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[This was all rather... sudden. Exciting. Exhilirating. In a lot of ways Ariel was still very much worried, there had been things going on and this was all just so confusing and- Eric. But she was here and that was that. The letter had been nice enough at least. Even if she didn't entirely understand it. Time compression? Sorceress?

Well it'd become clearer. The important thing was figuring this all out! So to that end she was wandering around, peeking through doorways, windows, hanging over railings, pressing buttons- if there was a thing to be done she wanted to do it!]

This place doesn't look like a garden...

((ooc: Ariel is all over. Yes she may even walk into your character's dorm room like a tourist. Have fun with that fff ♥))
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[Sent before Shadow leaves for Winhill]


I'll just get right to the point.

The punishments in place here at Balamb Garden are laughable. A lot of cadets, and yes, even SeeDs, break or have broken serious rules set in place for their protection. However, there is no discrimination on the severity of the misconduct and the default punishments are detention or punishment tours.

I doubt either would suffice to actually teach a lesson that rules are in place for a reason.

I've come up with a list of possible other punishments suitable for cadets, and possibly SeeDs.

Suggestions )
**Notes will be added as suggestions come along**

Again, these are only suggestions. Constructive criticism and opinions would be appreciated. As a note, while this post is aimed for the Headmaster, Commander Leonhart, faculty, instructors, and SeeDs, it is not limited to just them. All input will be welcomed.

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[Duo is a bit shaken from this sudden new development. He had just taken a leave from Preventers after a particularly combat heavy mission from Trieze himself when he arrived so abruptly. It was disorientating to say the least, and the fact that he had just enrolled in a goddamn academy, with magic, monsters and the works? He wasn't pleased. He was actually kind of distraught about the ordeal but he didn't let it show.

He walks with silent grace as he explores the complex, unconcerned with the academic tasks he had been charged with. Class schedules could wait. He was stuck here, so he had to know exactly what he was dealing with, in and out. There was no reason to be caught in an unfortunate mess and get himself killed just for being unprepared. He'd already learned that lesson.]


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