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[The air is full of excitement (at least according to Pinkie) as the beloved MC for the date auction takes the stage. Dressed in a queen of hearts costume (with full red bodysuit beneath), Pinkie hops onto the stage with the brightest smile she has in her arsenal.]

WELCOME TO THE EIGHTH ANNUAL… uh… SECOND ANNUAL… No, that's not right either…

[Just how many were there?! Pinkie does some math in the air before batting away at the imaginary numbers.]


All proceeds from the auction will to towards making a fun space filled to the brim with FUN! Doesn't that sound…FUN?! [Is that silence?] Yeah, I'd rather the money go to orphans, too! But we can work on that later, right?! [She looks to the GFC. Well, it's more like a 'WE-HAD-BETTER-OR-ELSE!!' kinda stare. Pinkie looks back to the audience with her brightest smile again.]

So let's get this show on the road! [Pinkie gives a sly look to the audience.] The road to love~!

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[Night has fallen on Balamb Garden; the halls of Garden are mostly deserted besides the stray student walking about, and even the usual faculty members are missing from their posts around the school. There's a certain festive energy through the air, the source coming from the Ballroom cheerily decorated located on the second floor.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. The Headmaster speaks to the Garden.

The Valentine's Day dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Valentine's Day dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The dance will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The dance and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Garden Festival Committee.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.]

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[There's a special guest in for the weekend, someone whom a few particular SeeD haven't seen in what's been decades. Cid was sneaky about it and made sure to keep her visit under wraps in hopes of giving them a wonderful surprise; he's certain they'll enjoy their time with her.

And while the secrecy of her visit is in part due to the fact that Cid wants to surprise those who are close to her, it is also in part that he doesn't want to alarm those who might have read about the infamous Sorceress Edea within their history textbooks, the once sorceress who had been possessed by Ultimecia herself. While she no longer possess the powers of sorcery and no longer dons the fearful attire that automatically springs to mind when the ex-sorceress' name is mentioned, he doesn't want to risk the possibility of cadets who still possessed some mild degree of xenophobia.

Of course, Cid hopes more than anything that they will accept her as she is now; a kind-hearted woman who wants nothing more than to repent for the horrors that she participated in against her will. She has even cleaned up the old orphanage immediately after the events of the Second Sorceress War, and is now caring after orphaned children as she once did so many years ago.

Although this particular visitor has aged twenty years like the Headmaster and the President of Esthar, Edea Kramer's smile hasn't lost an ounce of its warmth nor have her clear brown eyes lost their bright, mischievous glimmer.

She's up early in spite of how late she and Cid had stayed up, the Headmaster bringing his wife up to speed on the more recent events with Galbadia, the newsletter, the predicament he now finds himself in over a troubling decision that could very well cost them all.

Edea's currently making her way towards the courtyard having just finished her morning tea and breakfast with her husband. She honestly doesn't expect anyone to be up and is not surprised to find the 1F of Garden relatively empty.]


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