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[Somehow, the Quad has become much more blood-stained than most people remembered it. For those who can see, there's blood everywhere. The scent of blood's impossible to escape too. It feels like some battle just came over-- and unfortunately for the loser, his blood went every which way. (The most miraculous part is that the flowers - and all the other plants - are suspiciously clean. Only the pathway's stained with incredibly thick blood.)

In the middle of all that mess? Is one incredibly sick-looking Damian. His skin's very pale and green; there's blood splattered all over his clothes; and is that... parts of a human brain sticking out of his mouth? His eyes are wide open - and dilated - too.

He's just lying there, possibly dead. It's a wonder - or maybe it isn't, if everyone's dealing with problems - that no one's rushed him off to the infirmary yet.]

004: action

Oct. 6th, 2010 08:12 pm
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[ Irvine's back on the stairs in the Quad, now that things have settled down after the Career Expo. For the most part, he's busy fiddling with the rifle in his hands -- it's been a while since he's used it on real targets. Making a mental note to change that, he sets the gun aside, then focuses on a copy of the newest Balamb Newsletter issue on his lap.

He skims through the articles. Laguna's visit. The treaty. The dreams. And of course, Quistis' birthday.

One after another. Time flies. ]
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(ooc: I meant to post this ages ago and for one reason or another just haven't gotten around to it yet. This is backdated forever and ever and ever ago to after this post)

[Rinoa sits curled around Angelo in a shady, tree filled corner of the Quad, her face buried in the dog's furry ruff as she just sits and well pouts? Mopes? Sulks? Cries? There were any number of words that could be used to describe her current behavior and most of them fit. However, if someone were to look for it they'd see the tell-tale sign of tear tracks on the cadets face as well as the dampened portions of Angelo's fur but thankfully not enough to trigger much of a damp dog scent.

Her face still buried against the dog her voice was muffled as she voiced her complaint, thinking that only Angelo could hear her.]

Why's he such a jerk?

[Maybe she had taken some things for granted and just assumed they were true, but he didn't have to be so cold about it. It was becoming painfully clear that what meant the world to her was more or less nothing to him. The more she thought about it the more it hurt and the more upset she became. ]

[Anyone's more than welcome to stop by and bother girl and dog new and old CR alike.]
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[There is a flower pot sitting on the grass in the Quad, decorated thoroughly with red markers, and as it was newly planted, it was just a pot of dirt. But one day it would blossom into a beautiful crocosmia! The future red beauty deserves no other owner than Grell! Said owner is still a bit baffled by what went on over the weekend, and a bit upset that he missed the weekend entirely and had to go back to classes already!

Ten days straight of classes! The nerve of this time compression!

Even though his class was in charge of taking care of the garden, he decided to not do so, and let others do the work. He had his own plant to water and such!

Ah, speaking of watering!

Grell puts down his CS 101 text and notebook and goes over to his red watering can, tipping it over the pot that seems so parched.]

My, my! How dry you look! Some yummy water will do you some goo--




What terrible deity has done this to us?! [Shakes his fist at the sun in anger.] You took away the nourishment for my precious!

[He might have just forgotten to fill up the can...

Turns around and cups his hand around his mouth to project his already loud voice, waving his red watering can around with the free arm.]

A kingdom for water! A kingdom for water!


Sep. 6th, 2010 04:51 pm
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What makes someone a good leader? Is it caring about the people they're in charge of? Or is it more making sure they can all get out of an impossible situation alive? During those times do numbers count, or is any single loss an unacceptable failure?

And when it comes down to it, how do you know if you're a good leader until something directly happens?

I've always considered my Pops the best leader there ever was, but he was the strongest man in the world on top of caring about all of us. So I guess he had both qualifications covered.

Just curious as to thoughts on it, if you will.

- Marco.
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This here is a Ballroom Dancing class. Presumably things involved in this class involve the silly things that happen in every first day of class, like "hey let's have everyone kind of know each other!", and more dance-specific things. Things like finding partners. And beginning to learn all about the traditional waltz that was mentioned in the syllabus!

Things should happen here.

003: action

Aug. 4th, 2010 01:29 pm
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[Irvine is in the Cafeteria, crouched over a newsletter laid upon the table he's occupying. For the most part he's keeping a straight face as he combs through the issues, which doesn't take very long. (There's a slight tug at the corner of his lips towards the end, however.) When he appears to finish he sets the newsletter aside and leans back against the chair.

There's a lot begging to be discussed, though he isn't thinking too deeply on them. In fact, as per his habit he's also taking the time to eye a female cadet or two whenever she comes into view.]
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I asked some people in the administration if I could make this post, and they agreed, so here goes --

There've been a lot of new classes added for this coming semester, and they've pushed back the start date to give us time to register. One of the new classes they've added is Independent Study: Languages, which is a smaller class about languages we're less likely to see around here. I know one of the classes is teaching Braille, for example.

I do know that one of them, though, is teaching sign language - the one on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1600 to 1700. I'm taking it, not really because I need to learn sign language, but because I'm fluent in it and can help anyone who needs help with learning it, since I am a native speaker of it. :)

So if you're at all interested in learning sign language, you should take that class! I'd love to help people learn how to speak it.

~ Rion Lyon
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[It had taken some doing, but as Selphie stood in the middle of the decorated bar, the green eyed girl swelled with excitement. Thanks to the help she had received, Dollet's bar had turned into the perfect place to hold her carefully planned party.

In one corner of the bar, tables and chairs had been moved to clear a space large enough for the night's entertainment to begin setting up. It was still early, so the band was still positioning stands, amps and other items as they began to tune up for a nights worth of playing. Selphie left that to the band, knowing when to back out of playing party planner and leaving things to people who knew best about their own equipment.

The rest of the tables and chairs were set up at the other end of the bar, just in front of a longer table set up with food, non-alcoholic drinks, plates and glasses. She had managed to get a fair enough spread of food, hopefully catering to the diverse tastes of the Garden residents. Anyone who was old enough for alcohol, had the option of going to the actual bar of the establishment. Among what they could order there, Selphie had set several single serving bottles of several types of drinks on ice, the large bucket sitting up on the bar where it could be easily watched, and any underage lurkers could be shooed off.

For now, all that the party needed, was the partiers!

OOC Information RE: Invitations, Planning. PLEASE READ. YOU ARE INVITED )


Jul. 24th, 2010 06:28 pm
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[About the Garden there is currently a very sleepy big bluebird. It also appears to be on fire with blue flames. But that's because it is. Marco has completely lost the bet with "John Doe" (the Doctor) and has been falling asleep about places. Now, after a series of nightmares, trying to keep everyone else from snapping, 3+ weeks of not talking to Ace at all, and taking finals, he's about ready to collapse. Vaguely, part of him is trying to keep going, even without sleep or much coherency, but at the same time his devil fruit is taking over to protect him, because as a bird, he's less emotionally hurt. Also, a lot more cuddly. So should you happen to see the human-sized blue phoenix perched or just flat-out asleep somewhere, he's not really going to be bothered enough to mind. In fact he might even just flop on you and demand pettings. Besides, this is his idea of strapping in since he can take off to flight should he so choose.]
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[Aang is currently studying the directory because, well, he is lost. Hopelessly lost.]

They really should have made this less confusing. Where's Sokka when you need him? I don't even know how to read this...

[He scratches his head in confusion and peers closer at it, trying to figure it out. Eventually, he groans and jumps back, frustrated.]

Where am I?!
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[Even though the hour is getting late, Selphie is rather comfortably sprawled out on one of the benches that's strewn decoratively about the Quad. There's still just enough light from fixtures and the moon for her to make out what she's scribbling down on her collection of papers.

"Food and Drink" would be taken care of easily enough. That much at least, is circled in cloud like patterns. Below that entry, "Entertainment" is written, which of course, has several question marks and scratched out lines below it. She hasn't quite figured out what sort of entertainment she wants for this particular shindig. Even as she ponders the options, the pencil gripped between Selphie's fingers is tracing a stray flower off in the corner of her notes. Her lips purse somewhat in frustration, as she lightly stomps her feet out against the arm of her claimed bench.]

Bummer! Why is this so difficult! It doesn't have to be perfect, Selphie! Everyone's going to enjoy it, you know. There's plenty of time too. The end of the month should be a good idea!

[The petite girl sits up, and tucks the pencil behind one of her ears in order to keep herself from chewing on the already abused eraser-end of the utensil. Planning your own birthday party is supposed to be fun, not frustrating. For a moment, she considers taking a break. Maybe she could find something to eat. The cafeteria might still be open!]
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[It's the quad again. This fine evening Irvine can be seen lying against the bottom leftmost side of the stairs. One leg is crossed over the other and both arms are bent, hands folded under his head for support. His face is deliberately obstructed by the hat from when he pulled it forward earlier. By his side are a rifle and a book, presumably study material for the upcoming exam week.

All things considered he appears fairly relaxed. Perhaps he's sleeping, even. Care to find out?]


Jul. 12th, 2010 02:12 pm
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Does anyone know the world record for not sleeping here? I think it might actually be close to a couple weeks in my world. That, or two of my friends set it by fighting five days solid. Either way, I think I'm as strong as Jinbei and the other one. So I'm just going to stop sleeping for now. And live off tea's caffeine. So if you see me nodding off while studying for tests? Just poke me.

How's everyone else holding up?


Jul. 11th, 2010 10:27 pm
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Well. It looks like nothing's changed in the past 20 years.

Hopefully, my positions still in tact, otherwise I'm going to have to talk to the Commander...


001: bbs

Jul. 8th, 2010 06:06 pm
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How you all doin'? This is Irvine. Been a while since I last wrote in one of these.

Garden's pretty much the same as ever, although there are a lot of new faces . . . and cuties, of course. As for me, I was admitted earlier this morning. I'm lookin' forward to it.

Speaking of which, some of you looked ready to drop. Did I miss something?


Jul. 8th, 2010 10:34 am
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[Ken's little tired from his nightmare from last night. Logically, spending a night in a strange room in a strange place would do that to him...probably. However, that's not what he's really bothered by it much, he's just dragging his feet a little more on his way to class.]

I thought I was done with school.


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