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[Balamb Garden has taken off around the Balamb coastline! The seaside and clear night sky can be seen through the windows and from the balconies. The halls are mostly deserted besides the stray student walking about, and even the usual faculty members are missing from their posts around the school. There's a certain festive energy through the air, the source coming from the happily decorated ballroom located on the second floor.

[At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. The Headmaster speaks to the Garden.]

The Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Garden Festival Committee.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.

[Within the ballroom, there is a stationary stand for punch and food, as well as roaming caterers offering drinks (grape juice) and canapes.]

Voting is now closed. There is a thread here for announcing and crowning the winners; on-lookers are free to react in the thread.

Attendance is entirely optional, so with most of the faculty at the dance, characters are free to roam the rest of the school! However, as Balamb Garden is flying around the Balamb coastline, they will not be able to leave (unless you can fly or really like heights and don't mind injuries...), and any characters left behind will be stranded for a few hours.


Aug. 17th, 2012 03:55 am
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B106.... B107....

[Ah, there it is. B108

Riza opens the door to her new home. She wasn't sure how long she'd be here, but she was at least grateful that the Headmaster was kind enough to let her stay. He seemed like a very understanding man from the get go and even allowed her to take some classes as a Cadet despite the age restrictions.

Turning the light on, she discovered that the room was simple-just the way she liked it. Well, the empty side looked simple. Riza opened her mouth, ready to call out that she was home out of sheer habit, when she realized something. The dorm room lacked something. A certain sound of paws pitter-pattering across the floor. She sighs. No Black Hayate here.

As promised, Riza found her Course Catalog with acceptance letter on a table in the kitchen. Quickly skimming through the letter, she looks over to the other bedroom. She knew she'd have a roommate, but it seemed said roommate was not in at the moment.

Taking a seat at the table, she decides to flip through the catalog and set up her classes while she still had the chance. Headmaster Cid said she only had a certain amount of time before she had to turn in her course schedule. She didn't have a bag to unpack after all.

After a few hours of setting things up on a piece of paper, she decides to go ahead and take her course schedule to the Headmaster's office. Riza assumed her roommate was attending her classes, as this Twilight Sparkle hadn't arrived yet.

If you see her in the hallways, take a moment to talk with her a while. Maybe then she can get some in-tell on what this place is about.]
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[The video feed shows a young man about nineteen wearing a uniform and sitting in the library thoughful, and a bit unsure of himself.]

Excuse me. I'm new here, and I was wondering if someone could explain to me about para-magic? I have a couple classes about this topic. Where I come from, such things don't exist except in stories as far as I know so any information about this topic would be helpful. I'm Chris.


Later on, Chris is sitting on a bench somewhere in the lobby section. He looks a little worried about something but does his best not show iot on his face.
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[Snow had been lying low for a while, quite unlike the congenial martial arts instructor. If you know enough, 'why' is an easy question to answer.]

[But he'd let himself do that for too long. So during lunch he'd hared off to Balamb Town, hit a couple of shops, and come back...]

[Now Snow's hanging out by the directory in the lobby, leaning against as he watches people go by. To those people, he lobs something nice he'd picked up -- honing oil and a sharpening stone if he knows you're specialized in bladed weapons, for example, or a magic stone if you're a paramagic specialist. He has a pretty good stash, and keeps better tabs on the students than you'd think, so chances are he's got something you might like.]
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[A) Hey look everyone, it's Crime Dog McGruff. If he was a bulldog and wore an eyepatch. And smoked cigars. Okay maybe not such a good role model for the kids. Still, he's undeniably a police dog. And gruff. Welcome back your new Criminal Justice, and International Law Instructor. Feel free to be perturbed by how he's a human-sized dog doing normal people things.

B) Alternately see him in the hallways catching a smoke between classes and yelling at you to get to your god damn classes already. Or you could snark back at him about smoking cigars on campus. Maybe his bark is worse than his bite. Maybe.

C) And then there's the third option which is just his BBS post.]

It's nice to see more diversity around here even if it means the Time Compression continues merrily on. Where are all you lot from anyway? What was the police force like there?

My name is Furor and I'll be one of your Instructors. Congratulations to the new SeeDs. And all that junk.

-- Instructor Lt. Furor
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[ Well, here's a somebody that hasn't been seen around at Balamb Garden itself in a while! Anyone out and about this early Monday morning is potentially witness to a rather unusual sight in context: it's Claire Farron alright, carrying with her the exact same things she had when she left some months ago- same gunblades, same bag, same neutral-colored manner of dress...

Albeit she's coming in rather than going out - a flouncing in reverse - and is noticeably less tidy, this time around. In fact, she has a distinctly travel-worn look to her, from her not-quite-as-tailored clothing down to the dark circles under her eyes and rather obvious fact that her pale pink hair was dyed brown up until a short time ago... and yet is now half-washed out at best, sporting a wavy quality the woman is usually so sure to keep straightened out.

Unfortunately, she doesn't have time to detour to her room before heading straight up to the headmaster's office, meaning she'll likely be not that mentally open to distractions. However, she can be caught should anyone prove brave enough... or at least be seen in passing, to what's sure to be her eternal annoyance as well. She even ducks into the cafeteria after her impromptu meeting for an apple or three left over from the cadets' breakfast--

Before promptly disappearing again, of course.

It's not until she's showered and slept in for a while that she's back... and looking deliberately stoic as ever as she watches cadets, SeeDs, and these strange intruders alike as she wanders the halls and leans against walls pointedly, half-devoured peach in hand or folded laptop under-arm. ]
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[After playing a bit of catch up on the BBS, Shadow encountered an odd message from Claire. It was succinct, as usual, and it didn't explain why she isn't around. It isn't like her to just disappear without a trace, unless it was the happenings of Time Compression. Again.]

Where's Claire Farron?

SeeD #83425


With bit more digging around, he finds out that she left, giving some clue to her whereabouts just in case. It wasn't a good clue, since it's been a month, but it was better than nothing. It meant less hacking into the database for him. It also meant less time to waste. Without a note left behind, and essentials packed (tent, flares, food, medical supplies, etc), Shadow manages to get a lift to the nearest area of Claire's location.

He'll start north of Esthar, make his way south, and ask people if they have seen this grumpy looking woman in the only photo he has of her.]

What is she thinking when she left?

[It'll take at least half the day, even with running, to traverse the wilderness. No thanks to the monsters.]
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[ Backdated hideously far, to shortly after this took place - very beginning of December or so. x_x; ]

I'm resigning.

- Farron

[ Those three words are all the warning Garden as a whole will be getting out of Claire for now, as notice that, as that short and cryptic little message says, she's gone to the headmaster, ditched her title of "instructor," and is now heading off to do other things in the world - away from this place and the people who reside in it.

No goodbyes or whatever else- just her name disappearing off the class rosters and her disappearing from the campus-- or so she'd like. In other words, unless someone happens to catch her actually leaving, somewhere between her room and the front gate. Despite the plainclothes quite unlike her usual wear, she's not particularly hard to miss, considering her large bag and two sheathed gunblades- a FF8-world and FF13-style one alike...

However, it's safe to say her demeanor is deathly and she definitely isn't making eye contact unless addressed. In fact, it's a lot like she's off in her own little world entirely, dodging around anyone else in the hallway without much more than a glance spared. ]
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[There's nothing really unusual in Cid being serious, but today, there seems to be more worry in his expression than usual. The set of his shoulders is a little stiffer, and his steps carry more speed than usual as he exits the dormitory area and steps into the lobby.

What may be most obviously different, though, is his dress. Gone is his Sanctum uniform, the suits, and even the business casual--they've been replaced, apparently, by a rather plain but utilitarian outfit. He has a single duffle bag slung over his shoulder but nothing else of note on his person. The news of recent events in his adopted home world hasn't been sitting all that well with him, and this one individual is off to catch a train to Deling City to see if there's anything he can assist with.

Run into him on his way out?
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A: Video

[The feed statics for a few seconds. Vaguely a string of Italian is heard.]

Cazzo!  Stupidaggine....dannazione!

[Finally, the feed clear up. Ezio peers through the screen , grimacing. He is looking rather stiff and uncomfortable in a cotton hoodie and jeans. Oh, how he hates modern clothes. The moment only lasts for a few seconds. Noticing that the feed is working , Ezio slips into an easy smile.]

Salve, Balamb Garden. It has truly been a while. I am very glad to be back. I see you have not got rid of these sciocco things.  For those recently stranded , I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze ,SeeD #23569 Weapon Specialist Operative, Bladed Weapon Platoon, Level 3. If you need any assistance do not be afraid to contact me.

[With a lopsided smile and a wave of his hand, the feed blinks out.]

B: Balamb Town

[The town is in a sleepy have around noon. As the sun shine down lazily, a lone figure is standing perched on top of a clothes shop. Ezio is ecstatic to be back in Balamb. He always loved the little town. It was so different from the bustling city of hiss childhood. But , he couldn't help but feel great nostalgia for Balamb along with Florence. He shifts into a crouch in his assassin robes. Nostalgia calls for nostalgic clothes. If you gaze up at him he'll just grin from under his pointed hood. ]
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[Multiple choice time for Instructor Sunarrow! Either you can find the blood elf sitting in the sun and going over some notes in Thalassian, enjoying some 'quiet time' in the quad (any time away from every pet she owns is quiet time, seriously, even if the Quad itself is not necessarily a quiet place).

Alternately, you can find her in her classroom with the training dummies set up, going at a little target practice, because--well. Kat enjoys shooting things, really, but also it doesn't pay to get rusty. She does have an image to keep up, after all!

Anyone care to join her?]\

(ooc: I have been so fail, sob. Life just keeps trying to eat me, but I keep trying...I love you guys!)
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[ While SeeD exams are very interesting and all, truthfully, it's hard to say that Claire really cares that much about them when in they're in the process of taking place. For her, today isn't that much different than any other day. Just more time to try and find something to do while school isn't currently in session, right?

To those who saw the instructor during the duration of the... phenomenon recently, she certainly looks different now- her hooded cape is gone, and even though it might be slowly growing cooler outside, after so long wearing the amount of clothing that had been required to protect her during the day, she's very glad things are back to normal.

For more reasons than one, of course... but for now and most obviously to an outsider's eye, she definitely seems determined to soak up all of the sunlight now that she can again, given her practically trademarked short skirt and a high-collared - but sleeveless - top in neutral colors. Most of the morning, she can be found at the quad, flipping through a number of books as if she's looking for something...

Eventually, though, she leaves the school entirely. Considering she's bringing along the bronze-colored gunblade she bought in this world, it looks like she's probably off to fight monsters outside of those found in the training center. And yet she doesn't go far, and now there's a pink-haired fighter sitting on top of an old fence left behind years before, half lost in thought and cutting up what looks a lot like a large taproot of some kind with a long knife.

Why? Take a guess.

Apparently, Claire has managed to find a sight even natives of this world might be surprised to witness- at least here in Balamb. Before long, a large and very yellow something steps tentatively out of the nearby trees, and after a few seconds of consideration, comes just close enough to take a bit of vegetable out of the attentive woman's outstretched hand.

Random wild chocobo, anyone? Just don't make any sudden moves... ]

002 [bbs]

Sep. 27th, 2011 11:29 pm
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so recently i recievved a uh
wwhats the earth name for it
oh right
i recievved a kitten
youvve probably seen him runnin around a little bit or somethin but uh yeah
hes fitted wwith a collar a bell an a tag
youd knoww him if youd seen him an i mean hes not that fuckin hard to spot believve me
i might be wwantin a little bit a advvice since ivve nevver really taken care a somethin like this before an evven if i do knoww i havve a great handle on keepin him all happy an content
wwell i wwouldnt mind someone givvin me a small tip or somethin
just wwanted to say it wwhile i remembered

[Also attached is an image of said kitten.]
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[Today if you happen to be walking around inside the Garden, you may hear the faint strains of music--someone, it would seem, is playing the piano. The first few notes are a little hesitant, but as it continues, the music grows more confident and smoother. It's almost as if the pianist once played quite often but is now just coming off of a rather long playing hiatus. Really, once the individual settles into his groove, he's quite good.

If you follow said music through the hallways, you'll find yourself at the door of the music room. Inside, you'll find Cid seated at the piano; it doesn't look like he'll mind if he ends up with an audience.
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[The Instructor had been scarce lately, at least from Maria's perspective, but she HAD said to come by when she needed help or advice.]

[So today Maria, with her gunblades in their case rather than on her back, set out checking for Instructor Farron in her usual haunts, the coursebook tucked under her other arm.]

[OOC: posting it in the right damn community this time.]
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[Normally Fang didn't eat in the cafeteria, especially now that there was an actual town nearby, but apparently today was an exception. Not that she was easy to spot; she'd taken a table waaaay in the back, hopefully away from prying eyes since she certainly wasn't aiming to be seen.

Easier said than done. How did you try to hide when you were using fire? The weird new magic she'd found herself with hadn't been just a fluke, it seemed. It was getting stronger, and not in the way she was familiar with when it came to her l'cie powers...though come to think of it, her usual l'cie magic hadn't been coming easy lately. Strange.

But since it wasn't appropriate for a SeeD to use magic outside of the training room, Fang was hiding back here instead. She'd managed to get her hands on one of the hot dogs and was setting fire to it in sections at a time, apparently seeing how far she could take this magic. It was way more than enough to burn a piece of meat, that was for sure. Which meant that it could probably fry a person, no problem...

Even though she thought herself hidden, she couldn't help but think that someone was watching her. Or staring. Something. She couldn't get rid of the feeling that there were eyes on her. Maybe they were trying to ask her about the stench of burnt meat.]

[[ooc: I'll try not to be a slowpoke lamewad this time! *flail* ^^; ]]


Sep. 4th, 2011 11:15 am
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guess who talked nida into flying us to the gd beach next weekend???

yeah thats right bitches, you can all start bowing to my awesomeness now

whoever wants can come i guess, but im not taking care of jack all for you so bring your own towels and tents and food and shit, if you starve or die from jellyfish poison i dont care im not taking responsibility

i guess there can be beach ball (lame!!!!) and fireworks and shit, someone can handle music (it better be good tho)

wtv im bad at organizing, just tell me if youre coming or not
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Choice A - Fisherman's Horizon
[For someone who isn't exactly used to setting foot in a town and having people actually stroll by - sometimes waving or offering a smile, other times a crotchety old glare and a mutter about "kids these days" - this place is rather unsettling for a kid who'd almost, bitter as it was, gotten accustomed to pretty much the whole of humanity running screaming in terror. Whether it be away or toward, with crudely brandished makeshift weapons.

Hope clasps a hand over his tummy, exhaling slowly before continuing his trek toward the Inn as he'd been directed. Now that it's finally sinking in that this is a safe place, at least in comparison to what he's endured over the past few days, most of the unconscious fight-or-flight reactions are kept at bay.

And thus he's busy craning his neck this way and that, trying to take everything in. One thing that catches his eye in particular is the huge circular panel and everything that surrounds it. So much, in fact, that he's too busy twisting his head around to try and get a better look at it as he walks. Most likely bumping into other fellow students on their stay here or the town's citizens as he does so.

He can be caught on his way to the inn or heading toward the Garden a bit later, changed into his student uniform and looking every bit confused and bewildered as before.

Choice B - Balamb Garden
[The next term won't be starting for a little while, Hope was told, so he's entirely free until then. After making it to the F.H. Inn, he'd spent some time sitting on his bed staring at the class roster—only to discover some very familiar names, one more bemusing than the others.

Therefore! First order of business? Finding the others. It's just a matter of finding the right classrooms.

Willing his heart to stay where it belongs (that's in his chest and not leaping out of his palate the way it's been threatening), hesitant footsteps carry him away from the large directory panel he'd been staring at and toward where he might find one of those very places. He only gets halfway up the stairs before pausing again, lifting up the wrinkled sheet in his hands and staring down at all the names, course numbers, and corresponding rooms. It's starting to all blur together, making his head spin. Hope squeezes his eyes shut with a frustrated sigh, then practically leaps up the rest of the stairs leading to the elevator.

It's entirely hit-or-miss for him, but he'll be hitting up the Farron, Villiers and Katzroy courses first thing - and in that order. Other cadets might see him weaving his way through random little crowds of fellow students, probably getting smacked into due to his tiny (therefore near-invisible) height and knocked around a few times; or he'll be nervously waiting outside one of the classrooms, attempting to find a way to peer inside. He can't summon up the courage to just barge on in there, as much as he'd like to.
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[ Claire might be overly-serious and often annoyed by what is seemingly the strangest, smallest thing, but over the last week or so... yeah, something has definitely thrown her off completely-- even more so than the now-regular hints here and there that something is wrong.

Case in point #1: she's carrying around a weapon with her pretty much all the time now, regardless of any odd looks she gets. Standing in the cafeteria line? Yep, there's her bronze-colored FF8-style gunblade hanging sheathed behind her. Walking to class? That's her folded-up blue and gunmetal-black gunblade that came with her from home...

Case in point #2: she keeps messing with the lights even in the middle of class, and even though normally she's glad for the fact that her classrooms have windows, the dark looks she keeps aiming towards them from the other side of the room are... odd, to say the least. Eventually-- ]

Alright, that's enough. We're finished for the day.

[ ... Then, she moves to leave without another word. Simple as that.

However, afterwards she... still isn't looking so good at all, arm outstretched to lean against a wall outside, somewhere in between Garden's entrance and the inn. With her head bowed and eyes closed, she's pale, noticeably sweating, and totally tuned out to what's going on around her.

And furthermore? Those with a particularly keen sense of observation might notice something else interesting- wherever her clothes don't cover, she's... not casting a shadow. Weird. ]
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[A long-term patient within the Infirmary is waking up from a very, very long sleep. He stares up at the ceiling for a moment, one hand pressed to his forehead as he tries to figure out why he's here and not fighting in the training center.]

...Ngh. [He sits up slowly, green eyes hazy as he comes to his senses. How did he get here? Is there anyone around?] Hello...?

[Several hours later, a new message is posted on the BBS:]

To my instructors,

I'm sorry for my prolonged absence. Dr. Kadowaki let me leave the infirmary today.

Is catching up... still possible?

- Hassan, Gupta M.

(ooc: Say hi at the infirmary, or on the BBS, or even catch him walking around anywhere inbetween!)


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