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Jun. 22nd, 2010 03:50 pm
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[ if anyone's passing by the Garden's library, they might catch Riku coming out with a few--uh, well, few is an understatement--books underneath his right arm, and a few in a canvas bag. he's a hard studier, especially during the first few weeks. he's starting to walk back to his dorm, before--


his tote rips open. ... aww shoot. he sets his other books on a nearby bench and goes about picking the ones that fell up, readjusting his black scarf around his neck so no one steps on it as they pass by. ]
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[And on the stairs leading to the quad sits one (1) boy with really messy hair,hunched over and reading a book. He seems pretty oblivious to the world in general, but occasionally shows some signs of...consciousness by shifting to the side when he hears footsteps.

...try not to trip over him. ♥]

Ah, so they call those "com-pew-ters"...
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[ Do you hear that? What, you ask?


The unmistakable combination of girls giggling and gushing as they gossip to one another. The dreaded triple Gs.

Well, that'd all be coming from that group of teenage girls over there who have crowded around Kasuka while he was minding his own business, just sitting quietly in the quad. Really, all he was trying to do was memorize his schedule.

But now they've surrounded him and a couple of the more outgoing ones are asking him when his birthday is, his horoscope, if he has a girlfriend, what kind of girls he likes, what his favorite food is, etc. He's staring back blankly, uncertain of how to dispel the crowd.

At first it was just a group of three friends, who were then joined by a few more friends, who then attracted some other girls, and things just snowballed from there. He really wasn't... expecting this to happen here too, but. Maybe he's forgotten how to turn off the whole 'appeal to teenage girls' vibe. ]

[ ooc: So. Yes. This is Kasuka. Feel free to join the mob/troll him/admire him/try to stick your hand down his pants/rescue him/w/e. He's my new favorite whipping boy, so GO WILD. &hearts ]
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[ It's not too long after this; Tifa is still in the Quad, sitting down on a nearby bench, hugging herself. She's shaking, just a little. Maybe.. maybe she really IS the one that's going crazy. Or maybe Cloud's just back to how he was before.

Either way, it was really starting to get to her, and she was in no mood to return to her room just yet. ]
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[ Miku's had no problem integrating with the BBS system. It's so fortunate that there's a port in these computers that's just her size!

Anyone around in the library may or may not be weirded out by the cable protruding from her ear. ]

Balamb Garden is the best school I've ever been to!

Even if I'd gone to other schools, this one would still be the best.

Do you like it here too?
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[ If there is one thing Vincent does well, it's stay hidden.
(His record is over a decade, though bragging about it might put him in a tough spot with Garden.
His student ID card does list his age as twenty-four, after all.)

Still, as comfortable as he finds the anonymity of night, that wake-up call has insisted on rousing him to greet the dawn each day. In the harsh electric lights of his classrooms, his pallor and his attire fairly radiate, highlighting his otherness.

And the living joke that fluorescent lights make them look dead.

It's all he can do to keep his cloak high and tight around him, expose as little of what lay beneath as he can manage while huddled in the back row, nearest the door. The moment the 1530 chime rings out Friday afternoon, he's the first to escape, moving into the halls with speed only granted to the desperate.
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Soooo what kind of idiot teaches Aerobic Fitness if he's got the agility of a drunken cat?

[ Yuffie's standing awkwardly with a pile of metal and bolts in her hands, flipping them over and over in her hands as if by doing so, she could magically paste them back in place. ]

And really, it wasn't my fault if the balance beams aren't strong enough to carry anything heavier than a toothpick--I mean, for such a snazzy place you think they'd have some equipment worth roughing around. Where's all the moolah going to? And I'm definitely not fat so that's not even part of the equation, in fact, I'm lean! A lean, mean, fighting machine.

[ she sighs irritably, tempted to throw the broken bits of equipment to the ground. ]

Urgh... anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this thing before I get in trouble? Cos, you know, like I said. It wasn't even my fault. Ehheh.
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[It's really late at night, and Colette's in the training centre. She's not really there to train, so it's breaking the rules a little bit, buuut... what is an insomniac to do with her nights?

Well, aside from avoiding becoming a T-Rexaur's midnight snack. Colette stares up at the dinosaur hanging over her, blue eyes wide. Wow.
So big! And now it's going to try to eat her! Colette breaks out the pink shiny wings, and floats out of the gigantic dinosaur's reach.

Angel Feathers!

Glowing pink feathers assault the T-Rexaur, but... well, that doesn't seem to do much good. Oh dear. She would probably need to get closer.
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[ ...okay it was entirely my idea. BUT IT IS NOT MY FAULT. ;; V enabled meeeee. /sob

Anywhere, here's Reno. Sitting next to him is Yuri. They're on a computer, turning the BBS into craigslist. ]

Hello, ladies of the Garden. And, hey, gents too. We're equal opportunists here. Mostly me. I think I just gave my friend Yuri here hives.

Now the quarter's rolling. We get it. You got classes, you got clubs, you got goals and shit. But, really, there's more to life than just homework and card games, ain't there?

There's gotta be. And that's where me and the boy come in.

We're young, we're lookers, and we're looking. You heard right. Need somebody (or, hell, a couple somebodies) to keep the nights warm and the weekends busy.

So how about it? Let's start Yuri over here.

Yuri's a good looking guy. He's got the whole mysterious bad boy thing going on, listens good, and probably makes a great dinner date. Cleans up nice too. Could be a real keeper if you know how to handle him. He's ideal for girls who like animals, 'cause he's got this lost puppy look to him. Take one look at him sitting in front of the computer and I promise you animal loving gals will wanna take him home.

Me, I'm Reno. I'm a gorgeous redhead, outgoing, charming, and I know my way around a dance floor. I'm your hard working type, and I'm good with my hands. (If you know what I mean. Yeah, I went there.) I know how to treat a lady right, and I'm always up for an adventure. Best of all, I come with strings and no strings attached versions. What can I say? I'm a flexible guy.

That's about it, so hey. If you're interested, drop us a line.

Edit! We're now adding the lovely Bulla to the mix, and she's a good girl so you treat her right.

Or else.

Let's see.

She's a cute, sociable girl who loves to dance, party, spend time with people, and shop. She's looking for dates, friends, shopping buddies, and makeover projects. People too far into their twenties need not apply, and all applicants go through me.

[ Aaaand this entry has been deleted to protect the guilty. xD; HOWEVER WE WOULD STILL BE GLAD TO BACKLOG THINGS WITH YOU, so keep right on tagging if you so wish. ]
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[It's quiet as night falls on Balamb Garden, quiet enough to hear the crickets chirping on the ground below and the sea waves lapping the shore in the distance. The sky is clear and full of stars. The halls of Garden are empty except for a couple cadets here and there -- indeed, even the faculty seems to be missing from their usual posts.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. Once again, the Headmaster speaks to the Garden.

The Welcoming Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Welcoming Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Ruby group.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.]

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May. 6th, 2010 11:27 am
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[ Cloud's found himself at the Quad, for no real reason. The cafeteria's far too crowded, and he hasn't had much of an appetite, since arriving; it's quieter here, and far more open than the privacy of his dorm room. There's space to think, to try and make sense of all that he's seen and heard, these past few days. The people he knows, they're saying things that don't add up, because whatever they seem to remember, he knows didn't happen. It must be the time compression. They just need a few days, weeks, months, to get a proper grasp of their memories ]

[ sat on the stage, he idly plays with a few loose pieces of materia as he loses himself in thought. He recognises them all by feel, nowadays; his fire materia is old and cracked, and when he presses the pad of his thumb against the surface, it feels like a hollowed out cross. Holding it tight, Cloud casts the spell in his empty hand, causing a small flame to suddenly flicker into life in his palm. Ever since all the mako injections, he's had so much more control over his magic. He lets the flames burn in and out on the tips of his fingers, confident, until the magic spreads, landing on the stage floor in front of him ]

Shit—[ he quickly stamps out the flame with his boot, before using his thumb to rub against the wood. It hasn't left a mark ] … gotta be more careful.


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