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So, um....

What's this place's policy on flying giant robots?

Just thought I'd check.


Jul. 7th, 2013 12:54 am
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I dunno if I've been missing or something for the last 22 years, but I'm fine, I swear!! Time compression got all weird and I guess I found my way back to the right place, but not the right time. Unless this ends up getting fixed, and I get sent back to my real time, so no one even noticed I was gone, but then does that mean there's a 40-year-old version of me walking around?

... ... ... ... I'll worry about that later! SQUALL, Rinoa, Selphie, Quistis, ANYONE!! Did anyone else make it through, or am I the only one that screwed up? Oh man, am I the only one here?!!!

How's Ma doing?! Is she okay?!

Guys, get a hold of me AS SOON AS YOU SEE THIS!!!

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[If you were to enter the lunchroom , you would see the regular crowds and such. People eating. People talking. Yadda Yadda. However , you may notice that the social butterfly named Selphie Tilmitt is at a table...alone. Not that she seems to mind. On the contrary , Selphie is grinning like there is no tomorrow while she chews on the end of a blue glitter glue pen. There are stacks and piles of paper and blank posters covering that table. It is very obvious that Miss Tilmitt is up to something.

If you happen to approach her, she will nearly climb on the table , hiding her papers. She isn't ready for anyone to know.
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Seriously?! I thought we were done with this Time Compression stuff! Well, the letter said the scientists are tryin' to find a way to send us all back, so I guess I'm not gonna be stuck here forever. I can go right back to where I left off, right?

So, what's different in the future? Do we have any cool new technology, like those tunnels and hovering platforms in Esthar? Or maybe TELEPORTERS?! Is Squall still the commander? Oh man, all my friends are gonna be so OLD, and I'm still just 17! That's gonna be so weird. Hey! Is there some kind of future-me runnin' around here?! After 20 years of missions and training, I bet I'm AWESOME!!

And oh! That letter said something about, uh... off-worlders? Like ALIENS?!! That's so cool! What kind of powers do they have? I wanna meet one!!!

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[Six o'clock; wake up, yawning and bleary. Maria can't pretend she gets enough sleep. Despite that she never dawdles in the morning; she's always close to the front of the cafeteria line, a shelf's worth of books crammed in the massive duffel bag she uses where most normal people would have a backpack or somesuch. Breakfast and homeroom she usually spends reading.]

[In class, who could ask for a more model student? She reads ahead and extra, she's a quick learner, and (somewhat helpfully) she's a world native, so has a lot of the background the classes tend to assume. The only exception to this enthusiasm is the Garden Code, which even she finds excruciatingly dry and boring. Nevertheless, Maria studies it diligently too.]

[It's at 5:30 that it starts to break down. She's supposed to be in extracurriculars, but... she hasn't really found one that appeals to her. So Maria simply grabs her weapons and spends the next few hours in the Training Center, striving to master her gunblades. This lasts... right up until she gets hurt badly enough to quit. Which tends to happen. She's going in there with only a GF Junction; not even a cure spell to keep her going.]

[The folks in the infirmary are probably quite familiar with her by now.]

[After that, study time, then bed (perhaps a little later than curfew).]

[[OOC: as usual, just say where you meet her!]]
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[1: the training center; last night]
[In the middle of the training center there is a ghost. Only not really. Ghosts generally don't fight T-rexaurs or wield really huge swords.

After almost two weeks, on and off, of watching the adventures of others in the training center and occasionally taking on a few Grats, Fenris has decided to see just what its more monstrous inhabitants can really do. Curiosity may be his stated intent, but of course his motivation is as always as much to release some of his fury at the world he's been thrown into at a controlled burn as anything else. Unfortunately, he wasn't exactly counting on this...rather remarkable dragon-like thing. He's not completely outmatched, but it's a giant dinosaur, and all he has is his natural strength and his armor. He could probably use a little help.

He's trying not to look like he needs it, though. He fights ruthlessly and intensely, with perfectly controlled, powerful swings of the sword and low, flat-voiced oaths muttered in some foreign tongue. And then there's the matter of his ghostliness. He seems insubstantial despite the obvious power of his blows, shimmering nearly white and moving fleetly, ethereally through the undergrowth.]

[1: the library; this morning]
[The work given to him over his time here has been easy enough, and the compensation fair. Collect and sort trays and utensils in the cafeteria. Wash Garden's official vehicles (all right, so he's not entirely convinced those filthy metal things aren't some kind of armored monsters, but aside from that). Spend a night making sure monsters don't escape the training center. That sort of thing. Today's job: "More librarians than usual have the day off. Pick up the slack for them and put the books back into place."

Fenris was supposed to get this done early in the morning, before the library officially opened. It's now 0915 and he's still standing in front of one shelf, holding a stack of books and debating internally whether he could get away with sorting them by color and calling it a day. It's one thing to tell Hawke that he can't read, you see; it's quite another to admit it to the people in charge of Garden.

On the plus side, he's feeling too awkward to be properly filled with rage right now.]
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[Twenty years in the future? Oh man, this is some seriously heavy shit.

Mouth agape, Zell eventually tears his eyes off his acceptance letter--his second acceptance letter even--and just stands there, letting his brain recover from its latest sizzler.

Twenty years in future and... and...

He hadn't gotten any time to live it up! He helped save the whole world and there had been no time to celebrate, appear on broadcasts, maybe put his name on some new brands and rake in a percentage, use his achievements to get some girls, all that good stuff!

This is the biggest buzz kill!

His mourning phase would best be served in the cafeteria, clearly. Hopefully twenty years hasn't changed the hot dogs around here!]
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[Well. A lot certainly had changed, that's for sure. It almost seems like luck that Leon would get back in time for a some prep before quarter started, wouldn't it? Not as much time as he would have liked, but... delays happen. Leon feels almost a bit disconnected upon returning to Garden; it feels different, realizing what he's going to need to do. It's kind of good to be back, too.

Oh, well.

No use crying over spilled milk.

First thing was first: Leon needed something to eat. Badly, considering that tedious little habit of forgetting. Might as well as multi-task while he was at it. He's quiet, picking at a plate of food in the far corn, plans and notes sprawled across the table in front of him. The sooner it's done, the sooner Leon can decompress.]
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[Looking around the training center, it's obvious that Duo doesn't really believe this place is as dangerous as the material makes it out to be.]

Para-magic and monsters? And here they're trying to tell me I'm not dreaming. Either Gramps needs to lay off whatever he's smoking or clearly this is a sign that I need to lay off the pizza before bed. [Rubbing his neck absently he mumbles under his breath.] Guess two-week old leftovers aren't edible after all.

[He continues to walk around the area, clearly finding the location rather interesting. Of course it's just his luck when he manages to stumble upon the king of the Training Center, a T-rexaur. Stopping in his tracks he stares at the apparent dinosaur for a moment before turning and running back the way he came.]
Having fun, boy? Hurry up and run, boy! )
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[Zell spent most of the day in Balamb. A part of him had doubted that he was really in the future, but it also bugged him and made him worry for his Ma. So he spent the whole day there, talking to her and people he knew. It was so strange… and a little scary to see everyone so much older. It was in fact twenty or so years that passed. Kids he once knew were now adults with children of their own… and his Ma…

He still worried about her. He didn’t like seeing her so much older, in what seemed like overnight to him. She was strong, in her own way, but he made sure to tell one of the younger men (what happened to that kid he knew?) to watch after her.

So it was with no surprise that while he did eat while in Balamb (fortunately his Ma’s cooking was just as good as before), he continued to stuff his face on a few hotdogs. Seeing them all older got to him more than that letter from the headmaster.

Of course he would continue to be a SeeD, and help out the new cadets who were apparently not only from different times, but different dimensions as well (he… didn’t really think he understood the letter correctly). He just needed to let off some frustration at what happened… they must have done something wrong for things to be messed up like this. Everything was supposed to be fixed after Ultimecia was defeated!

It wasn’t until after he ate that second time that he went on the computer. It would be the quickest way to introduce himself to a lot of the new people.]

Yo. Name’s Zell Dincht, I’m a SeeD and just got back. Things look the same, so if anyone needs any help, you can ask me. Going to be in the training center tonight, but thought I’d introduce myself.
- Z.D.

[After the somewhat brief message, he goes just where he said he was going to. Time to let off that frustration.]

(OOC: First, I hope I did this right and sorry for the tldr >.< Feel free to hit him up either before or after his post. Before is the cafeteria, after is the training center. He’ll reply to whoever replies to his post, but not until after he’s done... which won't be for a while.)
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[ And adding to today's BBS posts is Zell here, asking for training buddies. You know you want to join him. ]

hey, does anyone feel like hitting up the training center with me tonight? my fists are hungry for a good fight! hahahah : p
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[It's quiet as night falls on Balamb Garden, quiet enough to hear the crickets chirping on the ground below and the sea waves lapping the shore in the distance. The sky is clear and full of stars. The halls of Garden are empty except for a couple cadets here and there -- indeed, even the faculty seems to be missing from their usual posts.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. Once again, the Headmaster speaks to the Garden.

The Welcoming Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Welcoming Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Ruby group.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.]

A mod note )
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[ At the sound of the morning 'wake-up' bell, Squall finds himself awake and staring at the ceiling of his room. It's still odd - to be twenty years into the future and yet still be the Commander of Garden as well as only seventeen. Time Compression was a peculiar thing. No- it was just plain messed up.

So he pushes himself out of bed and goes to shower. He's ready by 0630, punctual as ever, which probably can't be saying the same for some of the new cadets.

Grabbing up Lion Heart, he makes his way to his office to tie up any loose ends before then heading down to the main level at around 0700 where he'll be walking around in case there are any cadets lost and in need of information or direction for their morning classes.
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[ Zell had been more than surprised to find out he'd somehow traveled forward through time - twenty years? That's longer than he's been alive, okay? - and was doubly surprised when he realized so many people had gotten mixed up in the time compression as well. He was glad to hear a lot of them were going into the SeeD program, though everyone looked so confused he couldn't tell whether they were happy about it or not. ]

Yo, new people. I don't know why you came here or anything, but if anyone's lost or confused or whatever, you can talk to me! The name's Zell. I'm a SeeD here, so if you're a cadet, I can help you out with that too. Don't be afraid to come up to me, either. I don't bite, I swear!

[ After that little spiel, he pauses, frowning as a faint grumbling noise catches him off guard. ]

...uh, heh. I'll be in the cafeteria if you need me. MAN, I'm starving.

[ Aaand he runs off. Chow time, aw yeah. ]


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