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Okay, so, we're all from different places! Which is pretty cool and all if you think about it objectively and ignore the fact we're horribly stuck on a floating island with a tendency to plummet into the ungodly seas and leave us potentially scrabbling at the shore while the icy depths pull us down aaaaaaaaaaa

where was I er

What this means is that everyone's seen and experienced different stuff! For all I know, your home world might be a technological marvel that puts even me to shame! For all you know, my home world might be covered in bees. But we don't know because we all just potter through classes. Show off a little! What's the coolest, neatest story you've got? There's bragging rights in it and a little reminder of home never hurt anyone.
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[It's probably the most activity the pool has seen since classes started, likely because of the upcoming competitive swims for the Swimming 101 classes, or perhaps because of the Garden's currently waterlogged status, making out-of-campus recreational trips impossible. Plus, generally, the pool seemed safer than jumping into a sea populated with who-knows-what creatures - just a little safer, if you didn't count the number of students ignoring pool rules and cannon-balling into the surface. There are students on both the shallow and deep ends, and a few lanes reserved for dedicated swimmers - despite the upsurge in visitors, there's room for all.

Hope ducks just in time to avoid the resulting splash from another student diving into the shallow end with floaties and kicking boards in tow, resurfacing to shake the water out of his hair. Talk about ripe for disaster - he had as many things to watch out for here as he did in Gran Pulse.]

W-watch out!

[ooc; General pool post, for all interested. No obligation to tag Hope; feel free to start your own threads a-la-event-style!]
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[ After the ... unpleasantness in class Thursday, and everything else, Terra has decided that maybe, just maybe, it's not safe for her to be around other people until she could figure out what was going on with her magic. So for the first time, she planned on breaking curfew. She didn't like to do it, but it needed to be done. The last thing she wanted to do was go to sleep in her room, and wake up with everything on fire - worse, what if the next person injured was Rise, or someone else innocent?

So the esper can be found hiding out in the training center before and after curfew (take your pick!), exploring the grounds and avoiding the more menacing creatures, or training with sword or magic in a desperate attempt to reclaim the control she had lost. ]
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[Dressed in the standard black SeeD uniform with her usual silver-framed glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose, Quistis heads towards the library where she's scheduled to meet with the cadet she'll be tutoring. There's a large tote bag hanging from her shoulder filled with several textbooks, a couple of journals filled with her own notes, some writing utensils and a stack of blank index cards-- her usual studying kit.

Upon entering the library, she notices the rather empty state of the studying area-- she had arrived a bit earlier than the scheduled time, just so she could get situated before the cadet arrives. She figures it'll be easier for them to spot her out with her SeeD uniform which sets her apart from the students. So after unloading her bag and setting up the table in an orderly fashion, Quistis takes a seat facing the entrance of the library, her hands folded in her lap as she patiently awaits for the arrival of the cadet.]

[OOC: For those who have sessions scheduled with Quistis, feel free to tag in with your own subthread. People are also free to bump into Quistis in the library if you wish to have them meet her.]
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[Junctioning has been a highly odd experience. The material leading up to it had been understandable, with a bit of studying. But the actual field experience had been different from what she was used to. It was almost like learning how to hold a sword all over again, but with her other hand. Slightly familiar, but still awkward enough to make Mitsuru uncomfortable, and self conscious.

And naturally, they coupled that by learning with fire based spells. Both on Tuesday AND today.

It's interesting, seeing Mitsuru work with fire based magic. Her motions with casting it are effective, and almost snappishly clean and precise. And the look on her face is like someone who has to eat a plateful of something distasteful; she's doing this as quickly and cleanly as possible, so she can get it over with and out of the way.

Another practice dummy the class is working on explodes, all while Mitsuru wishes that she could be dismantling it with ice instead.]


May. 27th, 2010 06:20 pm
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[balthier has been out of the school for a while; the town of balamb caught his interest and the tales of the harbour made him check it out. needless to say, the port was a huge disappointment. no airships.

in the hope of running into fran more people from his own world he has decided to return. and no, he didn't bring any souvenirs. you can catch him talking to himself at the front gate.]

Still in one piece? It's starting to seem like the training here isn't as tough as one might imagine.
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Alright, since people keep looking at us funny when we use the computers, here's a handy explanation as to why some people in Garden like sticking cables in their ear. (Don't try that at home, kids! We're professionals!)

ROBOTS! This cut is OOC, to save the front page. Also, the post is unsigned. )
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Hey everyone! Judging by when everyone who responded was free, I've decided to have meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17:30. Like I posted before, they will be in a special cleared off area of the training center. Not sure exactly how long the meetings are going to last, and I suppose it depends on what mood everyone's in. So for now, I'll say they'll be at least half an hour and no more than two hours, so everybody can get back to their dorms and have a shower before dinner.

Then there's time for getting homework done, and we've all got our weekends clear.

For the first meeting, please be prepared to talk about your preferred fighting style a little before the sparring matches start.

Also! The club is totally open to SeeDs, whether you want to practice and spar or offer pointers to less experienced people, we'd be happy to have you here with us.
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Retarded sensationalist crap.

[ The tall blond throws the issue over the cafeteria table, after having yanked it from a Cadet's hand. He shoved some people out of the way, making a mental note to add Delacreaux to the List - a growing one. He hoped the new Disciplinary Committee members were taking himself as an example. No more smiley, good doers. The Disciplinary Committee had a reputation to maintain. ]
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The newsletter is really unprofessional - at least the 'Around Garden: What's New?' section.

I understand that it's important to let people know what's going on in Balamb Garden, and the Newsletter is a good way to do that, but I don't think something that's supposed to be an official thing - and thus affiliated with SeeD - should be in the business of rumor-mongering. Political news about things that are happening in Galbadia and Esthar are important to us as SeeDs, and it's good to hear things about the off-worlders and things like that. But the only one of those that comes off as being written with any sort of journalistic integrity or even standards is the one written by miss Helena Oster.

However, my biggest problem comes from miss Chessy Delacreaux's article - if you can call it that. All it is is gossip and tidbits that makes SeeD look more like ... some sort of club rather than a mercenary organization. We're all training to be professionals here; why does it need to be written in an OFFICIAL PUBLICATION that Souji was out with some guy? Who cares? Why does it matter? Why is there news in the newsletter about a post on the BBS? That's not news.

And I really don't care what miss Chessy Delacreux's favorite sponsorship is. That, too, isn't news. If we want some sort of paper to spread all sorts of rumors around Balamb Garden, fine. I'll think it's dumb, but that's the place of whoever wants it. But an official newsletter isn't the place to talk about things that may or may not have happened that aren't even newsworthy anyway.

And stop using so many exclamation points. It's tacky, especially in an official Balamb Garden publication.
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Hello, everyone.

My name is Celty and I am new to this school as of only a few days ago. Also a few days ago I noticed a bulletin board with club notices. While I am interested in some of the clubs listed there, I am more interested in a club not found on the list.

I am not sure if the bulletin board was just missing a flyer, or maybe it is because of the world we live in and what we are trained to do here, but I am looking for some kind of cooking club.

I am not a very good cook, not at all, so it is my hope that someone else here might already have one started, or might want to create one...

Please, let me know if you know anything or have any plans.


Thank you very much.

Japanese and Gaelic Versions )

decree 001

May. 24th, 2010 07:12 pm
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[ It's hella late for an intro, isn't it? But ah, well. Euphie's out in the front lobby, just past the staircase that leads up to the elevator. She's standing there because her bag tore. .w. Shouldn't have checked out all those books from the library, Euphie. Now her things are all over the floor and she has nothing to put them in. Sigh.

Oh well, she'll start by stacking everything up and figuring it out from there. At least she has a lunch break before her next class so she won't be late to her culture class or anything. ]
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[there's a red-haired boy asleep on one of the benches around the Garden. It's been a hard week for him because, seriously, all this studying is just too much. he's completely passed out.]
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As we're rolling into the fourth week of the semester, the course load within classes may be growing heavier now that the introductory period has passed. With that thought in mind, I'd like to offer my help to any cadets who may be struggling with their classes-- as a SeeD, I've taken all the required courses as well as a few extra electives. While I'm most comfortable with the Introduction to Para-Magics & Guardian Forces course as well as the Advanced Para-Magic courses, I'm sure I'd be of some assistance in other classes as well-- if not, I'll direct you towards someone who possesses the knowledge to help.

If anyone is interested in tutoring sessions, please leave a note here with the course you'd like help with. I'm willing to do both one-on-one sessions or group sessions depending on which method of learning is most efficient for you.


Quistis Trepe
SeeD Rank A
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[Lingering about within the library for about a few hours now, Artemis settled down upon a table near the window in a vain attempt to study. While it would be much easier for him to write his notes while in human form, Artemis happens to be quite stubborn at times. So, if you come across a white cat trying to write with a pen, feel free to greet him. Despite the studious expression upon his feline features, Artemis isn't having a very productive day so far.]

Man, none of this stuff makes any sense! [Ripping out a page of his notebook, Artemis balls it up and tosses it towards the nearest trash bin.]

How the heck do they expect me to get this magick stuff if the whole Junction crap is so hard to learn? This frickin' school sucks!
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[ It was a Sunday, with no classes on schedule. And thus, Noel experienced boredom, as she typically relied on her academics and classes to preoccupy her instead of being social. Normally she would be studying or practicing what she'd learned during the week prior, but most of her classes were combat-oriented, and she found herself reluctant to step foot in the Training Center again after her last experience.

And so, she opted to take up on Miku's advice and make some more friends. That typically involved putting yourself out there, which Noel attempted, loitering around quietly in the lobby past the front gate. She remained hesitant as other people passed, a bit too shy to pull anyone over and introduce herself.
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Looking for a sparring partner? A chance to practice fighting people rather than monsters in the training center? Maybe a few pointers for self defense techniques that aren't being taught in class? Look no further!

Fight Club is here!

Thanks to the Headmaster, there's going to be an area in the training center cleared away and sectioned off for Fight Club meetings.

We still need a SeeD who's willing to supervise and keep the creatures in the training center from disrupting the matches, so anyone who's interested, please let me know here. Also, um, Commander Leonhart? If you've got any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

As head of Fight Club, I'll also be the referee so that things don't get out of hand.

Just to keep it from getting too crowded in there, I'm going to ask that people don't come watch unless they're joining the club and are hoping to learn something.

Well, that's it for now! If you've got any questions, ask them here or come find me around the Garden.
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[ Miku's had no problem integrating with the BBS system. It's so fortunate that there's a port in these computers that's just her size!

Anyone around in the library may or may not be weirded out by the cable protruding from her ear. ]

Balamb Garden is the best school I've ever been to!

Even if I'd gone to other schools, this one would still be the best.

Do you like it here too?
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[So what, exactly, is the internet? --For that matter, what exactly is a computer? Raidou has to ask for the librarian's help about five times, but he gets the browser up and running and figures out where to click in order to enter text into the BBS' update form. The keyboard is hard to navigate in a foreign language, and he has to peck at each key individually, but slow progress is progress nonetheless, and soon he has four sentences all typed out and posted.

The next step he has to take is to wrap his mind around the idea that multiple people can communicate with him at once; he's under the impression now that there's only one person on the "other side of the internet," and he should communicate with them much like you would if you were exchanging letters with a stranger.]

good morning。 are you well? my name is raidou kuzunoha the fourteenth。 it’s a pleasure to meet you。

[He'll figure out the text input settings eventually.]


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