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Jul. 7th, 2011 10:33 pm
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At this time in my home, many would be celebrating a star festival... Tanabata.

One would write their wish on a small piece of paper and hang it on bamboo. The specifics aside from that vary, but I suppose I am wondering... What sort of wish would everyone make?


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Jul. 7th, 2011 01:09 am
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[Having been here for about a month now, Cocona's opinion of Garden so far was that it... was relatively alright, though her opinion of her overall situation hadn't exactly improved. It was still going to take some time to get used to, this whole attending a military school deal. She got room and board out of it, but there were restrictions, and Cocona didn't really enjoy a lack of places to practice V-Boarding.

That said, Cocona can be found in a few places today:

A. At the Training Center, like a lot of folks lately, taking on the local Grat population. As much as she'd like to take on the T-Rexaur, it's... a little out of her league for now.

B. In the cafeteria during lunch! Without any issues of V-Style Magazine to work with, she's been jotting down notes and ideas for future V-Boarding techniques. As much as she hates to admit it, though, it'd be nice to have someone else familiar with the sport to bounce ideas off of or to get suggestions from, like... Aoto...

Or maybe not necessarily Aoto.

C. In the quad... V-Boarding, yup. To her credit, she's tried to pick a time where people wouldn't be in the area, but if you happen to stumble across her, she won't hit you or anything. Actually... she's pretty skilled at this! Sure, there's the possibility she'll get into trouble in the end, but for the meanwhile, she's content to V-Board somewhere where there aren't monsters.]
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[It had been a long year since Lightning had last been here, walking through the turnstiles to get back into Garden. One year of chasing a monster all over the continent without any backup. One more year with only her thoughts as company, and not so much as a clue to get home for it. Just more gil and a teaching job to look forward to come morning.

Nothing had changed, really. Not even the place looked different as Lightning looked up, eyes narrowing in thought. Would she ever find a way back? Hard to say. But she was going to try, and standing around wasn't going to solve anything. So she stepped forward, never turning her head from what was in front of her.

It would honestly be a wonder if she didn't crash into someone or something, at the pace she was following.]
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[Hope is inbetween his morning and afternoon classes. He's got his books in his bag, with a crisp new pad of paper with incredibly neat handwriting just visible where the cover has not fallen over the lined paper in a straight line. Hope is looking up at the sky with his eyes closed.

It had been an interesting thing being back in a school environment. He'd never really thought he'd miss it as much as he did. There were new people to meet, schedules to keep and lots of interesting thing to learn. It had been a rough time recently in his life, he was glad it was starting to resemble something normal, even if it never would be.

Hope pulls out a little laminated card from his pocket and looks down at it. He had Political Science, Sociology and Tactical strategy left to go for that day. He smiles, stands heading towards the cafeteria for a bite to eat.]

[OOC: Open to EVERYONE! Especially his class mates.]
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[ The first day of actually teaching is almost always a touch stressful for a new instructor, but for the pink-haired woman who spends her few remaining minutes of morning frowning, arms crossed, and standing outside the specified doorway, something like that is almost laughably trivial. She's faced much worse, after all, so... honestly, that's far from what really bothers Claire about this whole thing.

It's who is in the classes that's the problem, and what is behind her mental seething with such intense dislike. However, if any of the Pulse l'Cie think they can mess with her so easily? Then they're in for a pretty big surprise, that's for sure. She'll make it very clear that she's not going to be thrown off by such simple things!

Anyway, after that's all through and her classes have finally come to an end, the former PSICOM lieutenant makes her way over to sit in the quad instead, carrying her ubiquitous folders, a book, and several fruits. She isn't really that hungry, and even though she doesn't really feel like being in public view right now either, she also knows that if she locks herself away she may do something regrettable. Best to hold herself accountable and... fresh air is supposed to be good for you anyway, right...?

This post is also for anyone enrolled in the MOV101 classes in general- feel free to mingle, mess with your lovely, serious-business instructor here, or... whatever. XD If doing so, please note the day and time. ]
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[He had no idea how long he'd been trapped in there, but thank god he was allowed out now. He had no idea what had caused him to get such an icky and debilitating disease but he was just praying and hoping he'd never have to deal with that ever again.

He reveled in the fresh air swamping around his nostrils. He moved towards his room, not that he could really call it that after not really spending much time there. He wanted to see everyone too.

He moves through the quad, he took his time, taking in the scenery again after such a long time. He smiles to himself and sits down on the bench he had the first time he'd come to the quad. He sighs and looks out over the quad.]

I should probably go and see Snow and Vanille and Serah... they were probably worried.

[He spoke aloud, not really taking much action on his words except to swing his feet lightly.]
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[Not wanting to suck the life out of the quad and not feeling up to training, Snow had found himself a seat on one of the raised planters that held a few small trees and some decorative plants, out past the ID checkpoint in the landscaped area. There he sat, hands on his knees, head bowed, and thought.]

[In his right hand, he held a crystal.]

[As far as he knew... he had lost a sister. And he was amazed how much it hurt.]
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It was, in all honesty, not a profession Cid had ever thought he'd be able to add to his resume. It wasn't because he lacked the skills necessary; he could rally and lead men to battle--surely teaching students could not be any more difficult than that. No, it was simply that Cid had had more pressing matters then, matters that tied to him to a certain fal'Cie. For this reason, he turned down multiple offers from the Academy, citing his duties on board the Lindblum as his excuse.

But here in the Garden with his brand burned white, Cid had both the time and leisure to teach.

Of course, teaching based purely on his own experiences in leadership and political science was somewhat different from instructing on what was found in a textbook. Prior to leaving on a string of missions for the Garden, Cid had started on a syllabus and toying with the course curriculum but had had little time to work on it since then. With a mind to finish what he had started, he found himself a bench in the quad, a small pile of texts at his side and a notebook in his hands.

It wasn't the prettiest day outside, but for a man who had spent so much time in the air, there was no better place for him than under the open sky. Besides, it'd be easier for him to see old and new faces out here in the open instead of hiding away, lost behind rows upon rows of shelves in the library.
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[ OOC~ Backdated to... a reasonable amount of time before the 'home' event start!

Regardless of the rather strange act of making sure to sneak in without anyone noticing at first, Claire Farron has now decided that she won't be hard to find any more- at least for now. There's a very distinctive, pink-haired presence around Balamb Garden again, and though most of what she's up to currently - making sure her rooms are in order, going through any changes that have taken place since her last visit before missions... make no mistake. The school's latest new Instructor is definitely eying up wandering students and anyone else who happens to pass her by as well.

And she's obviously, almost painfully tense, looking very severe in her dark, form-fitting clothing as she stalks the lobby, dorm, and classroom areas with broody purpose and a stack of various folders in-hand. Every time she bothers to take pause, her arms are crossed, posture stiff. Yes, she knows perfectly well that they are around here somewhere, and the idea that they've been allowed to teach and train here makes her blood boil. Time has done very little to fade the dark feelings she has towards the cursed Pulse l'Cie from her home.

Although "Lightning" won't really object to others coming to talk to her too, her sharpness is palpable- when it comes down to it, she knows that either she will find them... or they will find her. It's just a matter of when... and she might as well get it over with, in addition to 'greeting' those she'll be spending time near from here on in general. ]
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[Sazh is currently making his way through the lobby when his little chocobo jumps out of his hair and lands in his hand. He stops and looks at the little bird.]

You feel like looking at the scenery, don't you? Can't blame you. It's a nice day out. [Sazh pauses in thought.] You know, now that I think about it, you haven't grown much. [The chocobo tilts its head at Sazh's observation and, before Sazh can react, it lifts itself out of Sazh's hand and flies out of reach.]

Hey now! Where do you think you're going? [The chocobo ignores anything Sazh does to get its attention and instead flies toward anyone close by.]


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