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[To say that he didn't take the experience of waking up in a strange place well would be a horrible, horrible understatement.

Tobias had woken up in the infirmary, dressed in his uniform, bandaged, cleaned up, and looking very much like a woman, though that wasn't surprising, considering that he had somehow been put in a female's uniform. Of course, the clothing wasn't what had plagued the young boy -- no, it was being in an unfamiliar place, with everything he had had on him gone (except not gone but two feet in front of him, not that he noticed) that sent him panicking.

Which meant a frenzied dash through the building was in order as he tried to find some way -- any way -- back out. Building = bad, too easy to get trapped.

So it's lucky for him he manages to end up in the Quad after his frantic dash, wheezing painfully and trying to hide behind one of the trees, wheezing and gasping heavily as he shifts his legs to the side, pulling down the skirt and crying quietly.]
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[ Sitting right in front of the Dollet Hotel, William could be seen sketching out a map of the new city. His brows are furrowed as he added in fine details to the picture, the charcoal from the pencil smudging his fingers.]
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[At 0900 hours, the announcement bell chimes and once again a voice much more youthful than the Headmaster's begins to speak.]

Good morning, inhabitants of Balamb Garden! This is your pilot Nida speaking. Now that we're docked in Dollet, it's time to get our vacation on! That's right - everyone's free to leave Garden and stretch their legs. Hyne knows I will! [He sounds so eager and can't help but give a little laugh.]

Please remember to stay safe while exploring and don't go getting into too much trouble! Oh! I forgot - curfew. I know I know. Not something you want to hear, s-sorry! Anyways. About that curfew. Good news! All cadets are given an extra half-hour in which they must return to Garden for the remainder of the night. Instead of having to check in at 2300 hours, curfew for this week is 2330 hours.

Don't worry though. We'll be here all week! Plenty of time to sight see and whatever else you want to get done.

Have fun, everyone! Maybe we'll bump into each other.

[The announcement ends, and the intercom clicks off.]

[Mod note: Here's the kick off to the week of vacation for the cadets! For those who are unfamiliar with Dollet, information about the city can be found here. Students are free to roam around the city or keep within Garden if they so desire. The second term will start August 1st-- until then, it's vacation time!

Party-style tags/threads are more than welcome. Mingle, chat, action!

Also note; if there are any interested in trying their hand at getting Siren while in Dollet, more information can be found here. Feel free to PM us and we'll help you set that up. :)]


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[Kurei is conflicted.  Somehow, for reasons unknown to apparently anyone, he's been pulled out of his world and shoved into this one.  On one hand, he's away from his 'father'  and is apparently free from being that man's dog.  On the other hand, he's away from his 'father' so he can't personally reduce that hated man to a pile of ash.  Then there's this school thing which is new to him and doesn't sound all that appealing.  And of course there's also...

'...It will all end as pieces of flesh...'
'Everything you possess I will take away!'
"Bye bye onii-chan' 

Nightmares.  Images of that day haunted his sleep and words echoed in his head even during the day.  All in all, not the recipe for a good mood nor a stable foundation to come to terms with anything.]


[Lunch time.  He's got a schedule and no desire to eat.  Time to go figure out where everything is.  Inner turmoil aside, Kurei's outwardly composed with a faceless mask firmly in place.  He'll play along with this school thing for now.  But once he figures out exactly what the hell this place has done to Kurenai and Jisho, he'll be finding a way out.]


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