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Sorry Garden, but I've gotta do it.

I'm calling bullshit on this Time Compression Mage that's been in the news recently.

Something seriously stinks about that whole thing and I'm speaking from experience here, guys. The only person who could control Time Compression got their butt handed to them 22 years ago. I watched her fade away into nothingness and while anything's possible, being able to manipulate Time Compression like that to thaw Trabia out, just shouldn't be possible.

I'm going on my gut with this one.
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Attn.: All

Upgrades, items, new equipment, repairs and maintainence available to all Garden cadets, staff and SeeD at discounted prices.

Gunblade Specialization with over 20 years experience, if we don't have it we'll find it at no additional cost.

Custom work available, contact via Private Message or in person for orders.

Permanent location within Balamb Garden to be determined, temporary location in Quad.

St. James Arms
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[Garden doesn't exist in Raine's time. It hadn't even been thought of yet. Perhaps that's why she's so fascinated over everything right now. But that means it's easy enough to get lost, too, since she's new here. Raine is currently wandering hallways and areas in the school. The quad, the library, the cafeteria... She'll eventually find her way to all of it.

So why not say hello to Mrs. Loire?]
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Seriously?! I thought we were done with this Time Compression stuff! Well, the letter said the scientists are tryin' to find a way to send us all back, so I guess I'm not gonna be stuck here forever. I can go right back to where I left off, right?

So, what's different in the future? Do we have any cool new technology, like those tunnels and hovering platforms in Esthar? Or maybe TELEPORTERS?! Is Squall still the commander? Oh man, all my friends are gonna be so OLD, and I'm still just 17! That's gonna be so weird. Hey! Is there some kind of future-me runnin' around here?! After 20 years of missions and training, I bet I'm AWESOME!!

And oh! That letter said something about, uh... off-worlders? Like ALIENS?!! That's so cool! What kind of powers do they have? I wanna meet one!!!

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[When the feed sputters to life, it's to a very fine shot of the lower half of Axel's face. Somebody clearly has no idea what they're doing with technology.]

--is, stupid piece o- [Oop. It's flashing. He stops speaking abruptly, lips spreading into a triumphant grin.]

Soooo, Balamb Garden. The name's Axel- you might want to write that down somewhere. Now, I've got a very pressing question for you all concerning this military deal- where's option B?

[Yeah, he's serious. Well, probably, it's hard to tell.]


Sep. 4th, 2011 11:15 am
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guess who talked nida into flying us to the gd beach next weekend???

yeah thats right bitches, you can all start bowing to my awesomeness now

whoever wants can come i guess, but im not taking care of jack all for you so bring your own towels and tents and food and shit, if you starve or die from jellyfish poison i dont care im not taking responsibility

i guess there can be beach ball (lame!!!!) and fireworks and shit, someone can handle music (it better be good tho)

wtv im bad at organizing, just tell me if youre coming or not
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Option 1 - Training Center:
[Ever since his embarrassing defeat to a woman, Joe had taken it upon himself to visit the Training Center daily. He would stay there for hours on end-- from the time the school opened for classes, and until night fell upon the Garden, only stopping to take a break for lunch or dinner. To say that he was obsessed with winning was an understatement. There really was no other option besides winning.

Today, he's there again, fighting through grats and meeting the occasional T-Rexaur. Actually, the monsters are beginning to get too easy for him-- though it still takes a little while to defeat a T-Rexaur. He's also getting used to dual-wielding his sabre and a gunblade, though he still tends to prefer using his sabre rather than the gunblade.

It's really no different seeing him fight today, but as he makes his way to yet another area, something happens. As he leaps to attack a monster, he doesn't exactly make it back to the ground. Instead, he stays floating in the air, and in a little bit of shock.

He knew he didn't transform, so it wasn't like he could blame it on one of them. He was just... him.

And he was floating in mid-air.

Oh, and look. There comes that T-Rexaur he was fighting just at minute ago, charging at him. A little help would be great right about now, since he really doesn't know what was going on, or how to control this power of his.]


Option 2 - Secret Area:
[Spending so much time in the Training Center recently, Joe had randomly stumbled upon the Secret Area. It was strangely peaceful, and there didn't seem to be anyone there tonight. After the random... mishap... in the Training Center earlier, he was a little spooked, to be honest.

He sat along the stone railing that overlooked the Garden, his legs dangling over the edge. It would be a lie to say he wasn't thinking of jumping right off the thing to see if he could float again... but then again, that would be a stupid idea if he didn't, and he really didn't fancy dying.

Pulling out his Mobirate and Ranger Key, he had an idea. Maybe transforming into his Jetman counterpart could help him out. So if he did fall, he'd still be able to catch himself before he actually hit the ground. Maybe it would work.]


[ooc; Right so Joe has unwillingly found himself with the power to levitate/fly for the Superpower Event! Though, he hasn't quite figured out the flying part yet. :\]
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[It might not have been so apparent, but people might start noticing that Rinoa hasn't shown her face in a while. Truth is she's hiding out in her room with no intention of leaving it anytime soon. After a while she thinks to put up a BBS post to cover all her bases.]

I'm not going to be able to attend class for a while. So if someone could take notes for me I'd really appreciate it.

Marco, if you see this, could you stop by my room? We need to talk.

[She's skipping classes so soon to finals, nuts huh? That's totally a good example for a soon-to-be SeeD to set isn't it? Though honestly she figures it's unavoidable considering the rather large pair of wings currently gracing her back. After all she knows they've always shown up when she's tapped into her sorceress powers before now. So frankly she just thinks Marco was right about what would happen if she ignored her powers for too long.]

[Anyone is free to stop by her room either to check up on her or bring her school related things if they want. She's currently sitting on her bed, trying desperately to keep her wingspan from knocking things over. Turns out they're sensitive to the touch so hitting things actually hurts.]


Sep. 1st, 2011 02:27 am
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[She'd read the note a few times by now, but it still didn't make an entire lot of sense. Ultimecia was supposed to be gone, right? So why did the note mention Time Compression, among other things? It was a little odd to be hearing about all of this happening again, really, but, well...

Well, the letter had also said to talk to Cid or a SeeD if she had any questions, so she'd do that later. For now, though, Ellone is content with walking around Fisherman's Horizon, to see what's changed.]


Sep. 1st, 2011 12:27 am
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How do you get rid of animals?

[Today you will find Squall sitting outside in the Quad. Why? It might have something to do with the crowd of animals gathering around him. Birds, deer, mice, cockroaches, there's even a few grats from the Training Center. None of them seem violent, pressing in around Squall like a cat looking for a good pet. Speaking of which all those illegal cats in B-Garden? Yeah you might see a few of those too.

Squall looks like he's reaching his limit though. Standing up he slashes his arm through the air.]


[...Nothing happens. In fact the animals press in closer. Sitting back down on a bench he just puts his head in his hands. What'd he do to deserve this...]

((ooc: For the super power event Squall's power is animal magnetism. Good luck dragging those cats away.))
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[Oh look, it's a battle maid in the training center, facing down a Grat.]

Mikuru BEAM!

[Instead of the usual eye laser, the Grat is suddenly showered in rose petals. Mikuru wrings her hands, puts one hand up to her eye, and tries again.]


[The Grat shakes off the rose petals and starts shuffling towards her. Mikuru gives it a look of terror, pulls twin pistols from the tie of her apron, and starts shooting. She's improved dramatically in her time at Garden but now it's like her aim's regressed to her skills two months ago. The Grat starts backing her up. Help! Or don't; that's fun too!]
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Choice A - Fisherman's Horizon
[For someone who isn't exactly used to setting foot in a town and having people actually stroll by - sometimes waving or offering a smile, other times a crotchety old glare and a mutter about "kids these days" - this place is rather unsettling for a kid who'd almost, bitter as it was, gotten accustomed to pretty much the whole of humanity running screaming in terror. Whether it be away or toward, with crudely brandished makeshift weapons.

Hope clasps a hand over his tummy, exhaling slowly before continuing his trek toward the Inn as he'd been directed. Now that it's finally sinking in that this is a safe place, at least in comparison to what he's endured over the past few days, most of the unconscious fight-or-flight reactions are kept at bay.

And thus he's busy craning his neck this way and that, trying to take everything in. One thing that catches his eye in particular is the huge circular panel and everything that surrounds it. So much, in fact, that he's too busy twisting his head around to try and get a better look at it as he walks. Most likely bumping into other fellow students on their stay here or the town's citizens as he does so.

He can be caught on his way to the inn or heading toward the Garden a bit later, changed into his student uniform and looking every bit confused and bewildered as before.

Choice B - Balamb Garden
[The next term won't be starting for a little while, Hope was told, so he's entirely free until then. After making it to the F.H. Inn, he'd spent some time sitting on his bed staring at the class roster—only to discover some very familiar names, one more bemusing than the others.

Therefore! First order of business? Finding the others. It's just a matter of finding the right classrooms.

Willing his heart to stay where it belongs (that's in his chest and not leaping out of his palate the way it's been threatening), hesitant footsteps carry him away from the large directory panel he'd been staring at and toward where he might find one of those very places. He only gets halfway up the stairs before pausing again, lifting up the wrinkled sheet in his hands and staring down at all the names, course numbers, and corresponding rooms. It's starting to all blur together, making his head spin. Hope squeezes his eyes shut with a frustrated sigh, then practically leaps up the rest of the stairs leading to the elevator.

It's entirely hit-or-miss for him, but he'll be hitting up the Farron, Villiers and Katzroy courses first thing - and in that order. Other cadets might see him weaving his way through random little crowds of fellow students, probably getting smacked into due to his tiny (therefore near-invisible) height and knocked around a few times; or he'll be nervously waiting outside one of the classrooms, attempting to find a way to peer inside. He can't summon up the courage to just barge on in there, as much as he'd like to.
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[Selphie is looking into the feed with a strangely strained smile.]

Booyaka everyone! The life of a hermit suuuucks. I've been sooo out of it lately. It's so lame of me, I know. [She reaches up to turn of the video] Oh and thanks to all those super duper nice people that helped me!


[There has been a few sightings of the flippy haired girl around the school for the past week. Her demeanor seems to have changed in these days of mild isolation. Living like this seems to not have agree with her. Selphie walks like she was in a daze. Every few steps or so she bumps into someone, wincing as she mumble an apology]


[[OOC: She is absorbing negative feelings of the ones she touches. Need a pick up? Selphie is your gal.]]

003 *BBS*

Aug. 16th, 2011 11:46 am
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Can any of you awesome people cover for me? I got nearly killed in the Training Center this morning and I don't feel like going to the infirmary. I'm gonna be stuck in my room for a while. I ain't feeling so hot after that that big whack I got.

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[School? Dragged off to another world and he was attending school? You had to be kidding him. The only reason Seifer hadn't split yet was because he didn't know a thing about this world. Good to keep your options open right? ...Well that and if Fuu, Rai and Vivi showed up he wanted to grab them before some loser started filling their heads with mush. ...And Fuu gave someone a black eye. That wouldn't be pretty.

For now though he was just wandering around Garden, if you could call this a garden seriously what were these people on when they named this thing, checking things out. Maybe you find him in the cafeteria, maybe the training center, skulking around the classrooms. He's got a list of courses he's supposed to be taking, but he's not exactly keen on showing up for anything just yet. Not until he gets the rundown on this place.

After all who knows maybe this is a kidnapping he's not going to believe something just because it was on a piece of paper.]
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Hey Garden.

Guess what.

You're now trapped in the elevator.

Maybe you were too lazy to take the stairs; maybe you just needed to get somewhere and this was the quickest way from A to B, despite the janitor's warnings (and the signs on every floor).

Whatever the reason, it's too late! You're stuck in here. The lights are out, none of the buttons are working (or maybe they're jammed?), and it's unlikely you'd be able to pry open the doors — this elevator is one sturdy son of a gun, and between floors, there's nowhere to go.

Anyway... who's that with you?]

Cut for meme-speak! )


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