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[There was an open bag of sugar, about six lemons that were squeezed and juiced, a pitcher filled with ice and lemonade on a table (who knows where he got it from), and a stunning red head humming while stirring the lemonade drink with a long spoon and reading his text book for his Information Technology class. Hurray for multitasking!

He was...actually doing well in that class! If only his other classes got the same attention.

There were some pre-filled cups on the table as well, and a sign that said 'FREE LEMONADE'. He may not be good at making tea, but he will make some excellent lemonade!]

(ooc: Grell's in the quad, giving out lemonade. Better than coffee.)
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[Welcome to... this big metal floaty place.


So, welcome to this big metal floaty place that doesn't really look anything like a garden but supposedly is, and you're going to be a student. In classes. Instead of going home and saving the world. Er, probably saving the world. Mostly likely saving the world.

Always better to soak up information like that on a full stomach--which is why Sokka's found the cafeteria and is scooting down the line, loading up a tray. Really loading it up. More or less it looks like he's trying two or three of everything.

Hey, free food.
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[A lot of young faces around. Auron is used to that, but not so much the setting of a school.

As he passes, a few students stop to stare at him. Whether it's a new guy thing or just an old guy thing he isn't sure, but he's betting on both.

A huge blade balanced against his shoulder, he heads for the Training Center. Just because he isn't a student doesn't mean he's here to rot. That fate, funny enough, was left back at home.]


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