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[Spend time around Fisherman's Horizon today, and you may run into an unfortunate scene: an armored elf with a huge sword slung over his back, upsetting the locals. He is, after all, rather hostile-looking for such a peaceful and pacifist town, and he isn't even in SeeD uniform. It's more or less the same story at various points during the day: Fenris attempts to enter town with his sword and armor in place, and some local authority figure rebuffs him sternly for disrupting the peace. His responses grow increasingly sarcastic and bitter as the day wears on--]

I intend no harm nor provocation. I'm merely accustomed to keeping my weapons close at hand.

[That was at nine in the morning. By five in the afternoon, it's more like--]

Yes, this is surely a sound philosophy. Feel free to ask me for help when raiders savage your docks and kidnap your children. I'll be over here, ignoring you entirely.

[By nightfall, he's just outside town on Horizon Bridge, leaning against a lamp post and scowling at the unhelpful ocean. He still has his sword with him. He's not trying to fight anything, though. He's just...brooding. In the dimming light. It's quite picturesque, really.]
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[So whoever thought they were classy when they arrived at the Garden thought they were classy obviously hasn't arrived back on a dragon.

Actually, that probably scared the heck out of anyone who's never seen Redglare and her Lusus Pyralsprite. But she knows how to make an entrance as the large dragon flies her close enough to make a safe leap down onto level ground, staff in hand. The dragon soon disappears as she lands.]

It smells like the ocean now that we're near Fisherman's Horizon. It's kind of annoying really to smell all this fish. Hmph.

But I smell a lot of new things around here too, how delightful.

[He boots click against the ground as she makes her way around the Garden.

You'll probably catch her at the Front Gate[Morning], Quad[Afternoon], or the Library[Evening] throughout the day.]


Greetings students. I am Instructor Redglare. I will not tolerate any silly nicknames or anything that may potentially be impolite.

I suppose not all of you were here when I was around, but that is none of my concern. I will be instructing International Law and Criminal Justice as no one else is worthy of teaching such classes. I've spent most of my life to learn everything I know about these subjects. I take law very seriously and if you are enrolled in my classes, I will see to it that you treat them with the utmost respect that it deserves.

That being said, I take rules just as seriously and I will not hesitate to punish those who break them, so I better not catch any of you childish antics and rule breaking around here.

Make a disability jab at me and you'll be at the receiving end of my staff. Goody day.

-Instructor Neophyte Redglare
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[Night has fallen on Balamb Garden; the halls of Garden are mostly deserted besides the stray student walking about, and even the usual faculty members are missing from their posts around the school. There's a certain festive energy through the air, the source coming from the happily decorated Ballroom located on the second floor.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. The Headmaster speaks to the Garden.

The Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Garden Festival Committee.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.]

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[1: the training center; last night]
[In the middle of the training center there is a ghost. Only not really. Ghosts generally don't fight T-rexaurs or wield really huge swords.

After almost two weeks, on and off, of watching the adventures of others in the training center and occasionally taking on a few Grats, Fenris has decided to see just what its more monstrous inhabitants can really do. Curiosity may be his stated intent, but of course his motivation is as always as much to release some of his fury at the world he's been thrown into at a controlled burn as anything else. Unfortunately, he wasn't exactly counting on this...rather remarkable dragon-like thing. He's not completely outmatched, but it's a giant dinosaur, and all he has is his natural strength and his armor. He could probably use a little help.

He's trying not to look like he needs it, though. He fights ruthlessly and intensely, with perfectly controlled, powerful swings of the sword and low, flat-voiced oaths muttered in some foreign tongue. And then there's the matter of his ghostliness. He seems insubstantial despite the obvious power of his blows, shimmering nearly white and moving fleetly, ethereally through the undergrowth.]

[1: the library; this morning]
[The work given to him over his time here has been easy enough, and the compensation fair. Collect and sort trays and utensils in the cafeteria. Wash Garden's official vehicles (all right, so he's not entirely convinced those filthy metal things aren't some kind of armored monsters, but aside from that). Spend a night making sure monsters don't escape the training center. That sort of thing. Today's job: "More librarians than usual have the day off. Pick up the slack for them and put the books back into place."

Fenris was supposed to get this done early in the morning, before the library officially opened. It's now 0915 and he's still standing in front of one shelf, holding a stack of books and debating internally whether he could get away with sorting them by color and calling it a day. It's one thing to tell Hawke that he can't read, you see; it's quite another to admit it to the people in charge of Garden.

On the plus side, he's feeling too awkward to be properly filled with rage right now.]
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[ If you go outside to the gardens, you might find this classy lady walking around, admiring everything and reminiscing back to the time when she used to be a student. Don't ask her how long ago that was though. You don't want to do that. She's also holding a flask of... unknown liquids. Don't ask her about that either (she will tell you it's 100% legal).

Why don't you go over and say hi? ]
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Cut for courier! )

[ If you're in the quad, you may see a young girl with huge glasses, a slinky black-with-green-sparkles nightgown, and long messy black hair wandering around looking hopelessly confused and lost.

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Option A: Early Morning, Kitchens

[Upon entering the kitchens, for whatever reason, one can see a flurry of activity as Tiana is almost everywhere at once! At the sink washing vegetables and fruit, at the counters chopping up a variety of items, at the stoves, ovens, etc. She's everywhere! Cooking. And ... humming? She's humming.

Well. She's certainly settled in well, it seems.

Suddenly, she glances up, mid-chop from the counter where she somehow ended up again (wasn't she just in the pantry?) and notices she's not alone. She speaks up, a sweet yet southern Louisiana accent to her voice.]

Hello there. Can I help you with somethin'?

Option B: Afternoon, Cafeteria

[A bit after lunch and Tiana is moving rather nimbly through the crowd of people, a tray in each hand and one atop her head as she refills the buffet line.

Hmm... To comment or to cause some mischief?]

Option C: Late Evening, Dorms and Heading to B226

[The day is well and over with, things having slowed down enough for Tiana to really think about where she is and what has happened.

A melancholy look over takes the face of the Garden's newest cook as she walks along, twisting the ring upon her hand that signifies her married status. Her married status, in another world where she's separated from her new husband. She continues to fiddle with the ring, the physical contact of it bringing her comfort as she seeks out her shared room for, hopefully, some quiet.]
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[Scenario A: Morning]

[Anyone who decides to come into the cafeteria on this fine morning may just find Lightning at a table near the back, an empty plate near a notepad as she jots down notes. Anyone who gets close will see that it's a lesson plan for her classes, but there's a second smaller pad half hidden under it with words like "doubles?" and what look to be tactical plans for...something. It's all in abbreviations, making it ridiculously hard to make out, and it's unlikely that she'll talk about that one.]

[Scenario B: WTR 301 Class; 1400 to 1500 hours]

[Good afternoon, class. Feel free to walk in on your pink-haired teacher doing some last minute gun checks on that row of handguns you can see on a low counter, while a few meters behind there's another counter with cans of varying height and width. Once everyone's in the class and seemingly ready for this, Lightning will gesture over to the cans.]

You'll be shooting these today. The fewer shots you use to take them all down, the better.

[No nonsense tone is get; Instructor Farron isn't playing games, but...then again...when does she play games?]

[Scenario C: after class]

[With classes over and notes attended to until late in the night, anyone who finds their way to the Quad will find Lightning sitting on a bench, performing routine maintenance on one of these, seemingly without a care to the world around her. Feel free to approach and ask her just what kind of weapon that is, or to just stare. Though that second option is likely to get you an odd look, she won't bite.

No promises on the lack of linefacing, though. She does that a lot.]

[ooc: interact where you please~ just stick which scenario in the subject line and you're good to go!]
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[First, a private message...]

PM to Jade Strider )

[And then public.]

for better or for worse it seems ive been roped into this ridiculous date auction
while ill deal with the cause of the problem i suppose that while my presence as part of the proceedings is bothersome to say the least it cant hurt to entertain it
the banquet doesnt start until i enter the mead hall after all

on a much lighter note garden allow me to share a particular track with you all
it comes from the album that changed the face of drum and bass forever
ladies and gentlemen prepare
to hold

- tortileGhostwriter

[And then an audio embed, courtesy of a file transfer from the Hubtop...]


[After all of this, David can be found in the Training Center. As opposed to his standard saber, or the weapon with a remarkable resemblance to a lightsaber, he's holding something...different. A scimitar with a black blade, crackling with energy, looking less like it was there and more like a scar on the world, like dead pixels and is it shifting? A group of monsters is across from him. He holds the junctioning device in his offhand, looking at it for a moment. The name "YGGDRASIL" still stands out on the interface. Better to be sure...

He junctions her.]

Little solace comes...


To those who grieve...

[Darkness descends. The temperature in the room drops to precisely freezing.]

When thoughts keep drifting...

[The walls, floor, and ceiling of the room turn black. Featureless.]

As walls keep shifting...

[Vast endless corridors open up on the walls.]

And this great blue world of ours seems a house of leaves...

[A spiral staircase forms behind him, leading down somewhere. Who knows where. A noise like a low growl becomes audible throughout the room.]

moments before the wind.


[A sound comes, like the shifting of great tree limbs, like a great rustling of paper. A great hulking thing, vaguely human and female in shape but clearly monstrous, a face like a mask, bearing a smile like empty windows. A vast cloak of paper, long arms, with hands that were less hands now and more tentacle-like claws. A soft, definitely female voice, came almost like a whisper.]

David dear, don't be afraid...

[He dismissed her. Quickly. He didn't know what he was expecting, but he couldn't deal with her actually being present. The room swiftly returned to normal appearance and temperature, the light and heat returning. Now, to deal with the monsters.

Simple enough.]

[OOC note: Though it's a YouTube embed OOCly, for IC purposes, it's audio.]
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[Lunch is almost over, and cadets are just starting to filter (reluctantly or otherwise) back to their classes when a distinctive newcomer walks in from the front gate. Take your pick of what makes him so distinctive: the spiky black armor and huge sword slung across his back, the tense scowl, or the pointed ears. He moves slowly at first, with a tension-filled caution, but picks up speed as he makes his way into the lobby. In one hand he holds a course catalog--at a slight distance from his body, as if he finds it distasteful. He finally stops not far from the directory.]


[The foreign word is spat out in a low and bitter voice like the swear it probably is. Then his hand tightens on the course catalog, the sharp claw-like fingers of his gauntlet puncturing it, and with a jerk of his arm he flings it off to the side. But none of the tension leaves his body, and when he strides forward to scan the directory, he continues to glower.]

They do not lie, I see. Their Garden even spreads out like a wheel, the better to crush the weak beneath it.

[Fenris is rarely in a good mood, but the past few days of acclimatizing to this new world, learning what goes on within it, and resigning himself to accompanying Balamb Garden in its travels have left him more bitter than ever. This is hell, and he is not out of it.]
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[Kanaya is standing quite still near the center of the room; she has what looks like a quarter of a bedsheet wrapped around her head, and a hole has been cut in- sawed in, possibly, judging by the ruin that's been wreaked on the cloth- for her eyes. Dark green liquid is soaking through the wrapping in several places. She got here fairly quickly after searching her assigned respiteblock and reading the letter twice, but now that she's reached a common area, she's stymied by the sheer range of unfamiliar and inexplicable options before her.

A school, the letter had said. There had to be antiseptic somewhere: how else would you clean up after an unruly student had been culled? But for the moment- well, if she had breath to catch, she would be catching it. As it is, she tries to regain her bearings, and stares out through her makeshift mask with wary interest.]

1st Beat

Jul. 19th, 2011 01:58 am
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[First, there is a BBS post. you can tell what universe this guy is probably from because his font color is obnoxious.]

cut for obnoxious font color )
private message to Dave Strider )
private message to Jade Strider )

[At two o'clock PM on Monday, there is a man T-boarding in the courtyard.
In the courtyard.

But whenever anyone with ANY sort of authority walks by, he seems to make the board vanish with a simple slight of hand and a murmured word. Anyone from the Homestuck universe would recognize this as clever use of a Sylladex. Anyone else would blink and scratch their heads. The point is, YOU DON'T GOT NOTHIN FUCK THE PO-LICE I AM AN INSTRUCTOR YOU DON'T OWN ME]


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