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[Simon’s found his way out to the quad again, locating a quiet spot where he simply sits and then lays back further. His hands are pressed against his chest where they idly play with Lagann’s core drill, tightly grasping it. Eyes drawn to the sky, his look is pensive and thoughtful.]


We won! And now people can live on the surface again but… I’m here. We’re still Team Dai-Gurren no matter what and I bet Yoko and Rossiu and everyone back home can handle taking everything. I’ll miss them, but I’m here now! They want me to be a mercenary. More fighting.

[He always thought he’d be glad to be done with it, but somehow the thought only excites him more. This wasn’t what he wanted but… Simon sighs.]

What would you do, bro?
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[Today, all over the school, there's a girl walking around! She looks a little lost, perhaps, and like she's exploring the area, but she still has a bright smile on her face. She's also trying to initiate conversation with everyone she sees-- at the very least, she's trying to introduce herself to as many people as possible. She's aware that she will probably be spending some time here, so it can't hurt to start getting to know everyone now! Besides, there were probably a lot of interesting people around.

So! In most places of the school, Nia can be found smiling at the people that pass by, making a point to introduce herself to everyone possible. Do you want to be one of those people?]

Hello! My name is Nia.
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[ ...okay it was entirely my idea. BUT IT IS NOT MY FAULT. ;; V enabled meeeee. /sob

Anywhere, here's Reno. Sitting next to him is Yuri. They're on a computer, turning the BBS into craigslist. ]

Hello, ladies of the Garden. And, hey, gents too. We're equal opportunists here. Mostly me. I think I just gave my friend Yuri here hives.

Now the quarter's rolling. We get it. You got classes, you got clubs, you got goals and shit. But, really, there's more to life than just homework and card games, ain't there?

There's gotta be. And that's where me and the boy come in.

We're young, we're lookers, and we're looking. You heard right. Need somebody (or, hell, a couple somebodies) to keep the nights warm and the weekends busy.

So how about it? Let's start Yuri over here.

Yuri's a good looking guy. He's got the whole mysterious bad boy thing going on, listens good, and probably makes a great dinner date. Cleans up nice too. Could be a real keeper if you know how to handle him. He's ideal for girls who like animals, 'cause he's got this lost puppy look to him. Take one look at him sitting in front of the computer and I promise you animal loving gals will wanna take him home.

Me, I'm Reno. I'm a gorgeous redhead, outgoing, charming, and I know my way around a dance floor. I'm your hard working type, and I'm good with my hands. (If you know what I mean. Yeah, I went there.) I know how to treat a lady right, and I'm always up for an adventure. Best of all, I come with strings and no strings attached versions. What can I say? I'm a flexible guy.

That's about it, so hey. If you're interested, drop us a line.

Edit! We're now adding the lovely Bulla to the mix, and she's a good girl so you treat her right.

Or else.

Let's see.

She's a cute, sociable girl who loves to dance, party, spend time with people, and shop. She's looking for dates, friends, shopping buddies, and makeover projects. People too far into their twenties need not apply, and all applicants go through me.

[ Aaaand this entry has been deleted to protect the guilty. xD; HOWEVER WE WOULD STILL BE GLAD TO BACKLOG THINGS WITH YOU, so keep right on tagging if you so wish. ]

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May. 5th, 2010 02:54 am
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Good day, everyone!

I have learned very much since arriving in this world. I now know what things such as Time Compression, Sorceresses, The Great Hyne, and hot dogs are! I am sure everyone else is finding the people and classes here informative.

I would like to get to know my fellow classmates in Garden. Please, tell me your names. I will go first!

My name is Nia. It is very nice to meet all of you.
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Good morning, everyone.

My name is Minato Arisato. I have met some of you already around the campus and I will probably meet the rest during classes. I hope we get along, at least until we get sent back to our original worlds.

Something I have noticed while talking to people, BTW - there is a good chance this Time Compression thing will bring people from your world, but at different point in time. After all, the SeeD Commander was thrown here from this same world of 20 years ago.

BTW, since it looks like most everyone here is in one scholarship or another, if there are any other Ambers reading this, please drop me a line.

PS - the rest of this entry is in Japanese, for the people who are not very good at English, and because I am translating it from there to English. Please let me know how I can improve my writing.

[Sure enough, the rest of the text is the same as the above, only in Japanese and using romaji. It's also written more fluidly.]
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[ Zell had been more than surprised to find out he'd somehow traveled forward through time - twenty years? That's longer than he's been alive, okay? - and was doubly surprised when he realized so many people had gotten mixed up in the time compression as well. He was glad to hear a lot of them were going into the SeeD program, though everyone looked so confused he couldn't tell whether they were happy about it or not. ]

Yo, new people. I don't know why you came here or anything, but if anyone's lost or confused or whatever, you can talk to me! The name's Zell. I'm a SeeD here, so if you're a cadet, I can help you out with that too. Don't be afraid to come up to me, either. I don't bite, I swear!

[ After that little spiel, he pauses, frowning as a faint grumbling noise catches him off guard. ]

...uh, heh. I'll be in the cafeteria if you need me. MAN, I'm starving.

[ Aaand he runs off. Chow time, aw yeah. ]


May. 1st, 2010 01:36 pm
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[ Little of what Headmaster Cid had said came as news to him. Seifer basically lived in Balamb Garden and though he had a slight... detour from his uprising as a SeeD, he's familiar with the Garden's grounds. So familiar that he once again took up the task of being the Head of the Disciplinary Committee - a job that he would continue to assume as his for as long as necessary. He had stood in the far back, listening to the speech with his head tilted and his arms crossed. His eyes had been scanning the crowd of newbies. He wondered where the hell Fujin and Raijin were, but didn't exactly worry too much, for having learned about the mess Ultemicia caused to his world led him to believe that perhaps they had been caught up in those jolts of time - like himself had.

At the dispatch, Seifer was the first to leave. He had simply attended to the ceremony because he wanted to see new faces. Not because Seifer had some kind of welcoming strike, but because he had to now who would be added to the famous list of his.

And at the moment he was patrolling the corridors of the Garden to ensure that no newbie tried to overstep his rules, the only rules he followed (not that it was a very common occurrence either).
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Good evening, cadets. My name is SeeD Quistis Trepe, and I would like to take a moment to welcome you all to Garden.

I have no doubts that many of you may be a bit overwhelmed with your current situation. My own presence was brought forth to the present as a result of the Time Compression, though I am not foreign to this world-- I'm merely pulled from a different time. Therefore, I'd like to offer my aid to any cadets who need help in making a smooth transition to life on Garden.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions; I'd be more than happy to help.

Quistis Trepe
SeeD Rank A


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