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[It's that time of year again. Where it is encroaching upon Grell's birthday, she's up in arms about Homecoming, and Marco has no ideas for either. Well, some ideas, just not good ones.]

[So you know what?]

[Fuck it!]

[Marco is hiding out in phoenix form munching squash seeds.]

[Actually, this is not his typical phoenix form. You see normally, he's almost indistinguishable from the world's phoenixes except for being blue and sparkly. This time, it looks like someone bred a horrifying combination of a chocobo and a peacock.]

[Yeah. Not pretty.]

[Marco even shares some of his seeds with the chocobo around them as he asks them for advice. It doesn't go well.]

This is what I get for asking non-homicidal birds, yoi. [Hey, who said that?] I mean... wark. [Deadpan.]

[Later on the BBS this mysterious post will appear (as well as sparkly fliers throughout the halls):]

Attention all SeeD and cadets, this is a very important announcement!


They are edible and delicious, and should only ever be planted or devoured.

If you have no interest in roasting them for yourself, see Marco SeeD rank 11 for a 500 gil reward for every pound of seeds you bring, thank you.
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[Have one very perky looking Selphie greeting you all with a video message on behalf of the GFC.]


If you're all over ideas for the Carnival that's happening during Homecoming, you need to get your two cents into this BBS post as soon as possible! There's a TON of classrooms in Garden we can really showcase that we're more than just a school that trains mercenaries. We've got some super awesome cooks, a bunch of you who can plan a mean party and bake a mean cupcake.

Yeah Pinkie, I'm talkin' to you with the cupcakes.

But hey! There's more to Garden than cooking and kicking ass right? Let's hear some suggestions and let's make this Carnival the best one that Balamb's ever seen!

[And with a cheeky grin and a peace sign, Selphie cuts the feed.]

If you're all over ideas for the Carnival that's happening during Homecoming, you need to get your two cents into this BBS post as soon as possible! There's a TON of classrooms in Garden we can really showcase that we're more than just a school that trains mercenaries. We've got some super awesome cooks, a bunch of you who can plan a mean party and bake a mean cupcake.

Yeah Pinkie, I'm talkin' to you with the cupcakes.

But hey! There's more to Garden than cooking and kicking ass right? Let's hear some suggestions and let's make this Carnival the best one that Balamb's ever seen!
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Greetings Balamb Garden!

It's about that time again, and we're already at number eleven! We have a very special issue for you this time around!

A snippet of various things! )

Until next time, Garden!

Miss Tattler

[It most certainly is posted under Namur's ID. So he must be Miss Tattler!!]
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[Oh hey, it's that handsome blonde guy from the GFC with the scar in his upper lip.]

Hello, citizens of Balamb Garden! I'm Russell Drake from the Garden Festival Committee, on the BBS today to announce Homecoming! For those of you who missed the last one and, like me, are from a place where homecoming isn't really a thing [the reason for the GFC's weird ideas about and timing for homecoming], it's a weekend party with a carnival and a dance where you might just win a plastic crown! [You may think he's being sarcastic about that crown, but in fact he is very earnest. Who wouldn't want a plastic crown??]

Get to know your fellow classmates and SeeDs, because next week in the quad, we'll be holding write in nominations for Homecoming Court, with SeeDs eligible for the titles of King and Queen as appropriate for their gender, and Cadets similarly eligible for Prince and Princess. They'll then have four weeks to campaign for your votes at the Homecoming Dance, which will be held on November 9th. Please note that last year's winners, SeeD Marco, Instructor Pinkie Pie, SeeD Edward Elric, and SeeD Mikuru Asahina are not eligible for nomination. Each organization may also choose their own Beaus and Sweethearts to represent them in the Court!

During homecoming week, week 6 of the trimester, we'll also be holding a date auction for those who want a little extra help getting a date for the dance, and a carnival on Friday November 8th. Yes, that means a day off school for fun, food, and entertainment! Let us know now about any stalls you'd like to see or perhaps run here; we love taking suggestions! The usual favorites such as the dunk tank, kissing booth, food stands, and talent quest will all be there; however, the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and carousel have declined to return this year. [Alas, financial issues and unpopular political independence are not a good combination.] Personally, my favorites are the food stands - I love trying food from everyone's home worlds!

On behalf of the GFC, I'd like to wish everyone a warm welcome back to Balamb continent and the new trimester. Drake, out.
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Whats up garden? Hope yall had fun here in sweet dollet town. Gonna be shipping off before too long and who knows when we'll sail this way again. So how bout we say goodbye in style? Dj fishbros got the tunes! Wheres my plannin peeps? Someone bring food, someone else bring drinks. Invite the local friends you made over the break and we'll make it a night to remember!

[A little while later, an IC edit goes up.]

Warehouse down by the wharf. Party starts when people show up. Ends when they shut us down.

[At about the same time this post goes up, certain people will also be receiving PMs individually, though the PM is identical to each person:]

[PMs to Marco, Thatch, Grell, Ace, and Espio]

So weathers shitty and that means the beach is out. One of you guys find us a place to party with a roof overhead and we're set.

[Yes, that's all the context he gives. Let's see if this thing happens, huh?]
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[Thursday morning, 0559 hours.]

[Garden as a whole abruptly drops two feet.]

[The facility strikes the ground with a massive crash and shake that bears the full weight of every single one of its pounds. Loose items tumble to the floor and glass shatters in a cacophonous tumult that only serves as counterpoint to the greater and far more ominous crash of earth meeting metal. Massive vibrations race through Garden as different parts of it resonate with the force of the impact. Somewhere on the first floor, a chocobo literally screams in rage, a sound almost monstrous in its inhumanity. The lights flicker and then go out entirely.]

[Like an earthquake -- and no one would blame anyone for mistaking the source of the crash and shake, if not for the sickening drop that had yanked everyone's stomach into their throat for a heartstopping moment -- the shaking, roar, and vibrations slowly fade away, leaving only panick, fear, and disarray behind. And very ominous silence. The power has failed; the lights are out, water does not flow, and besides the residents, nothing stirs.]

[Then... slowly, but inexorably, Balamb Garden begins to tilt.]

[OOC: This is a general reaction and mingle post! You may also make your own posts if you so desire. If you need a mod response to a thread for information or a reaction, please ping us through PM!]
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[Selphie wasn't feeling like herself and instead of having people come out seeking her for whatever reason, she'd sent notice to the Headmaster that she was taking a couple weeks off. She wanted to be away from the hustle and bustle of Garden for a bit. She'd left early one morning without telling anyone in the dorms.

The down time did wonders for her and let her sort herself out in ways that she wouldn't have been able to do at Balamb. She couldn't go very far because of the political situation but it was nice to get away all the same. It may have seemed like she was running away from her problems but she ran anyway. To her, it felt like the only option left to her at the time.

That was over two weeks ago. The perky brunette has returned to Garden eager to get back to work. This is another issue she's conflicted about. What does she want to do with her life? All she's ever known is being a SeeD and it has left her wondering what else is out there. She'd always be in danger if she remained in Garden but regardless, Garden was home for her.

With this problem in mind, Selphie heads for the dorms, intent on browsing the BBS to get caught up on what's been going on at the school. Getting back to Balamb itself had proven to be a problem with the declaration of Balamb Garden's independence and had left her with no choice but to improvise. Finding clothes that were different from her own weren't a major problem but security at the borders was possibly tighter than when they'd been at war.

Regardless, anyone who spots the girl sneaking through the halls might just notice that she's styled her hair into a plain ponytail but leaving her bangs the same. A simple pair of jeans and t-shirt with sneakers had allowed her to blend in with the public better than her usual attire.

Eventually, she logs onto the network and after browsing through the BBS, she decides to make a post.]

Guess this will teach me to take a vacation, huh?

[Although, the "gentlemen" who attempted a strip search at the border have since lived to regret it. Selphie... intentionally neglects to mention that little tidbit.]
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[The days after the Lunar Cry and subsequent battle had gone by in a blur for Selphie. She remembered the end of the battle before she'd collapsed in exhaustion. She'd pushed herself too hard in the battle and had been unconscious for a couple of days before coming around and simply staring at the ceiling. She didn't know how long she'd been staring before an assistant came and started asking her questions that she couldn't recall answering before falling back asleep.

She was too tired at that time to do anything besides sleep. It had been the same as when she'd come back home after being lost in Time Compression for so long. Little by little, she'd become more aware of her surroundings and had done her best to be a model patient. Staying there for a prolonged period of time leaves her a bit unnerved and jumpy before she's informed of the study on those affected by the Gate and volunteered for it as a result.

She hadn't been affected nearly as bad as some of the others but she wanted to know what had caused it. She may have been secretly hoping that maybe there was a way to make her grow a few more inches but she wasn't about to hold her breath. In the end, she'd been barred from her laptop and could manage to weasel a book out of the library after the begging of yet another aide to go get one for her. Overall, there'd been lots of rest, tests and blood work that earned everybody a good long pouting session.

About a week and a half later, Selphie's just chilling out in FH on a quiet dock enjoying the sunshine and not having to wear pajamas. She's got a pair of sandals beside her as she dips her feet into the water, daydreaming about anything and everything. Leave her alone, she's earned some quiet time. Or don't and keep her company?

Eventually though, it turns up to be the present day and Selphie pops up on the BBS with an idea. She doesn't care that it's not time for another Garden Festival, she just wants to do something to boost morale for everybody living in Garden. You're all about to be greeted to a video post with a sunny smile and Selphie's good cheer. She dares you sourpusses to ruin it; double dog dares you to even try and ruin her good mood.]

Hey guys!

So yeah, it's been kinda... tense around here lately? I know that everybody worked super duper mega hard on all the stuff with that dumb Mage but hey, we need a little something to boost morale right about now, I think.

I've already run this by the GFC -- which you should all join by the way -- and they're on board for this! So my fellow Gardener's, who's game for a little barbeque and some fun at the beach? Think about it! All the hamburgers and hot dogs you can eat, a little volleyball or fun in the ocean and a great big bonfire at night!

It'll be fun for everybody!

[She gives everybody an excited look as she anticipates this being a big hit.]

So! Who's game?
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Hey, Cutie. Thanks for the bento! It was ridiculously adorable of you.

Love, Thatch.

[to anyone who wants to happen upon the Thatchinator, he'll be sitting in the quad, enjoying his meal]
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[Balamb Garden surged forward through the black predawn hours, racing across the Great Plain of Esthar. 22 years ago, mobile Gardens had no access to the continent, but in the course of the decades and the increased goodwill between Balamb and Esthar, a large portion of the rocky cliffs had been demolished and graded, making an access ramp for the academies.]

[The night was completely black. The moon was new, and thus not out, and clouds covered the sky from horizon to horizon. In the distance, though, a sickly white-yellow light illuminated the low-hanging cloud cover.]

[The Time Compression distortion above Tears Point lanced into the sky past the clouds, a mighty finger of warped light that stood literal miles high. At its base, Tears Point faded in and out of view like a mirage.]

[The Ragnarok and the Chaotix docked with Balamb as the academy shuddered to a halt just outside of the projected worst-case scenario blast. Already loaded with supplies and ready for transport, the two airships held motionless just long enough for the combatants to board before lifting off, as the first rays of dawn ran across their hulls.

[Visible to the south, on the opposite side, three other airships raced to Tears Point: two literal sailing ships with propellers in place of sails, and one mighty large enough to engulf the other two a dozen times over. They landed in formation, and the army of Sol Invictus -- not just foot soldiers, but mighty vehicles and weapons of war -- emerged from its depths to form lines.]

[Not intentionally, but simply as a matter of the ebb and flow of the tides of war, Balamb Garden and Sol Invictus struck at the same time.]

[At first it was to no avail: the machinery of Tears Point, meant to repel the Lunatic Pandora, had been resurrected and repurposed; the mighty field they formed served as a mighty wall, repelling all efforts to breach it. But as Lunatic Pandora had ultimately overwhelmed it, so too did the field seem vulnerable to the massed might of its foes. From the SeeDs, blows, spells, and an abundance of rockets smashed into the field, weakening it with each impact, while on the other side Sol Invictus unleashed an astonishing fusillade of technological and magical might of their own. The generators whined and hummed in furious protests, their engines straining to counteract the onslaught. A couple of ranks in, the first machine to fail popped in brilliant flare of light, electricity arcing across its neighbors and smoldering metal shotgunning outwards.]

[As if signaled, a wave of monsters -- almost literally, the way they surged outwards between the protective devices -- passed through the one-way field effortlessly, smashing into the assembled lines. Though numerous, they were comparatively week; the might of Sol Invictus, and the training and discipline of the SeeDs and cadets, met their attack and repelled it with minimal loss. The monsters, however, seemed endless. Time Compression continued to surge and write, depositing wave after wave of foes to harry and harass those who opposed the Time Compression Mage's ultimate goal, and though those monsters could not dispatch his enemies, they accomplished their purpose nonetheless.]

[The great Time Compression Distortion abruptly shuddered, then without warning, disgorged a massive shape all at once, more like that great form had always been there than as if it had in some sense emerged from the distortion. Three miles tall, one and half wide; a gargantuan metal structure than shone as if with veins of light, almost obscuring the symbol of Esthar on its side.]

[Lunatic Pandora.]

[At once, the field machines short-circuit in a pyrotechnical display that would have been awe-inspiring if not for the appearance of the Lunatic Pandora itself. The sudden shift of tidal forces was gut-wrenching, enough to drive weaker people to their knees from vertigo and nausea. In the sky above, the new moon burned a brilliant red, a long finger stretching from its surface towards the earth.]

[The field is down, but the monsters continue to surge forwards. Somewhere inside, the Time Compression Mage harnesses the massive tidal forces generated by the Crystal Pillar for his own ends. An army with a common goal fights on the opposite side of the pillar, but is the enemy of your enemy your friend?]

[The Lunar cry has begun.]

[OOC: Post to the threads below, or start your own if you have a scene you wish to do. There is no tagging order; respond as you see fit. Mod tags may come at any time. You may also NPC monsters or encounters yourselves if you desire. If you are specifically requesting a mod tag, please put some indication in the subject line of your comment. The OOC planning post is here!]
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For those who don't know me, my name is Thatch. I'm the new Instructor for Tactics and Leadership.

Anyone who is not sorted into a combat unit, or is unsure how to proceed in this mission, contact me ASAP.

-Instructor Thatch
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[Back to Balamb. Place hadn't changed much in five years. Thatch stood next to Namur, duffle hanging over his shoulder by the fingertips at the entrance to the garden. Seemed like something was going on, to boot. He could see it on the tense faces of the cadets. Ah well, whatever happened, just another battle just like every other battle.]

Looks like we arrived at at a good time.

[Namur nods, his mouth open just a little, tasting the tension in the air.]

Yeah, no shit. Everyone's freakin' out.

[The electrochemical stress emitted by worried citizens of Balamb is familiar to Namur. He'd tasted it in his own men in the days leading up to war.]

What the hell d' y' think happened? Doesn't look like there's been a fight...


Feels more like something is coming than something's left. Well
[He claps Namur on the shoulder]

Let's go in and see what the fuss is about.

[and with that they move into the garden]

[ooc: Hello Balamb. Have two seven footers (one human, one decidedly not) strolling casually through the garden. Expect replies from either and thread jacking is quite alright]
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Looks like I picked a bad time to start taking classes in this dump. Anyone care to fill me in as to what the hell is going on here? Looks like nobody's prepared to appreciate the Great Zelos when he's just some new cadet.

We'll see about that. Greatness isn't something that'll go overlooked for too long, huh?

Zelos Wilder


[Not that Zelos is gonna sit staring at a computer screen all day. Computers are a giant pain to someone whose entire computer expertise comes down to messing with the bad guys' stuff. Computers aren't really a thing on Tethe'alla, and he's kinda glad of it - looks like they have their uses, but they're kinda boring!

Nope, he's gonna wander all around the Garden, familiarise himself with the general layout of the place, keep an eye out for cuties, and hopefully work out what everyone's getting so worked up over. Better get himself established in this place if he's gonna stick around, after all!
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Offworlder people, I have a question for you: do any of you have any ideas as to how we could destroy monsters in midair? I can't think of any technological resource we have here that could blast any meaningful number of enemies out of the air mid-Cry, but maybe one of you has an idea? Magic, or something we can jury-rig?

-Maria Cyphert
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Please report to the infirmary if you are:
  • a Battlefield Medicine and/or Recovery Para-Magic specialist (SeeD or Cadet)
  • a cadet who has not yet passed PMGF 101
  • someone with off-world healing abilities

    In preparation for the battle, I wish to create small medical response teams which can work out of rooms other than the infirmary, decentralizing treatment so that a single strike to the infirmary won't take out the entire medical staff. These teams will be led by SeeDs or senior cadets. Basic first aid training is available for those who have not taken REC 101, or those who need a refresher.

    Touma H. Norstein

  • [The infirmary is a flurry of activity. There's a huge pile of medical supplies (bandages, Potions, status restorers, etc) on one table, which Gaomon is sorting into smaller piles according to a list in one gloved paw. Touma has a pile of Magic Stones and Pieces thereof before him, which is steadily diminishing as he refines them into spells.]
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    [The video image of the Commander looks ruffled in appearance, but her demeanor remains calm as she speaks.]

    Attention, all SeeDs and all residents of Balamb Garden. This is an emergency. This is not a drill.

    Earlier this morning we were contacted by the group known as Sol Invictus, who brought with them a more complete version of the Time Compression Mage's calculations -- he had apparently approached them prior to approaching us. These equations confirm to our satisfaction that the Time Compression Mage's plans require invoking a Lunar Cry. His plan to return to his own home will damage or destroy this world.

    We have exactly one day to prepare, after which time Balamb Garden will travel to Esthar and we will put an end to his plans. I do not know all of what we can expect, but monsters and a hideously powerful mage are guarantees. All SeeDs and cadets will enter battle using whatever means are most effective. Ready yourself.

    I will monitor the BBS for suggestions and discussions. If you have any ideas you believe can be of use, post them or bring them to me immediately.

    You have your orders. Begin your preparations.
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    If you're still interested, I have those concert tickers for Sadie Pang! If you want them, please say so! They look like they'll be good seats!



    [Meanwhile, Gakupo is listening to music on his laptop in the quad, thanks to the music player he got from Time Compression. It seems like it's cycling through a playlist, but if anyone listens carefully, one could tell that it's him singing. He also has a pad out and a pencil, jotting down notes feverishly. There's quite a pile of papers held down by a canteen of water so they won't blow away.]
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    [Pinkie Pie is awake and about, bouncing on her pogo stick. Not surprising that she has her usual amount of energy. She's looking all about while loudly shouting one name:]


    [Really, it would be easier just to send a PM, but this way is much more effective.]
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    [This video is uploaded to the BBS under ID#GUEST -- which is likely the first time anyone has seen this new feature in the system. The person it features is a man, handsome in a vaguely bland sort of way, who could be anywhere from eighteen to forty. He wears simple brown robes, his hands folded into the opposite sleeves, and thought he smile, there is no mistaking the seriousness of his tone.]

    Good morning, residents of Balamb Garden. I have heard of you, and I expect in turn that many of you have heard of me. I am the Time Compression Mage.

    I am certain you will doubt this claim, but it is true. On my own world, I am a scholar of chronomancy and spatial alterations; here, my studies and my natural talent have given me an ability to manipulate the distortion of time and space we know as Time Compression.

    [He lifts his hands, sliding them out of the sleeves to reveal long, fine fingers unadorned by jewelry. He speaks a few words that have no meaning in any language, makes a few passes with his hands, and then holds them half a foot apart in a cupping gesture. A ball of wrongness grows between them; those who observed the source of the jam flood might recognize this strange distortion.]

    I have come to Balamb Garden to offer all of you who, like me, are displaced from their worlds... a way home.

    Over Tears Point, which is the nexus of interactions for the forces that bind the world and the moon, sits a great distortion of compressed time. In slightly over one week, the forces will reach a temporal peak due to the combination of the moon's location and the approaching solstice. At that time, I will be able to manipulate the distortion. Those who are present at Tears Point will have the process that brought them here reversed.

    You will go home.

    [He lowers his hands, and the ball of distortion disappears as if it never was.]

    I have directly requested the formal and official aid of Garden, but I hope those of you who are at liberty will aid me no matter what. I cannot promise any other person will be able to do what I can do. This may be our only hope to go home.

    I have been graciously offered lodging here for the time being, so I make myself available to you. I know you must doubt my claims, or me; I invite you to put me to the test.

    [The so-called Time Compression Mage inclines his head solemnly, and here the video ends.]

    [Beneath the video, a transcript of his speech follows, along with a note that the video was posted on behalf of the Time Compression Mage, who does not have further access to the Garden intranet. Students and staff may discuss amongst themselves in response to this post, but the Mage will not see or reply.]

    [As for the Time Compression Mage himself: true to his word, he has set himself up in an unused office for the time being, and is spending that time in study and research. Books sit on his desk and drawings and charts take up much of the walls. Nevertheless, he has made himself available to anyone who wishes to approach him.]


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