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[After checking her class roster, Tifa has noticed a familiar name on it that made her quite happy to see. Heading over to the dorms, Tifa made her way slowly down the halls until she came to the room she was looking for.

Knock knock, Yuffie.]
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[Today hadn't really carried the weight most moving days seemed to. Yuffie supposed that was all thanks to her lack of actual material possessions -- whatever had seen fit to pull her from Wutai and bring her here could have at least given her like, a twenty minutes heads-up to get some of her stuff together. Not that she wasn't grateful. Things had been getting pretty hairy back home, what with that old guy being a creeper on her and that awful kidnapping business.

... really, all things considered, this wasn't a bad place to be. Besides. Things were just things. She could steal herself some new things just as easily as she's stolen the old ones, and she'd be feeling perfectly at home in her dorm room in no time. Which, she noted as she entered, looking kinda sterile as it was. Sigh. Boring. But what else could she expect? SeeD was more or less military. She almost completely bypassed the other girl in the room before she stopped herself, holding one hand up in lieu of a wave.]

What's up? I take it you're my roommate?
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[What a time to be intro'd. During a nightmare event. Sweet.]

New guy here. Just got a quick question. Are you guys always this much fun? Some of you seem like a bunch of zombies or something. What gives?

Oh right. Names Duo. Nice to meet you and all that shit.

↠ oo5

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:13 pm
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The coffee needs more work.

It's not strong enough.

[Cause it cant keep her up for more than two hours :| ladeeda, dreams keep her awake at night and I'll get to writing those I swear]

☄ two

Jul. 2nd, 2010 08:31 pm
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[ One bad dream isn't enough to get her down. Leanne's not a little girl anymore, hasn't been for a long time, so while she trudged through the classes looking less than her usual upbeat self she's looking forward to the weekend. TGIF, right? But first she's going to work herself to exhaustion so that she can pass out blissfully tonight. ]

[ So after her last class and into the evening Leanne is going to be in the Training Center. She doesn't quite understand all the magic and other battle aspects in this new place but she's confident she can handle a the few monsters she's glimpsed about here on her own. Besides, she wouldn't want to get rusty. Sitting around in classes is a lot less active than she's used to being. ]

[ Leanne almost looks excited when she encounters her first monster, it's been a while ♥ ]

[ ooc; she'll just be flipping about, guns blazing. Feel free to join her or just, stare at the crazy blond girl throwing explosives and shooting things. ]

☄ one

Jun. 20th, 2010 03:39 pm
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[ So there's another new face in Balamb garden, Leanne had found herself here in this world way early in the morning. She's had some time to let the information settle in her brain but she's still not sure what to make of it, or even what to make of this place. It's big, the single building probably as big as Ebel City. So she's wandering around, a little bit lost. She looks down at the paper she's holding once in a while, mumbling to herself. ]

...guess it's a good thing I got here on the weekend.

[ She stops by the directory eventually trying to figure out where everything is, where she'll have to go for classes, lunch, her room, all of it. Just focusing on what she can do right now. ]

This is all so strange.
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[Sup Balamb Garden. It's lunchtime, and Nanjou's chillin' in the cafeteria. He's sitting at a table currently by himself. Infront of him is a tray with one of the prized hot dogs on it, but Nanjou seems rather uninterested in it, and eating in general.

Instead, he's more focused on what he's holding in his hands. Those of you who look closely can see that it's a glasses case, and he has it open. Those of you who look very closely can see that inside the case is, surprise, a pair of glasses. But it's not the pair he's wearing. Since he's really focused on staring at these glasses, your character could probably get away with getting close enough without him noticing to see that the glasses are the style that an old man would wear, and that one of the lenses is cracked.

Talk to him?]

(OOC: kwajlkdjslfkjds I hope I did this right. As I mentioned before: SHIVERING WOODLAND CREATURE.
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Soooo what kind of idiot teaches Aerobic Fitness if he's got the agility of a drunken cat?

[ Yuffie's standing awkwardly with a pile of metal and bolts in her hands, flipping them over and over in her hands as if by doing so, she could magically paste them back in place. ]

And really, it wasn't my fault if the balance beams aren't strong enough to carry anything heavier than a toothpick--I mean, for such a snazzy place you think they'd have some equipment worth roughing around. Where's all the moolah going to? And I'm definitely not fat so that's not even part of the equation, in fact, I'm lean! A lean, mean, fighting machine.

[ she sighs irritably, tempted to throw the broken bits of equipment to the ground. ]


...so anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this thing before I get in trouble? Cos, you know, like I said. It wasn't even my fault. Ehheh.


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