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Seriously?! I thought we were done with this Time Compression stuff! Well, the letter said the scientists are tryin' to find a way to send us all back, so I guess I'm not gonna be stuck here forever. I can go right back to where I left off, right?

So, what's different in the future? Do we have any cool new technology, like those tunnels and hovering platforms in Esthar? Or maybe TELEPORTERS?! Is Squall still the commander? Oh man, all my friends are gonna be so OLD, and I'm still just 17! That's gonna be so weird. Hey! Is there some kind of future-me runnin' around here?! After 20 years of missions and training, I bet I'm AWESOME!!

And oh! That letter said something about, uh... off-worlders? Like ALIENS?!! That's so cool! What kind of powers do they have? I wanna meet one!!!



Sep. 1st, 2011 02:27 am
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[She'd read the note a few times by now, but it still didn't make an entire lot of sense. Ultimecia was supposed to be gone, right? So why did the note mention Time Compression, among other things? It was a little odd to be hearing about all of this happening again, really, but, well...

Well, the letter had also said to talk to Cid or a SeeD if she had any questions, so she'd do that later. For now, though, Ellone is content with walking around Fisherman's Horizon, to see what's changed.]
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[ In the early hours of the morning or the wandering hours of sunset, you may meet a strange pair of grey-skinned, horned adults meandering through the quad and other open areas of Garden. One is cloaked in grey, pushing the other (clad in the nondescript garb of an infirmary patient) along in a wheelchair. Both have deeply scarred forearms; the one in the wheelchair has light scars around his cheeks and eyes as well.

The troll in grey smiles absently at those who they pass (or who pass by them), but he's obviously focused on the person he's attending, occasionally leaning forward to speak softly in his ear about something or another. You'll have to speak to them directly and maybe tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. ]


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