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[While most people might be panicking, Marco is having something of an opposite reaction. To Marco, this is fun. So fun, that if it wasn't an Okama thing to yell "Hee-haw!" in his world, Marco might actually go JUST that far. Up until now only Grell has really seen Marco in full-out mode. But Marco's all out now, kicking things down the hall and having a blast with the invasion. There might be the occasional backflip or upside kick, and Marco's just indiscriminately switching from phoenix to human, wings to arm, legs to talons, all at a whim. Even when he's not upside down or flying, he's still usually got a fine coat of blue flames covering him which doesn't burn anything or anyone, but does light up the halls and make him a prime target. And he loves it.

Those who've made close friends with Marco can expect him to drop by to check on them and make sure they're safe; starting with Toby and Espio, but quickly making it around to Ace, Gakupo, Grell, Damien, Aang, and so on. Whether they can handle themselves or not. Besides, as far as Marco's concerned, this is fun! And if he can get across to the girl's dorms, he's going to check in on them as well.]
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[Anyone in the lobby area might find themselves startled by a sound like that of a gunshot splitting the air.

The cause, oddly enough, is Akiela. She stands on top of the flattened remains of a Grat, who tried to smack her with its feelers and paid the price when she dodged by jumping into the air before, ultimately, coming back down on top of it's head. Never let it be said that a Dragoon can't cause a headache. Stepping out of the mess and ignoring the gunk on her boots, she calmly unhooks her spear and twirls it once in hand before approaching a blue dragon.

A suicidal move? Perhaps.

Or perhaps not. The dragon seems, oddly enough, intimidated by her presence. Maybe you'll use the opening to give her a hand?]

Move, you overgrown Puk. I've no time to waste on monsters who barely rate a decent challenge. [She has an appointment to keep, after all.]
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[Gakupo was sure there were instruments around this Garden, and what better place to look then where the magic happens: at the stage!

He's currently in the Quad, digging around beneath the stage to see if there were any instruments. Songs could only be sung so well with a shamisen! All one could see of him was his backside and soon, his legs. There are a few muffled words as his tinkers around, but doubtful if they could be heard.]

So many spider webs...
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[Akiela, like everyone else, has been afflicted with a status ailment.  In this case?  Confusion.  What makes her a little bit different is that somehow she's managed to tie her hands behind her back with what looks like a t-shirt.  Don't mind her ambling around the circle on the 1F now as she wobbles from side to side, hitting walls and bystanders and such.

Also don't mind the fact that she's... kind of doing laps.  Really, she just keeps following the path of the circle and sighing every once in a while.]

I suppose it's fortunate that I can't find the cafeteria.  I probably wouldn't be able to keep anything in my stomach.
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[At first, Junpei just figures he's come down with something. It happens, right? After kicking ass all night in Tartarus and then getting up to go to school the next day, it tends to wear a guy out, so the onset of a cold or something of the like isn't strange to him. This feels a little different, but he supposes it was really only a matter of time. Getting dumped into an alternate dimension is bound to expose you to something nasty.

But usually when he's under the weather he just sleeps a lot. And whatever is wrong with him this time, it's robbed him of that. He's spent the past two or three days laying on his bed in his dorm, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. He hasn't eaten the whole time, but finds he's not hungry. This morning he finally decided maybe it was time to go and talk to somebody about it, and was alarmed to see that his skin had taken on a peculiar greenish hue. Oh boy. This can't be good. Well, at least chances are that this school nurse won't make him try any weird potions.

Nothing could have prepared him for the news that he's been stricken with Zombie. ...How the hell does that even work? Unfortunately, it seems the usual means of ridding people of the effects of these strange ailments that seem to be affecting most of the student body at the moment aren't working. So he's advised to just stick it out--the malady won't hurt him, he's told--the effects should wear off on their own eventually.

But now he's left with a simple quandary: he's a zombie. And he's hardly been acting the part. Anyone passing through the lobby today might notice a very ill-looking Junpei shambling about, practicing making groaning noises that may or may not sound rather like 'braaaaains'. Don't worry, though, he's not unreasonable. I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes...]

[sorry i fell off the face, guys. TT^TT work is really lame.]
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[ Everyone within a hundred mile radius probably heard the blood curdling scream erupt from Azula's mouth as she quickly realized her eyesight was gone.

She fumbled about in her room, not bothering trying to put on proper clothes and fix her messy hair as she stumbled out and down the hallway in her robe. Surely she would find somebody who would come to her aid-- the Headmaster's little comment wasn't enough to reassure her everything would be alright. Zuko would have to come and check up on her, make sure she was alright-- would he? Would she even cross his mind? She didn't think she could even make it up the stairs and to his room like this. She was useless. Katara certainly wouldn't care, she'd probably think it was funny... maybe Sokka... no, she shut the thought out of her mind.

Azula collapsed on the floor and firepunched the wall in front of her, leaning her forehead against it while she calmed herself down. Going into a rage would not get her anywhere. ]


Sep. 27th, 2010 02:20 am
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There have been a lot of questions asked about our home worlds, like about energy sources, or what others can do to make this world more like home. But there hasn't been a question about loved ones.

So, fellow off-worlders (perhaps natives as well?), who do you miss most at home? Be it family or close friends, or someone you admire.

For myself, it's definitely my mother and father. My mother for her kindness, and snacks (I'm a bit biased when it comes to a mother's cooking), and my father, whom I aspire to be. He was quite the decorated hero of my country.

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[The day is like any other in Garden. The birds were chirping. Students milling about to their classes and activities. Blue skies. Water balloons dropping from the air. A few distressed screams here and there.

...well, maybe not your everyday scene this day.

The duo of Marco and Grell were soaring high above the Garden at the moment, Marco in his Phoenix form, and Grell in a blue dress and matching blue scarf (to cover up that red hair of his!) in order to blend in with the sky better.

But, the balloons were all red. Ah well.]

We should have done this a long time ago!


[Why were they doing this? Because they can. And to test out how well they could be near invisible?]
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[Lost Junpei is lost. The school deal he can handle. The dorms deal he can handle. Even the giant inexplicably floating island-sorta-thing he can handle. But he's not all that great with directions, and he's pretty sure he's been past this corridor about six times already. He doesn't want to ask the creepy guys in robes with turkey platters over their faces--they don't look very hospitable--but he's starting to wonder if he's ever going to find his dorm room. A217... A217...


These books are getting heavy. He really wishes he had his stupid purple backpack right about now.

Hefting the books, Junpei turns down yet ANOTHER corridor, hoping perhaps to find a big helpful YOU ARE HERE sign.]

[Perhaps he'll find [Bad username or site: witchesreign title=you @] instead? 8D]
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So I don't know how many other worlds have this; if any, but back home it's Talk Like a Pirate Day. While it's mostly used as an excuse to sound like a moron who never brushes his teeth, or had them all knocked out in a bar-fight, it usually works to pick up chicks and get completely drunk. Not that any of you should do that since none of you can hold your liquor like an actual pirate. You're all welcome, however, to try to mimic the pirates you're familiar with and wander around trying to con parrots into hanging out with you.

I even have free eye-patches for everyone who wants one. If you're fast, you can even get a colored one!

You can also use this as an "Ask a Pirate" post for any of your piratical questions.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day everyone!
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Hey everyone! I'm doing a project on relationships for culture class, so if you don't mind, please fill out this questionnaire and send it to me. It's totally optional, and I won't share your answers with anyone unless you give me permission.

Questionnaire )
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[It's been a while, Laguna thinks to himself, casually strolling the main level of Balamb Garden with his arms over his chest, a curious expression on his face, boyish eagerness. The Headmaster was too kind, inviting him for the weekend to discuss in person the events between the Gardens, Esthar, and Galbadia.

As casually as he's strolling, he's dressed as equally as casual in a pair of beige khakis and pale blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The past twenty years have been, surprisingly, good to him. He still thinks he doesn't look a day over twenty-seven!

While he knows Balamb Garden like the back of his hand, he still stops at the navigation to page through it, and then looks towards the elevator. The very same one that would take him to see his son on the 3F. But Laguna shakes his head.

No. He can see Squall later.]

Poor kid's probably bogged down with work anyways.

[mod note; Because Laguna wasn't affected by the Time Compression - instead of being 44, he's actually 64. He doesn't look at all like it, but he is. :(]
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[Gakupo is currently standing on the stage of the quad, feeling a sense of nostalgia at being there. He missed the spotlight, the thrill of performing and the roar of the crowd, but he knew it there was a time and place for singing and for being serious. With Balamb in the middle of something caused by all their presence, it was difficult to not be tasteless and give into breaking into song and dance.

But most seem so high strung.

So many gloomy faces!

So he decided to go ahead and just sing. It's what he was good at, besides sword fighting, and...well, as co-leader of the GFC, really, he would be letting down Sera by not promoting some kind of fun! Selphie would pinch him silly, too, if she found him slacking he bet!

So he's currently using his shamisen (he needs a guitar!) to sing a song normally sung with two people. There is also a sign he made himself:]


No refunds. Inquire about requests. Singalongs Welcomed!


Aug. 23rd, 2010 09:27 pm
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[Marco is wandering around campus about to do Disciplinary Committee Rounds and whistling to himself. As he whistles, occasionally a few birds come and land on his head or shoulders or arms and whistle and tweet back to them. In fact, by all appearances he appears to be talking directly to them. Still he continues walking around, deadpan as can be, as though there was perfectly nothing strange about being surrounded by a bunch of birds asking why he has to be out so late and are phoenixes related to owls, and hey where's that loaf of bread he promised? They've got babies to feed you know!]

So long as you hush when I'm sneaking up on someone you can have a hotdog too, okay?

[One bird keeps tweeting an objection to this. She doesn't like hotdogs.]

Fine, you can have fruit.

[This seems to quiet her down.]
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[It's lunch time in the cafeteria and Akiela is currently sitting by her lonesome at a table with several books sprawled across the surface.  Clearly, classes have hit her hard.

Very hard.  She's practically slumped over the table in a dead faint.  You might even think she's sleeping... if it weren't for the tiny fact that she seems to be talking to herself.]

... inally I need you morons and you're not around.  You know what this reminds me of?  That one time we were in Ballista and Refie and Drazen decided it'd be hilarious not to pull through with the pincer attack.  That was a saaaad day for San d'Oria.  [A sigh.]  I still think Meryl should have made you guys pay for our infirmary fees...

[Come talk to the possibly snapped Elvaan?]


Aug. 10th, 2010 01:26 am
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This isn't working.

Escalating tension between Esthar and Galbadia; between the natives of this world and us "off-worlders"; even some of the off-worlders are starting conflict amongst themselves. It's like we're all in some sort of panic. Speaking of which, the unexplained disappearances of some of the cadets - Where did they go? Are we returning or not? [ Yes, she's referring to the disappearance of her sister. ]

Furthermore, what was with that whole month when all of us were experiencing those nightmares? That can't have been some random occurrence.

Some of this is just ridiculous.

-Lightning Farron
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Doubtless several of us have read the newsletter at this point. And while the news between Galbadia and Esthar is disquieting (we will ignore some of the other articles) I feel that we 'off-worlders' should also put some attention towards the rumors of our school harboring Sorceresses.

A significant number of us possess abilities that cannot be conventionally explained, either via science or this world's system of magic. And while it would be prudent to keep them low key to avoid attention, letting them go to waste or become unpolished through lack of training or by being overly cautious is also not an option.

Are there suggestions on how to find a middle ground to all of this? I personally have no interest in being powerless by refusing to take action, either in the event of a war, or a witch hunt by less accepting sorts.

-Mitsuru Kirijo
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[Along the Dollet Beach students from the academy seem to have set up a small little beach party. There are blankets, coolers, Grell in a bikini, and even Marco is just hanging out in his beach shorts (although you won't ever see him go in the water.) There's even a beach volleyball area set up. Purely for the viewing pleasure of the guys watching. Seeing the scene you would never expect lots of violence that was about to befall.]
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[Here's a Gakupo, scouting out the garden for his prey. This rare purple haired species didn't bother to hide himself while wearing such colorful garments. How bold!

...okay, so he was just looking about for Selphie. Being outside seemed like a good place, and who could miss that purple head?]


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