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[[A little more than confused, bordering on frustrated, Hiiro sits himself down in a not so busy area of the Garden. If anything he's been doing his best to avoid contact with anyone, this place-- it doesn't seem to be a malevolent trick of any sort. Just another school from the way he's seen it.

However, this place is far, far from being the school he remembers coming from. The one that he fought tooth and nail, ran blood and sweat over to get back to his friends; this whole thing isn't sitting right. Something is terribly wrong with the fact he's got no sense of where they are, can't pick up anything from any of the students he knew anywhere in this place.

At least if one of them were there, by now he should have been able to pick up their trail.

A heavy sigh leaves his body and his arms cross over his chest, his eyes close for a moment of clarity. He's been trying all sorts of his best not to believe he's a)finally lost his mind b)been kidnapped or c)a little of both. His heart is weighed heavy on as well, he was just finally starting to get along with certain parties, beginning to get a handle on a life that wasn't so full of daily trials.

With another calculated, less than audible breath out, he stands (eyes open now of course) and begins to walk back to the room he has been assigned, slowly enough that he can take in the sights and maybe make sense of all this foolishness. With luck, maybe even find a way to break whatever web of a spell has been cast over him if he could find the mutant behind it.]



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