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[In the library Merlin was staring at one of the computers. He'd wanted to look at the books (they'd said that he couldn't go home, but Merlin wasn't sure if he believed him. In any case, he had to try and find a way back to Camelot, and maybe something in them would help him understand this bizarre place), but when he'd asked the keeper of the library they'd told him that the catalogue was in one of these strange magic boxes. They had to be magic, because one side of each box glowed.

Merlin had no idea how he was supposed to get this catalogue out of the magic box though. Did it need a spell? But they'd said that people didn't like 'unnatural powers' here, and Merlin wasn't going to use magic when he didn't know what would happen if he did.

Gingerly, he poked at the glowing thing. Nothing happened.]


[he poked it again]

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A: Text, from John Egbert )

B: Text, from Jade Harley )

C: Action, all over the place

[ Two young aliens have arrived on the scene! From the looks of it, they're of the same make as those pesky trolls that keep showing up around the place – grey skin, yellow sclera, two candy-corn horns in various shapes plopped atop their foreheads and everything. The girl has an smile of utmost rapture on her face, and as she roams from place to place she points things out to the boy with a delighted grin. The boy seems to be keeping his face to a much more tempered “derpy grin,” stopping and remarking on how cool the layout of this place is on occasion.

If you happen to have ever met a John (Egbert) or Jade (Harley) before, they bear an absolutely striking resemblance. It's uncanny, really.

The dynamic duo aren't really stuck in any particular part of Garden – rather, they are roaming throughout its entirety, staring wide-eyed at pretty much everything they pass by. On occasion, Jade will excitedly run off to see something and leave John to catch up, or John will take an extra few minutes to check something out while Jade absent-mindedly wanders off, but in general they stick close together.

Do you choose this moment to run into one or both of them (quite possibly literally)?

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