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Hallo. I was wondering if there was anyone in this world who was originally from a school called Hogwarts? Just in case. Thank you. This is Neville Longbottom, by the way.

[It's a basic text message. Technology? What is that.

Alternately, Neville can be found wandering around the town and gardens, exploring the ins and outs of the place. Needing to know the layout and all the exits is habit he hasn't dropped yet. He's still not 100% convinced this isn't all some sort of magic delusion caused by Death Eaters or... he's not even sure what else it could be.]
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[ Harry's read the letter twice and he's now wandering through Balamb Garden with his wand tucked safely inside his jacket pocket. He's cautious and slightly wary, but having decided to heed the note of caution in the letter, he's not about to brandish his wand like a weapon or use magic unless completely necessary.

The very last thing Harry remembers is that after having defeated Voldemort, and after having been sleep-deprived for days, he'd headed straight to bed the moment he had arrived at the Burrow.

Despite his apprehension, Harry had gone straight to exploring the area. So far, he's been to the Front Gate, walked through the lobby twice, took the elevator up to the second floor, poked his head into one of the vacant classroooms and passed through the Ballroom on his way downstairs.

Hungry now, he's decided to head over to the cafeteria. He figures he'll eat first and then maybe take a look at the letter again before perusing the course catalog.


Feel free to bump into Harry in any one of the locations mentioned!
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[This has been a profitable afternoon.

If by profitable you mean 'full of cats and catching them'.

Greece and Nepeta are returning to the Garden from their raid on town, cats and kittens alike either stowed away in huge cloth shopping-bags or under their clothes -- Greece's pockets especially are full of them.

But now they have to deal with the problem of hiding them all. Neither Greece nor Nepeta want to put them back where they came from, nor do they have the living space necessary to keep all the kitties happy.

Help a cat-lover out, would you?]

(OOC: Exactly what it sounds like. You can run into either Greece or Nepeta around campus, looking for spare rooms, and they'll try to give you a cat or three! Instructor-types will be distracted by Nepeta foaming at the mouth or something while Greece gets the fuck out of there with the payload.

Instructors who are trustworthy and want cats will only get foamed at for a couple of minutes :Db)
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[Why couldn't the first trip have been the only one? The moment Gabriella opens her eyes and stares at her surroundings, she can't help making a face and mentally facepalming. Of all the times, of all the places... it had to be stupid Lava Springs in Albuquerque.

Doesn't seem like going home's an option, considering that it's nighttime and the country club still seems to be full of life, but... what now? Does she look for her boyfriend? Or even Sharpay and figure out what the deal is? Considering it's the freaking country club, things might be exactly as she remembered them. Which is to say, "not good."

SIGH. Gabs eventually sits down before the country club's pool and dips her feet into the warm water. She wants to do something - anything! - but being here? Isn't exactly something she wanted in the first place, despite the glamor and glitz.]
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[One moment Gakupo was outside, strumming out a soft tune on a guitar he found ages ago underneath the stage of the quad, and the next...he's in his old dressing room! He's disoriented from the travel and falls over.]

Mr. Gakupo-- [His agent enters, looking down and sees her up-and-coming talent on the floor in a daze. Sighs.] You're not drinking, are you? Youth these days. Get up from the floor and fix yourself up! You're on in ten! [She walks out, muttering about fame going to his head already.]

[Gakupo rights himself and is sitting now cross-legged, so totally lost.]

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[Harry, as many new people often do, is wandering around the lobby looking thoroughly confused with a course catalog and welcome letter tucked under one arm. Thankfully, he seems to be taking the whole thing rather well; he isn't running around or shouting anyway.

Sure, being sent...wherever the heck he is...has never happened before, but it's not like other strange things haven't happened to him before. And he has a job to do. So with those thoughts firmly in mind he fights down the feeling of impending doom (he's gotten quite good at that) and strides purposefully towards the directory. Well, this school gets some points for having a directory anyway. Now where would one go to find the roster of students...? The library? Administration?]

I think...I am very lost.

[In more ways than one!]


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