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[Cid was, in all truth and honesty, not an usual visitor to the training center. He took no real pleasure from killing the monsters here, as it tended to only remind him of the brand he bore; Cid far preferred other methods of training, methods that didn't involve magic and the like.

And yet, here he was.

The original plan had been to come here to fight and get his mind off of things, but that had failed rather spectacularly. Sure, Cid had taken out all the Grats that he had come across, but now that he had a T-rexaur standing before him, he felt like doing little more than keeping it dazed. All excitement vanished after the beast succumbed, and it was just a matter recasting the spell when necessary after that. Cid idly tossed a few ruins at the beast before becoming bored of even that and casting doom on it.

He sighed heavily as the spell slowly but surely counted down. His mind was clearly elsewhere.
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[Rygdea strolled through the lobby, nodding and smiling at the people he passed. He was just returning from his retreat in the wilderness and he certainly looked, and smelled, the part.

Most people might try to keep a low profile in such conditions. Not Rygdea. He didn't see any reason to be embarrassed, it's not like he wasn't going to wash up as soon as he dropped his things off at the dorm.

As nice as roughing it in the outdoors had been it was good to be back.]


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