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[There seems to be a festive atmosphere all throughout Garden. Why? Because it's the Homecoming Carnival! The Garden Festival Committee and their unaffiliated helpers have been hard at work all morning and when 1300 hours strikes, it's finally open for everyone to enjoy.

The directory has been reprogrammed slightly:
It also has a piece of paper stuck underneath:
Kissing booth: Turn around
Food booths: Around 1F main circle
Triple Triad: 2F bridge
Carnival games: Front gate area
Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel: Road to Balamb

Each stall/booth has free, more elaborate maps:
Big image! )

Have fun, Garden!]

Each attraction will have its own thread. We've listed the people running shifts in the top comments as a reminder to those who signed up; feel free to make your character a thread for their shift even if you missed OOC signups.

Characters have different shifts which allow for everyone to enjoy other parts of the carnival as well instead of being stuck manning a booth the whole night. For the dunk tank, kissing booth, food booths, and talent quest it's best to leave your character's name in the subject of their comment to start off their thread indicating their shift/time onstage.

Proceeds will be going towards building and furnishing a student lounge for fun stuff, so most attractions cost money:
Kissing booth: 2 gil per kiss
Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel: 5 gil per person
Carnival games (throwing/shooting X at Y, water gun race, whack a mole, skee ball, Ring the Bell, etc): 1 gil per game
Face painting: 2 gil per person
Food stalls: Snow cones 3 gil, cotton candy 3 gil, and funnel cake 5 gil; "food from your home world" up to individual characters
Dunk tank: 5 gil for 3 balls, 10 gil for 10 balls
Fortune telling: 3 gil per reading
Marriage booth: 5 gil a couple
Balloon animals: 3 gil an animal
Wandering entertainers: Donations welcome
Judgmental Claire stare: 5 gil
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[No BBS messages for this wizard, no, no. Instead, every student in Garden finds an envelope stuck to their door one morning, as if by magic. A simple tug is enough to free it, after which it immediately unfolds to become a message, written in golden ink.]

You Are Cordially Invited

to the office of Professor Slughorn

This Evening at 5:30

For those who choose to go... )
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2o thii2 "tiime compre22iion" thiing yank2 me out of the miiddle of 2omethiing iimportant, plop2 me down on a planet full of human2 iin another uniiver2e, and giive2 me no way two go back.
and then ii'm con2criipted iintwo thii2 miiliitary 2chool becau2e the local2 can't handle freak2 and ii don't have any better optiion2.
thank2 a lot for that liife, why don't you 2uck my bulge whiile you're at iit.
2o whatever, ii gue22 thii2 ii2 my iintroductiion??
2ollux captor, troll, 6 2weep2.
who care2.
who el2e ii2 even here who know2 me anywfalkjehgw;;

ok there'2 one accounted for, feferii ju2t cra2hed iintwo me ehehe.
iif you want two talk two her ii gue22 2he can reply two 2tuff here two?
otherwii2e ii ju2t want two know what troll2 are here and the re2t of you can do whatever, ii don't care.

[OOC quirkless translation:]

translation )

(OOC: If you don't want to see Sollux's text quirk, please tell me here. Also, since Feferi ([personal profile] terribubblykoi) will be tagging here and there too, you can see her quirk explained and opt out of it over here.)
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1. [BBS]
ooc cut for lavender courier and tl;dr )



[and David's now zipping around Garden and placing up flyers advertising the literary journal, stating that submissions are open and a time and location for the interest meeting. if you've managed to catch him while he's hanging one and not doing Light bullshit to get around, would you care to approach? comment? snark? be confused? all of the above? none of the above? DO A JIG OF SOME SORT? should i stop asking things? yes? okay!]
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[There is a unicorn trotting around the Garden.

Probably not one of the more common sights in this place, really, but there she is, on her way to the library, talking to herself the entire time. Hey, she's just got herself a new job, in a new world with a fashion sense she's not in the right place to properly observe, and she needs to research.

I simply must see what this... this "world's" fashion history looks like. Would they keep books on such things in a school library? Or will the school's more brutish subject matter dominate?

If that is the case, I will just have to request new books!
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[Cissie's been gone long enough for Rorona to realize her only apprentice has gone home, but she's been busy pouting in private and making pies to say anything about it. Now, though, it's time to see if she can't find anyone else to teach alchemy to.]

Is there anyone who wants to learn alchemy?? I'm looking for possible new apprentices! OR just an apprentice.

Anyway, if you're interested, lemme know! And... I'll interview you!

-- Rorona
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Well, I finally managed to finish painting the dorm room. I think it looks a look better now, it was just so....plain before. I'll definitely be sure to paint over it later if Eugene and I change rooms, but I don't think it should be a problem.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone was interested in setting up a group activity? I know I had a lot of hobbies back home. I could paint, or sew, teach people how to make candles, play chess, chart stars, play guitar, paper mache, pottery....all sorts really. As long as I have access to the materials for things, at least. I thought it would be a neat way for people to make new friends and learn some new skills? Especially the newer arrivals who might not know anyone here really.

Oh. One last thing! Lea, Merlin, I don't know if you have met Eugene yet but if you haven't, I'd like to introduce you at some point.

- Rapunzel

[Mostly she just wants to try and keep busy after hearing about what is to happen back home, to try and not dwell on all that Eugene told her too much.]
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[As you walk in the main hallway, towards the cafeteria, you may notice one (1) Danny Masters, stuck in a wall.


From the hallway, only his waist upwards is visible, as he hangs downwards as if being pulled by gravity. (If you happen to be in the cafeteria, his legs are doing the same thing.)

Care to come and ask him what the hell he's doing? Or give him the literal butt-kicking you've always wanted to?]


Dec. 5th, 2011 10:16 am
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If I wasn't aware that my mental faculties were properly in place, I'd merely assume that I left my thinkpan at home.

NON-IC CUT for Purple Courier )
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A: Text, from John Egbert )

B: Text, from Jade Harley )

C: Action, all over the place

[ Two young aliens have arrived on the scene! From the looks of it, they're of the same make as those pesky trolls that keep showing up around the place – grey skin, yellow sclera, two candy-corn horns in various shapes plopped atop their foreheads and everything. The girl has an smile of utmost rapture on her face, and as she roams from place to place she points things out to the boy with a delighted grin. The boy seems to be keeping his face to a much more tempered “derpy grin,” stopping and remarking on how cool the layout of this place is on occasion.

If you happen to have ever met a John (Egbert) or Jade (Harley) before, they bear an absolutely striking resemblance. It's uncanny, really.

The dynamic duo aren't really stuck in any particular part of Garden – rather, they are roaming throughout its entirety, staring wide-eyed at pretty much everything they pass by. On occasion, Jade will excitedly run off to see something and leave John to catch up, or John will take an extra few minutes to check something out while Jade absent-mindedly wanders off, but in general they stick close together.

Do you choose this moment to run into one or both of them (quite possibly literally)?

[[ Both intros merged into one post to prevent spamming up the network! o7 Cuts are to preserve people's eyes from glaring technicourier. ]]
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[She had decided to host this on whim, really, but lately she had been feeling really out of contact with some of the other trolls. There were even some people she knew of her world--or related to it whom she had not talk to at all. That was why she had carefully looked through the network, found the IDs of each person, and looked their dorm up. Many had not been around so she had slipped the invitation under their doors. That had been three days previous, and now she was in her dorm preparing teas and some simple snacks, pastries and some food.

She thought it would be good for all of them to get together, meet one another, and maybe even chat about how things were in their realm. Who knew what each might be able to glean that would help one another. Not only in their own worlds and timelines, but here as well.

For once the common room was fairly clean and she had snagged some chairs from the cafeteria (which might be against the rules but since when has Nepeta ever followed the rules?) to make sure everyone had a place to sit.

Now to hope they would actually come.]

((ooc; feel free to use this as a mingling/discussion log. have as many threads as you want bringing up different concerns/questions/argumentsto give nepeta something to ship. it's all good.))
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[The game must be broken.

David had known that before. But now...no, this had only made it worse. This has all happened before.

If one were to walk into the infirmary, they'd find David Lalonde finally awake. Wearing that heavy "dark knight"-style ensemble he doesn't bring out much outside of the training center--that's strange. Around him are all manner of flowers and other such passive-aggressive gifts, most of them given by the same sender. Typical.

Just going to oh-so-casually get out of bed and try to find a way out of this room past all the goddamn baskets and balloons, Rose why.

...he might not have noticed you just yet, if you're there. Shadow's still as lively as ever.


[and a fair bit later, on the BBS.]

fear not ladies
or gentlemen i suppose
im not the pickiest sort if im to be entirely honest
which itself feels strange enough of that
the honesty quota has been absolutely fucking surpassed for the month
best to halt production for the time being
in any case your knight has returned
cast from a veritable deathtrap of predestination into a merely immensely irritating hotbed of it

now would anyone care to get me up to speed
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If you were not affected by Time Compression's latest stunt, then disregard this message. I assume you have nothing of interest to offer me.

The remainder of those who have unfortunately been affected, I would like to speak with you, either via message or in person if you so prefer. Particularly, I'm interested in whether or not you've showed a distinct lack of powers beforehand.

Those of you who have had prior abilities can rest easy. I have no desire to round you up for identification.

Erik Lehnsherr
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[A little ways inside the front gate, something strange is going on. There is an elf sitting up against the edge of the path. For those who know him, he has back the markings that vanished during the time when everyone's powers got mixed up. But that's not what's strange. What's strange is that he is not lurking and brooding, or cleaning up and brooding, or serving hot dogs and brooding (he does a lot of different things around here, and also he broods).

Instead, he is staring with a deeply quizzical expression at the five Triple Triad cards spread out in front of him. Every so often he picks one up, turns it over repeatedly in his hands, then puts it back down.

He doesn't get it.]


Sep. 19th, 2011 11:30 pm
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[Greece's paycheck may have been replaced by his sponsor's allowance, but that doesn't mean he's gotten any better at managing his money -- just because he's now serious about not accepting loans doesn't mean that he's going to stop buying whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Of course, this usually consists of knick-knacks, puzzles, and food. Not only for him but for all the cats he keeps attracting, no matter how unintentionally, and there are a lot of cats.

But seeing as Garden is currently docked at Fisherman's Horizon... well, that means Greece is saving quite a bit by catching some cat-food rather than buying it.

Follow the cats and you can find Greece perched around town in the morning and evenings, invariably next to the water's edge with a tackle-box and a cooler -- and, naturally, a fishing rod.

He's not paying too much attention to it, though: some of the cats that surround him keep trying to crawl into his lap, no matter how often Greece pushes them back out in case he gets a bite and knocks them into the sea when he tries to reel it in.]


Hey, shoo... how will you eat what I catch if you go swimming instead?

[Anyone want to hang onto a cat for him?]
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so i finally get back and it's already finals
fucking shame
guess i'll just have to look forward to all your suffering next term

the name's spades slick
i teach intermediate blunt weapons training and drama
and you'd better believe they're gonna be tough
i ain't your babysitter
so if you're gonna be a pansy and start blubbering at a little pain you better stay the fuck out of my classes

but if you aren't completely fucking incompetent
i guess maybe we can get along
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[Great. Just great. Cissnei thought she was going home (not that she was entirely looking forward to it) but... she's clearly not. Unless this is another effect of time differences. Her expression shows just a hint of annoyance, but it's hard to tell.]

This isn't Gaia, is it? I don't remember a Balamb Garden around. [She sighs lightly.] In any case, my name is Cissnei. If there are any other Turks around, please call me as soon as possible. [Though the odds are not really in her favor here.]


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