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[A box of chocolates is held up in front of the camera, with Reno peeking around from behind it.]

Hey, Garden. I don't get what this whole Valentine's thing is about, but I got this box of chocolates. Can't tell who it's from. Anyone wanna claim the honor? C'mon, I'll take ya out to dinner. [He was trying hard to be coaxing, an easy grin on his face.]
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With the upcoming trip to the Island Closest to Heaven I will be available for assistance and/or last minute training in the firing range.

Do not expect me to hold your hand if you come, but you will learn some skills that will likely be useful.

I will also be available to assist teams on excursions during the three weeks.

-Instructor Tseng

SeeD ID#13652
Firearms and Covert Operations Specialist
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I'm hearing words like 'suicide mission' and 'torture' getting thrown around and I have to wonder... what exactly is such a big deal? You go out. You fight some monsters. You make sure they don't string you up around a tree by your own entrails, because that's how you, you know. Don't die.

I for one am looking forward to seeing what this world has to offer.

...now could somebody please explain what "junctioning a GF" is and how I go about doing it?

[...I'd hate to be the one who explains to Emias that he doesn't qualify for this mission.]
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I'll keep this short and sweet.

Today I wrote up a notice of resignation. I've yet to submit it - I will stay through the break to support our cadets, but when we return, I will no longer be part of SeeD, and will be leaving Balamb Garden.

It's been a good couple of years, but I'm officially done.


[ooc: NO this is not a drop notice, or an impending drop notice! This is an "Espio is pissed off" notice. And no. I have no idea how this is going to work out =| ]
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[Pinkie is standing next to some new fandangled contraption while preparing for what looks like a flight. She has goggles, a helmet, a backpack (which is really her parachute), knee and elbow pads, and her game face! Nothing can stop her now!

Except someone who may stroll by and distract her with questions.]
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Greetings Balamb Garden!

We have missed you as much as you've missed us! Today we bring you all you'll ever need to know in this edition of your favorite gossip column!

Such beautiful entertainment! )

And here we conclude with a special gift to everyone! A poll! Let's predict the year and perhaps help keep an eye out for the special individuals!! We'll give the results in a week, so hurry and vote!

Until next time, Garden!
Miss Tattler

(ooc: the poll will be on Grell's account, as only paid accounts can make polls. :| or maintainers of a community. Unfortunately, Miss Tattler doesn't run things like that yet lol )

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[Selphie may have been particularly and unusually quiet since she came back to Garden but hey, 22 years of catching up can take quite some time. On top of that, she had to learn how to use the laptop before she cast Firaga on it like she'd threatened when it started crashing on her. Thankfully for the Garden Tech Support staff, they gave her another laptop and instructions on how to operate it. Quiet all you tech saavy types, they didn't have laptops at Garden during the war, okay?

However, the perky brunette wasn't expecting to open the curtains in her room on this very special morning to snow. It wasn't just any snow, either. It was the snow with the big fluffy flakes that glittered in the sunlight and everyone on the second floor of the dorms is going to hear the girl squealing with delight for all it's worth. Feel free to come and find out what all the commotion is as she's scrambling to set up her webcam to start recording the gently falling flakes.]

Garden! Everybody, make a wish! If you don't know about the Snow Fairies, then you clearly haven't spent enough time at the awesomeness that is Trabia Garden!

Otherwise, snowball fight in the courtyard in half an hour. Be there or be square!

[Then she's leaning in with an excited look on her face. Really, she looks like a kid who's walked into a candy store for the first before grinning at everybody with a mischievous glint in her eyes.]

Or if you want your sheets frozen then by all means, skip out.

Selphie, out!

[And with a peace sign to the camera, the feed cuts out.]
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[Tseng seems to have gotten himself a somewhat strange looking hound for christmas, it's a handsome black creature somewhat akin to a cross between a greyhound and a doberman with what looks like a second tail that reaches from between it's shoulder blades to well past the end of it's body.

The hound follows along beside him silently as he stalks through the halls of Garden, back in his suit with an icy sort of veiled anger rolls off of him despite the festive cheer filling the building. It's a mood far better suited to an assassin or boogyman than the teacher or simple mercenary he's supposed to be here. It's the barely leashed raw intimidation a Turk is taught to wield in a room from the day they're fitted for the suit they're to be buried in.

The hound isn't afraid of him or bothered at all by his foreboding demeanor, something which may seem a bit off for a dog around someone with that much anger in them. In fact it's behaving remarkably more like a bodyguard than a pet.

Tseng doesn't stop his stalking until he reaches the snowy quad, and it's here that with a quiet motion of his hand the hound runs off to do whatever it is hounds do in snow and he moves to a mostly cleared bench to sit still for a moment.

The problem with not being moving anymore though is that his mind begins to whirl faster.]
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[PM to everyone who so much as spoke to his AU, if he knows their name] [ooc: this can be handwaved or backtagged!]

If you remember the guy asking after me a couple of weeks back: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

- Edward Elric


[After those slightly cryptic PMs go out, Ed is absent from his usual hangouts for the rest of the morning. It's pretty difficult to miss him if you venture into the training centre, though - he's standing around a small clearing fairly close to the entrance, although after a little while a more accurate description would be miniature wasteland. Fallen grats lie here and there in the torn-up earth surrounding him; a couple are wounded in a way that suggests he impaled them somehow, but most just look like they've been rather viscerally beaten.

Presently, he settles down at the base of a nearby tree, on top of his untidily folded coat. He pulls at the hem so he can start polishing his right arm, but then stops and hangs his head. There's clearly something on his mind.

Not too far in the distance, a large animal roars.]
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[For some people around Balamb Garden, it's an ordinary day. Others may notice a difference in those people, be it in personality or appearance or the memories they claim have happened, but there are still classes and clubs and missions to get on with despite these odd changes in people.

[One of these things is not like the others...]

Mod note, to reiterate:
  • From December 10th through December 24th, characters may be replaced with AU versions of themselves. This can be any level of AU -- a small change to a world-shattering one.
  • AU characters retain their game memories and CR to the best of the ability of their AU to accommodate it. If you want to sit down with your fellow players and dissect just how your CR would have changed, that's fine! (Here is a place to do so.) But applying the MST3K Mantra is also perfectly acceptable too.
  • Your characters do not have to be affected at the event start, nor do they need to be affected for the entire duration of the event. This way, your regular characters can interact with AUs, your AU can interact with regular characters, and your AUs can interact with AUs.
  • You may use more than one AU per character if you wish.
  • Characters will have their full memory from the AU experience at the end of the event. If their AU ends before the event ends, they can remember it or not as you choose up until the event ends.
  • The event is not mandatory. You don't have to AU your character if you don't wish to.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on the OOC post or through the mod channels ([personal profile] wrmods or [plurk.com profile] witchesreign).
  • [BBS]

    Nov. 12th, 2012 06:48 pm
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    [Some people might have noticed the lack of a certain redhead in the fight and reconstruction as well as in general. The usual loud-mouthed antics and explosive tendencies having tapered off since they'd been at the lake.

    There was good reason for it, tucking his tail between his legs from the embarrassment of getting the snot beaten out of him by a girl with a chainsaw and then getting his butt saved by another girl really did a number on him. Though the majority of it had been healing, even if he still believes it's forever shirtless o'clock when it comes to the bandages.]

    Listen up, kiddies, I know I've been away for a while due to some physical things that kinda kept be confined to a bed. I know that there was that fighting shit going on and fixing all the damage, sure, whatever. But I'm coming back to teach my classes again, meaning you little snots better be up to par with my standards.

    Covert Ops classes you better be able to sneak around some security I'm setting up and better be able to tell me what the most common mistakes are.

    Explosives classes... We're gonna have a nice long discussion and quiz on how to handle dangerous components. Bring gloves, a helmet, and safety goggles, you're gonna need them if you screw it up.

    - Instructor Reno
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    [As if no one knows who 'me' is.]

    Got any ideas for...whatever you guys call Nightmare Night! You know, where we dress up in costumes and get ALL THE CANDY!

    Here's an idea: lets dress as the things we think we taste like! I think I'll be a banana this year!

    Anyone else?!

    [Bananas are ruined forever?]
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    Has this poly-whatever-it's-called potion been tested on humans (or beings biologically close to human)? Has anyone of this category tried it?

    I do wonder what would happen if one were to swallow some of that concoction for the sake of curiosity.



    Sep. 23rd, 2012 09:49 am
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    "Yes, miss."

    Riza stood there for a few seconds, processing the situation: Instructor Mustang was gone.

    "Thank you." She said softly. Riza picked up her laptop, the few books she's borrowed and left the library.

    She had just seen him right before the Homecoming Dance. How could he be gone already? Doesn't Mustang know that he's not suppose to go anywhere without her? They had made an agreement. How was she supposed to keep an eye on him if he was just going to take off? Was their agreement still valid in the first place?

    As these thoughts occured to her, she dropped unceremoniously onto a couch in the Lobby area. Riza suddenly felt what it was like to be in the Elric Brother's friend, Winry's, shoes for once. But then again she's been there before. Cradling her head in her hands, Riza wonders what she should do next?


    Sep. 23rd, 2012 04:40 am
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    Sometimes saving face around this place isn't even worth it, kiddies. Ladies and gents, let me let you into the mind of your darlin' covert ops and explosives instructor. You might learn something, so listen up. Or keep reading. Whatever, you know what I mean. Jesus, I don't even know what I'm typing anymore.

    [OOC cut for length] )
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    Need a good mechanic. Probably a quick job, but don't quote me on that. Knowing something about anatomy might help.

    I can pay a little, or we can negotiate. Let me know.

    - Edward E.

    [Unusually, this post is signed; it's that or risk attracting someone he's antagonised in the past. Okay, there are other kinds of awkwardness it might not ward off - questions like "what would you need a mechanic for?" or "hey, did you ever find that crown a brave GFC member left in your dorm while you weren't looking?", just for example - but he can live with those.

    On the other hand, anyone expressing scepticism that he has grown at all since arriving at Garden is going to get punched through a computer screen. He'll figure out a way.]
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    Hello again! It's been an awfully long while, hasn't it? Or maybe it only feels that way when you've been on an extended mission.

    I wanted to let you know that I've brought some ribbons and balloons back with me! They were meant for Homecoming, but it took so long to treat all my patients after the last attack that I missed it. I'm sure it was a wonderful day. But now I have the decorations taking up all this space in my room. If you need them for a birthday party, or if there's something else coming up, please stop by!

    (But you'll have to start calling me Instructor Gainsborough if you're in my Advanced Recovery Magic class next semester. Those are the rules!)

    Wandering and wondering )
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    [The quad's all set up for the date auction! A handsome-looking blonde guy - one of the native cadets on the GFC - is center stage with the list and a mic, auctionees (and Headmaster Cid, sipping on a drink supervising) ready behind him. (Alas, Pinkie is out campaigning or something, and Mikuru is doing some last minute work elsewhere and doesn't like the stage anyway.)

    [He flashes a smile.]
    Gooooood afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else! I'm Russell Drake from the Garden Festival Committee, and I'd like to welcome you all to the GFC's second charity date auction! Once again all proceeds will be going towards the Centra orphanage, so please be generous with your bids! Bids start at 1 gil and we do not take rain checks or IOUs!

    We have a fantastic bunch of volunteers for your dating pleasure today, so without further ado, let's get started!

  • Each person has their own thread. Please put your bids in the subject lines so people can see them! Threads collapse after fifty comments, so using the subject lines will make the bids easier to see.
  • Bids close and winners will be posted on Friday before the carnival post goes up. IC-ly, the winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon.
  • If you missed signups, PM [personal profile] wrmods and we'll squeeze them in as an IC "saw the auction on the day, hopped onstage and harassed the GFC to auction them off" auction. Just characters who would willingly sign up at this point, please!
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