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Option 1: Quad
[It's been awhile since he's been able to freely walk outside, and so that's what Rufus is doing. He's in the quad with his homework, breezing through it as quickly as he can. The sunshine feels good on his face, and the breeze even better (he doesn't even mind it messing up his hair). It sure beats being locked up in somebody's basement and beaten every day. He looks like he's pretty focused on what he's doing at the moment- statistics and then accounting - but that should just make him more fun to pester, right?]

Option 2: Cafeteria
[Eventually, he's finished his stats and accounting homework and returns briefly to his dorm to snag the math stuff before venturing to the cafeteria to eat. You'll find him sitting at a table a little away from everybody else, one that lets him keep his back to the wall and his eyes easily on anybody who might approach, occasionally lifting his eyes from the easy math problems to watch the people coming and going around him. He hasn't made any friends yet (or managed to find anybody he knows, somehow), which to him is even more cause to keep his eyes on the crowd around him.

[If you've seen him in any of his classes Rufus is the quiet sort of student that smugly looks like he knows what he's doing - because he does. ]
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[oh, how cute, there's a graduation ball going on right now. see, there would be a lot of people excited to attend. of course there would be. but, you see, Asch isn't like them. no. social situations? no go. so. where is he? he's just. kinda hanging out around the Quad, minding his own business. he has Things to think about.

which, clearly, if you're not at the dance (or taking a break from it), you should go bug him. yep.]


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