joke, I'm broke, my love life's D O A
It's like I'm always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been my day, my week
My month or even my year but

I'll be there for me
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for me
(Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for me
('Cause I'm there for me too) ~ ♪

[Friends fans, he'll... never apologize for the blasphemy. Really.]
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[Vriska Serket stuck out like a sore thumb in crowds everywhere she went. It was a strange feeling, one that helped fuel the alienation she felt in this world. What with her gray skin, bright yellow eyes, candy-corn colored horns, and strange left eye (complete with seven pupils, totaling up to eight) there really was no mistaking her for anyone else... anyone else human, that is. Not that she would ever try to pass off as a human- she liked being a troll. It was just hard. It was hard and no one here understood what she felt (not that she'd ever talk about it).

Yet after being here for a sweep (two years) most people who lived at the Gardens were used to seeing her and so the staring was minimal. Better for her, thankfully. As she walked through the lobby, pack slung over her shoulder and long, black hair tied back into a braid, she was not in the mood to deal with gawkers. Stupid, pink wrigglers. Don't know how to mind their own business.]
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time compression pretty much sucks the most out of anything that has ever sucked before.
like more than betty crocker and peanuts and stupid imps combined.

...jade? dave?
are you guys still here? i
i think i really need to talk to you guys
i'm in room A213


[And this is his room. This part is locked to Jade, Dave, Japan and maybe also Marco if he wants to visit John.

John who has just come into his room after using the computer terminal to make his message. He doesn't look like he's had a good week, specially with that huge stain of blood covering the front and back of his shirt.

He just kind of walks straight to his room and shuts the door.]
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[It figured that he would be in the middle of a conversation about Time Compression and then BAM he'd be swept up in it again. Which really sucked because as much as pirates were awesome, Dave and Jade were currently way more awesome and important and he kind of really wanted to keep talking to them.]

[Of course any complaint was immediately silence the moment he realized where he was.]

[The battlefield. Or at least, one of the castles on it. He could see from the large balcony he was standing on the familiar chessboarded landscapes. It took him a minute to wonder where exactly this was in his adventure, since he was pretty sure this was about reliving memories, but this particular castle didn't look familiar.

At least not until he looked into the sky just above him. This wasn't a memory, this is exactly what he was doing just before he went to Garden.]
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so time compression huh
youd think as the knight of time i could avoid this kind of shit
but hey man i aint even mad
in fact its not even that bad here even if i feel like ive seen all of this before somewhere
anyone else get the feeling theyre in a video game
like legit i am pretty sure that game bro did a review of a game like this
it reminds me of some kind of jrpg where you run around with swords that should be physically impossible to wield

not like i can talk any i just spent like
i dont even know anymore
three days or something running around in a game with swords that should be physically impossible to wield
even if half of them were pieces of shit
or literally just half of a sword

also question
if these oldschool computers are what passes for technology
where the hell is this world in terms of music
like are we still dealing with records or have we at least advanced to casettes
cause i aint doing eight tracks that shit just wont fly

( Just another reminder that if this Courier shit burns your eyes, please let me know here so I know not to reply with it to your posts! )
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[The arrival and the letter had been strange enough to deal with. But Japan adapted. Classes? He could try this sort of thing while being wary of any danger. Of course he wondered what was happening back home, but the present always held a certain importance. He was perfectly fine with looking around the garden in order to learn more about this place.

...But, where was he, exactly?

WELL. Japan is lost. Wherever your character might be, feel free to have him be there, looking utterly confused and trying to figure out just where he is on his own. Maybe he stumbles into your character, quite literally, or just winds up where he really shouldn't be... Anything's fine!

ooc: Backdated to before the event!]


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