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[Slamming doors, brushing off greetings, shoving through crowds, hogging textbooks in the library, glaring at anyone who even momentarily makes eye contact - whatever Garden's crankiest alchemist happens to be doing on this otherwise unremarkable day of classes, he seems to have kicked it up a notch. Which, yes, is noticeable, thank you very much.

The sole exceptions to this are the several occasions throughout the day when he takes to skulking around the front of the infirmary, getting in people's way and generally contriving to give the impression that he's there by accident. When he thinks nobody is looking, he begins to furtively sneak round a corner, approximately in the direction of one particular bed.

But of course he isn't in a bad mood! Why would he be in a bad mood? If you want to suggest otherwise, you damn well better come over and say it to his face!]
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Ms. Erlea Zabala
Balamb Garden Mercenary Academy

Commander Zabala,

Subject: Secretarial Position Opening

It has been brought to my attention that there is an opening for a secretarial position in your office. Despite my current status as a Cadet, I would like to offer my resumé as I have previous experience in that position.

If you can, kindly consider myself as an option.

Thank you, in advanced.


Riza Hawkeye

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To all cadets going on the Heaven mission, and any SeeDs helping out on it:

I'd like a role call in order to assess team lineup. For cadets we seem to have more healing specialists than previously believed. I know at least three have spoken up, and I know of at least one GF specialist. [That's not even an official thing, but fight him, he's hoping that other cadets will step forward to brag about their own GF skills.] However most of our straight forward fighters seem to have either graduated or they're holding their tongues, so I'd like to see who else qualifies in that respect. Likewise paramagic or anything else, thank you.

On a purely conversational note, have any of you done anything like this before or do you all come from worlds more peaceful than this?

Thanks for your time and attention,
Marco ID #52133
SeeD Rank 9

[Truthfully Marco is aware of those who have declared their specialties, however, he knows a lot of the kids haven't declared it yet, and more importantly, he's hoping to get them excited about the prospect and eager to prove and establish themselves rather than just be afraid.]

[For anyone looking for him, Marco will generally be outside around the Quad whistling to some birds, but he also discreetly patrols the Training Center hoping that a bunch of the kids will try to get in some last minute training, and this way he can keep an eye on them so they don't burn out. And for his own peace of mind, he's busy practicing free falls and backflips. It's been a long time since he fought something he would consider truly challenging, and if anything, he knows he needs to practice his own restraint. It's the kids' chance to fight, he's just going to be flying in and taking out anyone too close to dying. Feel free to catch him singing with the birds or while doing a few backflips, he wouldn't mind some company at all.]
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Who wants to join me for some extra-cirriculur WTR activity?   

[Twirls a small pistol in her hand.]

In other words: target practice!  Hee hee! 

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[Selphie may have been particularly and unusually quiet since she came back to Garden but hey, 22 years of catching up can take quite some time. On top of that, she had to learn how to use the laptop before she cast Firaga on it like she'd threatened when it started crashing on her. Thankfully for the Garden Tech Support staff, they gave her another laptop and instructions on how to operate it. Quiet all you tech saavy types, they didn't have laptops at Garden during the war, okay?

However, the perky brunette wasn't expecting to open the curtains in her room on this very special morning to snow. It wasn't just any snow, either. It was the snow with the big fluffy flakes that glittered in the sunlight and everyone on the second floor of the dorms is going to hear the girl squealing with delight for all it's worth. Feel free to come and find out what all the commotion is as she's scrambling to set up her webcam to start recording the gently falling flakes.]

Garden! Everybody, make a wish! If you don't know about the Snow Fairies, then you clearly haven't spent enough time at the awesomeness that is Trabia Garden!

Otherwise, snowball fight in the courtyard in half an hour. Be there or be square!

[Then she's leaning in with an excited look on her face. Really, she looks like a kid who's walked into a candy store for the first before grinning at everybody with a mischievous glint in her eyes.]

Or if you want your sheets frozen then by all means, skip out.

Selphie, out!

[And with a peace sign to the camera, the feed cuts out.]
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[Riza can be found in the firing ranges, doing what she does the best. Except for one difference. She's infuriated. Beyond the norm. Why the hell, in all of her years of military service, was she missing the center of a target? She was seven yards from the damned thing and still nothing. As fast as lightning, she drops a clip from the butt of the weapon before reloading. Quickly she pops the safety off and pulls back the hammer, until she hears a bullet gently slide into the chamber barrel.

Okay, that wasn't the problem. Aim, unload. Placing the gun on the counter top in front of her as gently as her temper would allow her to, she flips a switch. Whirring mechanisms bring the paper target close to her. Upon examination, not a single shot landed where she wanted. Yanking the protective headset from her head, she throws them on the counter as well. She stands there, hands on her hips, glaring at the several years of protection that often rested upon her hip (or any other place that would allow for concealing).

Why? Why now? Is this some sort of punishment from some unknown god? Or were her weapons rigged in some way?

Trying to keep herself in check, she searches her mind for a logical solution. Maybe coming back later will fix the problem. After all, she's been going at it for hours.]
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Nice little gadgets we've got here. Shiny technology left and right... and all of them a little short on instruction manuals. Kind of a shame, really.

So this letter tells me 'Time Compression' is what I have to thank for this brave new world opened up to me, but I'm guessing that's not a proper name. (I'm hoping it's not.) So someone want to give me the ten-cenz story of who pulled this stunt off and why?

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to ask if anyone's seen a couple people named 'Fu' or 'Lan Fan' around. Don't ask me for more details, it's a yes or no. Don't ask me why I'm doing these sorts of favors.


[So having figured out the BBS system, the homunculus is feeling ambitious! That's why he's parked out in the cafeteria, playing around with his laptop and trying to figure out what else it can do for him. He's not having much success, but he hasn't bricked it yet, and he's cheerfully taking his failures in stride. For the moment.]
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[This morning, Twilight woke up with an inexplicable urge to practice a particular subschool of magic.

Ordinarily, she'd be concerned about showing off with a spell like this one, but since there was bound to be little-to-no reading material about the theoretical applications of gravity manipulation around Garden, she has no choice but to resort to practical use.

So, you might be seeing a purple unicorn on the ceiling today.]
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[Its inhabitants might still be recovering from the attack, physically or otherwise, but the Garden isn't in shock. On the contrary, the atmosphere in some of its less fortunate halls and corridors is even more bustling than it normally would be during class hours. Everywhere you turn, the characteristic noise of people hard at work fills the air - cadets scurrying from place to place with supplies, instructors barking instructions, a few power tools buzzing here and there, some kid with a braided ponytail kneeling down in a corner by himself and clapping...

Wait, clapping?

Yep. The reason why may not be completely obvious, but there might be a clue in the towering heap of debris he's facing at the moment - such as the way it suddenly crackles into life, bluish sparks tracing jagged lines across it as it rapidly warps and twists like something in pain.

Barely a second later, Ed straightens up to admire the gleaming, pristine wall and floor in front of him, a satisfied smirk playing around his mouth. These people better damn well appreciate having him on board. And he's added a little something in the corner, just in case they were inclined to forget...

Looks like he'll be done in no time. Ha, and to think they'd handed him a wrench.

...Actually, hold on a minute. Where'd he put that again?]


Sep. 23rd, 2012 09:49 am
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"Yes, miss."

Riza stood there for a few seconds, processing the situation: Instructor Mustang was gone.

"Thank you." She said softly. Riza picked up her laptop, the few books she's borrowed and left the library.

She had just seen him right before the Homecoming Dance. How could he be gone already? Doesn't Mustang know that he's not suppose to go anywhere without her? They had made an agreement. How was she supposed to keep an eye on him if he was just going to take off? Was their agreement still valid in the first place?

As these thoughts occured to her, she dropped unceremoniously onto a couch in the Lobby area. Riza suddenly felt what it was like to be in the Elric Brother's friend, Winry's, shoes for once. But then again she's been there before. Cradling her head in her hands, Riza wonders what she should do next?


Sep. 5th, 2012 12:51 pm
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You'll find Riza in the Quad today, staring more like glaring at this silver rectangular object that was opened up on her lap. To her, it looked somewhat like a typewriter from her time. Pushing the 'Power Button', as they called it, she turned the laptop on, watching the screen light up.

One way or another, she was going to figure out this BBS system before the next Quarter started. At least the secretary in the Headmaster's office was kind enough to show her how to log in. All she had to do now was post her first BBS message, not that she knew how...

She supposed, like everything else around Balamb Gardens, she would have to learn eventually. If anyone feels like stopping for a visit, go ahead. Maybe you can show her how to operate this.... thing.


Aug. 17th, 2012 03:55 am
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B106.... B107....

[Ah, there it is. B108

Riza opens the door to her new home. She wasn't sure how long she'd be here, but she was at least grateful that the Headmaster was kind enough to let her stay. He seemed like a very understanding man from the get go and even allowed her to take some classes as a Cadet despite the age restrictions.

Turning the light on, she discovered that the room was simple-just the way she liked it. Well, the empty side looked simple. Riza opened her mouth, ready to call out that she was home out of sheer habit, when she realized something. The dorm room lacked something. A certain sound of paws pitter-pattering across the floor. She sighs. No Black Hayate here.

As promised, Riza found her Course Catalog with acceptance letter on a table in the kitchen. Quickly skimming through the letter, she looks over to the other bedroom. She knew she'd have a roommate, but it seemed said roommate was not in at the moment.

Taking a seat at the table, she decides to flip through the catalog and set up her classes while she still had the chance. Headmaster Cid said she only had a certain amount of time before she had to turn in her course schedule. She didn't have a bag to unpack after all.

After a few hours of setting things up on a piece of paper, she decides to go ahead and take her course schedule to the Headmaster's office. Riza assumed her roommate was attending her classes, as this Twilight Sparkle hadn't arrived yet.

If you see her in the hallways, take a moment to talk with her a while. Maybe then she can get some in-tell on what this place is about.]


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