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Oct. 16th, 2011 06:32 pm
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How many people have come from worlds where chocobos and magic similar to the GF system exist? Do you find the system odd or is there enough similarities that you can pick it up easier? Are there animals or monsters that you expect to see in this world that you haven't? Are there monsters or animals that you were surprised to see here?

The Library is okay for general information, but I was just wondering if there were other people that come from a planet almost like this one.

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Option 1: Quad
[It's been awhile since he's been able to freely walk outside, and so that's what Rufus is doing. He's in the quad with his homework, breezing through it as quickly as he can. The sunshine feels good on his face, and the breeze even better (he doesn't even mind it messing up his hair). It sure beats being locked up in somebody's basement and beaten every day. He looks like he's pretty focused on what he's doing at the moment- statistics and then accounting - but that should just make him more fun to pester, right?]

Option 2: Cafeteria
[Eventually, he's finished his stats and accounting homework and returns briefly to his dorm to snag the math stuff before venturing to the cafeteria to eat. You'll find him sitting at a table a little away from everybody else, one that lets him keep his back to the wall and his eyes easily on anybody who might approach, occasionally lifting his eyes from the easy math problems to watch the people coming and going around him. He hasn't made any friends yet (or managed to find anybody he knows, somehow), which to him is even more cause to keep his eyes on the crowd around him.

[If you've seen him in any of his classes Rufus is the quiet sort of student that smugly looks like he knows what he's doing - because he does. ]
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[ While SeeD exams are very interesting and all, truthfully, it's hard to say that Claire really cares that much about them when in they're in the process of taking place. For her, today isn't that much different than any other day. Just more time to try and find something to do while school isn't currently in session, right?

To those who saw the instructor during the duration of the... phenomenon recently, she certainly looks different now- her hooded cape is gone, and even though it might be slowly growing cooler outside, after so long wearing the amount of clothing that had been required to protect her during the day, she's very glad things are back to normal.

For more reasons than one, of course... but for now and most obviously to an outsider's eye, she definitely seems determined to soak up all of the sunlight now that she can again, given her practically trademarked short skirt and a high-collared - but sleeveless - top in neutral colors. Most of the morning, she can be found at the quad, flipping through a number of books as if she's looking for something...

Eventually, though, she leaves the school entirely. Considering she's bringing along the bronze-colored gunblade she bought in this world, it looks like she's probably off to fight monsters outside of those found in the training center. And yet she doesn't go far, and now there's a pink-haired fighter sitting on top of an old fence left behind years before, half lost in thought and cutting up what looks a lot like a large taproot of some kind with a long knife.

Why? Take a guess.

Apparently, Claire has managed to find a sight even natives of this world might be surprised to witness- at least here in Balamb. Before long, a large and very yellow something steps tentatively out of the nearby trees, and after a few seconds of consideration, comes just close enough to take a bit of vegetable out of the attentive woman's outstretched hand.

Random wild chocobo, anyone? Just don't make any sudden moves... ]


Sep. 22nd, 2011 11:19 pm
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[ Cloud had decided to get up early and spend a few hours with his blades, making sure that they were in shape after the whole 'sucked into another world' thing. Once cleaned, sharpened, and polished he took the Fusion Swords outside of the Garden for practice. Sure he could have gone to the Training Center, but he had found the ceiling was just a little too close for comfort, especially when he jumped. He needed space and he needed to work off all the tension of ended up in this strange place, where even the air tasted different than what he knew.

So there he was in the field, the First Ken in hand while the five other swords formed a circle around him, going through the very simple step-slash-block-return moves of a basic kata. The air was fresh and cool, feeling good against his bare arms, and he could taste the nearby sea when the wind blew off of it. He closed his eyes, letting his feet and arms carry him around the circle.

So absorbed in his practice, he really wouldn't notice anything around him, even if it was a Sephiroth appearing in a pink apron talking about peace and harmony. ]
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[So in true Turk fashion, Cissnei is exploring the place. Having the map with you and following it isn't quite the same as actually knowing the layout, now is it? She's very impressed with Balamb Garden so far. Not that it doesn't quite get rid of all of her suspicions of this place, not just yet.

You might spy the small redhead Turk passing through the Quad at a more leisurely pace.]


Sep. 13th, 2011 06:03 pm
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This system is a little old. Guess it's all you got without towers for a PHS system.

Name's Strife. Is there anyone else from Gaia here? I was told that it might be possible... but I am not holding my breath. They also explained this SeeD place as being a kind of school for fighters. Is it true they are not associated with any country or political power? Sounds too good to be true...

As for this... Whatever this is. What exactly are they expecting in return? Information?


[ooc; Strike outs are personal thoughts. Cloud is just a tiny suspicious of the good people of the Garden. And you want to switch to action, Cloud is currently holed up with Fenrir in the garage. ]
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Seriously?! I thought we were done with this Time Compression stuff! Well, the letter said the scientists are tryin' to find a way to send us all back, so I guess I'm not gonna be stuck here forever. I can go right back to where I left off, right?

So, what's different in the future? Do we have any cool new technology, like those tunnels and hovering platforms in Esthar? Or maybe TELEPORTERS?! Is Squall still the commander? Oh man, all my friends are gonna be so OLD, and I'm still just 17! That's gonna be so weird. Hey! Is there some kind of future-me runnin' around here?! After 20 years of missions and training, I bet I'm AWESOME!!

And oh! That letter said something about, uh... off-worlders? Like ALIENS?!! That's so cool! What kind of powers do they have? I wanna meet one!!!

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Okay, so, we're all from different places! Which is pretty cool and all if you think about it objectively and ignore the fact we're horribly stuck on a floating island with a tendency to plummet into the ungodly seas and leave us potentially scrabbling at the shore while the icy depths pull us down aaaaaaaaaaa

where was I er

What this means is that everyone's seen and experienced different stuff! For all I know, your home world might be a technological marvel that puts even me to shame! For all you know, my home world might be covered in bees. But we don't know because we all just potter through classes. Show off a little! What's the coolest, neatest story you've got? There's bragging rights in it and a little reminder of home never hurt anyone.
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[After spending about a few minutes or so gazing at the sea, Aerith decides to check up on a few friends. Those friends namely being Tifa and Cloud since she barely sees them around these days. However, instead of making a filtered post, she accidentally makes her message public.]

Cloud, are you doing okay? You've gotten all silent since joining the Cooking Club! Are you mad at me? You can tell me you know.

Cloud? I know you're there, so answer me!


I guess you're not there. I hope you're studying hard! The classes are a little tougher than I expected. Write to me back soon!

[Now for her message to Tifa.]

Hey, how are you? Tifa, I have a really good idea I need to run by you. You like cooking right? I mean, you did own a bar before...so, maybe you'll make a good chef! I can't have you serving alcohol, though. I don't think the Headmaster would like that.

The Cooking Club is exactly what it sounds like, a club for cooking! You don't need any experience to do so since I will be teaching it!

So, if you're interested...come tell me!

[Finishing her message to both her friends, Aerith takes moment to comment on their latest predicament.]

We're floating! I didn't think the Garden was an airship! This is pretty cool, I bet if Cid was here he would be so impressed with it.


May. 29th, 2010 02:43 pm
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[anyone who's stopped by at the library right now will be greeted with the sight of a small-statured teenage boy sitting in front of the computer, with his arms folded over his chest, a grouchy expression on his face, and several cables extending from the back of his neck and reaching into the computer's USB ports. he speaks aloud, voice monotone with an underlying sense of irritation, and the computer records his words while transcribing them onto the screen.

anyone checking the BBS will see the following post:]

Okay, so let me make sure I've got this straight. Because this world is glitching up or something, we're stuck here, and instead of making it up to us, those guys are forcing us to go to school? Seriously? That's so stupid. School is for kids who don't already have a future of fame and richness ahead of them. I'm not even a kid.

Rin, Luka, Bakaito, Meiko, Miku -- come on, I know you guys are here. Don't be lazy, I could really use a better welcoming committee than that Cid guy. It took me like an hour just to find this library, I'm not even going to bother with my dorm room -- doesn't this place have a map? Just hurry up.

o2. bbs.

May. 27th, 2010 12:06 pm
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I know everyone's busy being huffy about the newsletter, but it's not all bad...

Chocobo races, down in Balamb Town. I dunno about everyone else, but I'm starting to feel cramped in here. It's a good excuse to get outta the Garden, and a bunch of you still need to learn what chocobos are, right?

... and about that job at the stables. It should be possible to work and study, shouldn't it?

— Cloud.
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[Crona's done really well so far! She's attended classes and everything, even wearing the uniform and trying to look like part of the crowd. This is pretty good by Crona's standards - there was a point where she needed the company of Maka just to leave her dormitory back at DWMA. She's grown a lot since she first entered DWMA, and has made an effort just so she can prove it.

Couldn't last though. Right now? On her way to Basic Training? Something went ping and now she's impersonating a shadow to the side of the 2F hallway. Crouched down to the ground and hugging herself, face hidden in her arms.

She can't do this!
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[After taking Luka's advice, Rin has written a short essay and then... posted it. With the translators help, of course. Forgive how it's badly written, for the English class is clearly not finished and she doesn't understand run on sentences and the like. At 16:30 anyone is free to see Rin hovering over her translator's shoulder in the Library, half-whispering the words so that it'll be written just right.]

TITLE: Discrimination of the Junior Cadets in this Garden.

I do believe, fellow Cadets, that there is a serious problem at hand! Those of us considered under age are also seen as unable to complete duties that the older Cadets are handed so easily. This, I believe, is unfair! So I have written an essay. An essay about equality between all students, young or old! About giving us the chances that the others are given and we are not. Like flying the Garden! And other things. Don't let us forget the Disciplinary Committee and its leader. That guy. You know the one I'm talking about. Tall, blond, rude, smells bad.

So we'll start easy. Clubs and Committees. Older students have not been given a second look when joining any of these, and are handed the responsibilities without question. If a younger student were to ask for the same privileges, would they be given the chance? I think not! They would be judged, and all immediately assume that because we're young and/or small, we can't do the job! But this is absolutely incorrect! I know I could do just what the older students do, and I bet twice as better because I'm smaller and lighter. The more difficult things like going in high places or small spaces, could the older students do this? No, but I could! Ask the younger students to help! You don't know what we're capable of without letting us try!

Imagine trying to hang up special lights for the Garden Festival, but you choose an older student to climb up the ladder. Then they fall! They fall, they break a leg, and they blame you. This would be terrible. But what if you chose me, or another young student? Why, we would have it done as quick as butter, and if we got hurt we would heal quickly because we're kids, and that's just what we do. That Disciplinary Committee can't be taken seriously with all sour faced adults! Nobody will trust them without a cute face around to look at. Take this into consideration!

So rethink your choice when choosing one of the other simply because of age.

However, when it comes to piloting the Garden, I understand that you need someone with experience. What if I told you I have spent a lot of time playing video games in which I pilot a plane? That's experience! And who ever learns it right off the bat? I think, if you start a piloting class, you could have plenty of pilots available in order to give the others rest. One person doing the flying all the time has to be tiring, and without anybody to take up the slack it's just troublesome and it'll definitely get old. Not to mention, I personally would love to be given at least one day to fly the Garden. And it's for a good cause, I promise! It may fly, but I've driven the Road Roller for years and years, and I know how to flatten people just right! I could do it with this Garden, and it would be twice as effective.

Haven't you ever thought, "gosh, that person is so annoying, I wish I could just flatten them without getting in trouble"? Well you can! I'll do the damage, and you won't get your hands dirty. The other Gardens will be jealous that you have the gusto to use this Garden in such a way. If this idea is not approved of, than I only ask that I get one day to command the controls. You see, when the day comes, there is one particular person that must be punished. Punished because I know, we all know, that he will arrive in greed, alone and without the rest of our family! So, this must be done.

Don't you see? The young have amazing ideas! Don't just leave us on the side until we get old and boring like everybody else! Let us do our best!


[And she's fairly proud of herself, even though she probably should have just written it down and sent it to the Headmaster rather than publicly posting it. Really, she doesn't mean any harm.]

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[ ...okay it was entirely my idea. BUT IT IS NOT MY FAULT. ;; V enabled meeeee. /sob

Anywhere, here's Reno. Sitting next to him is Yuri. They're on a computer, turning the BBS into craigslist. ]

Hello, ladies of the Garden. And, hey, gents too. We're equal opportunists here. Mostly me. I think I just gave my friend Yuri here hives.

Now the quarter's rolling. We get it. You got classes, you got clubs, you got goals and shit. But, really, there's more to life than just homework and card games, ain't there?

There's gotta be. And that's where me and the boy come in.

We're young, we're lookers, and we're looking. You heard right. Need somebody (or, hell, a couple somebodies) to keep the nights warm and the weekends busy.

So how about it? Let's start Yuri over here.

Yuri's a good looking guy. He's got the whole mysterious bad boy thing going on, listens good, and probably makes a great dinner date. Cleans up nice too. Could be a real keeper if you know how to handle him. He's ideal for girls who like animals, 'cause he's got this lost puppy look to him. Take one look at him sitting in front of the computer and I promise you animal loving gals will wanna take him home.

Me, I'm Reno. I'm a gorgeous redhead, outgoing, charming, and I know my way around a dance floor. I'm your hard working type, and I'm good with my hands. (If you know what I mean. Yeah, I went there.) I know how to treat a lady right, and I'm always up for an adventure. Best of all, I come with strings and no strings attached versions. What can I say? I'm a flexible guy.

That's about it, so hey. If you're interested, drop us a line.

Edit! We're now adding the lovely Bulla to the mix, and she's a good girl so you treat her right.

Or else.

Let's see.

She's a cute, sociable girl who loves to dance, party, spend time with people, and shop. She's looking for dates, friends, shopping buddies, and makeover projects. People too far into their twenties need not apply, and all applicants go through me.

[ Aaaand this entry has been deleted to protect the guilty. xD; HOWEVER WE WOULD STILL BE GLAD TO BACKLOG THINGS WITH YOU, so keep right on tagging if you so wish. ]
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[It's quiet as night falls on Balamb Garden, quiet enough to hear the crickets chirping on the ground below and the sea waves lapping the shore in the distance. The sky is clear and full of stars. The halls of Garden are empty except for a couple cadets here and there -- indeed, even the faculty seems to be missing from their usual posts.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. Once again, the Headmaster speaks to the Garden.

The Welcoming Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Welcoming Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Ruby group.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.]

A mod note )

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May. 9th, 2010 03:24 am
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Excuse me, 'Welcome Ball' what is that? Everyone 'Welcome Ball' is saying. What should I wear? Now I just have this yukata. Should I wear yukata?

...And do I need a date?

Really sorry. I do not know nothing. I've been reading everyone's message, but I do not know at all.

[ This message is brought to you by Google Translate, which is my best approximation of what someone who happens to be a genius might sound like after a week of learning English. Below it is more or less the same message in Japanese, only far less broken. ]

Excuse me, but what is this 'Welcome Ball' everyone is talking about? I have some understanding that it is a kind of formal event, but I'm afraid I've only limited exposure to social gatherings. As far as formal wear goes, I only have the yukata I arrived in as well as my school uniform. I am curious to know what everyone else is doing.

I also believe I saw someone mention a date. In English, a 'date' in the possessive is the kind that implies romantic involvement or interest, if I'm not mistaken. Are dates the status quo for a 'Welcome Ball'?

My deepest apologies if this message is redundant or if this information is readily available and I have simply missed it. This first week has been a little overwhelming, to say the least.


May. 6th, 2010 08:09 pm
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This might be a strange question to ask, but is anyone else out there Sponsored by Carbuncle? I don't think there are a lot of us, and if we're in the same sponsor group we will probably have to work together at some point. I think.

Also ...about that announcement this morning...

What's a "Welcome Ball"?


May. 6th, 2010 11:27 am
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[ Cloud's found himself at the Quad, for no real reason. The cafeteria's far too crowded, and he hasn't had much of an appetite, since arriving; it's quieter here, and far more open than the privacy of his dorm room. There's space to think, to try and make sense of all that he's seen and heard, these past few days. The people he knows, they're saying things that don't add up, because whatever they seem to remember, he knows didn't happen. It must be the time compression. They just need a few days, weeks, months, to get a proper grasp of their memories ]

[ sat on the stage, he idly plays with a few loose pieces of materia as he loses himself in thought. He recognises them all by feel, nowadays; his fire materia is old and cracked, and when he presses the pad of his thumb against the surface, it feels like a hollowed out cross. Holding it tight, Cloud casts the spell in his empty hand, causing a small flame to suddenly flicker into life in his palm. Ever since all the mako injections, he's had so much more control over his magic. He lets the flames burn in and out on the tips of his fingers, confident, until the magic spreads, landing on the stage floor in front of him ]

Shit—[ he quickly stamps out the flame with his boot, before using his thumb to rub against the wood. It hasn't left a mark ] … gotta be more careful.

1 ✿ text

May. 5th, 2010 02:54 am
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Good day, everyone!

I have learned very much since arriving in this world. I now know what things such as Time Compression, Sorceresses, The Great Hyne, and hot dogs are! I am sure everyone else is finding the people and classes here informative.

I would like to get to know my fellow classmates in Garden. Please, tell me your names. I will go first!

My name is Nia. It is very nice to meet all of you.
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[ Tifa's first class? Intro to Weapon's Training! She's currently standing just inside the main entrance to Garden in the Lobby, frowning at the directory. Every once in a while, she glances from the sheet of paper in her hand back to the directory.

She's totally lost. Help? ]


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