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[Today Cissnei has taken it upon herself to make notes of the little things of Garden. She looks like she's just idly jotting down things, but really, she's making close observations out in the Quad.

She has her things set neatly aside next to her, Rekka always close.

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A: Video

[The feed statics for a few seconds. Vaguely a string of Italian is heard.]

Cazzo!  Stupidaggine....dannazione!

[Finally, the feed clear up. Ezio peers through the screen , grimacing. He is looking rather stiff and uncomfortable in a cotton hoodie and jeans. Oh, how he hates modern clothes. The moment only lasts for a few seconds. Noticing that the feed is working , Ezio slips into an easy smile.]

Salve, Balamb Garden. It has truly been a while. I am very glad to be back. I see you have not got rid of these sciocco things.  For those recently stranded , I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze ,SeeD #23569 Weapon Specialist Operative, Bladed Weapon Platoon, Level 3. If you need any assistance do not be afraid to contact me.

[With a lopsided smile and a wave of his hand, the feed blinks out.]

B: Balamb Town

[The town is in a sleepy have around noon. As the sun shine down lazily, a lone figure is standing perched on top of a clothes shop. Ezio is ecstatic to be back in Balamb. He always loved the little town. It was so different from the bustling city of hiss childhood. But , he couldn't help but feel great nostalgia for Balamb along with Florence. He shifts into a crouch in his assassin robes. Nostalgia calls for nostalgic clothes. If you gaze up at him he'll just grin from under his pointed hood. ]
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[So you have two options here, Garden.]

A: Library, after class
[Lately, Cissnei's been hitting the books. Not just for classwork, of course, but because she's curious about the GF and how exactly those summons work. So you might just see her at a table with several books open while writing notes.]

B: Training room, later at night
[While she has Rekka with her, today she's more concentrated on practicing her hand-to-hand combat. Sure, she's in the boxing class this semester, but she still wants to keep up with her kicks and speed. Feel free to bother her.]

[ bbs ]

Oct. 16th, 2011 06:32 pm
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How many people have come from worlds where chocobos and magic similar to the GF system exist? Do you find the system odd or is there enough similarities that you can pick it up easier? Are there animals or monsters that you expect to see in this world that you haven't? Are there monsters or animals that you were surprised to see here?

The Library is okay for general information, but I was just wondering if there were other people that come from a planet almost like this one.

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[So in true Turk fashion, Cissnei is exploring the place. Having the map with you and following it isn't quite the same as actually knowing the layout, now is it? She's very impressed with Balamb Garden so far. Not that it doesn't quite get rid of all of her suspicions of this place, not just yet.

You might spy the small redhead Turk passing through the Quad at a more leisurely pace.]


Sep. 13th, 2011 06:03 pm
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This system is a little old. Guess it's all you got without towers for a PHS system.

Name's Strife. Is there anyone else from Gaia here? I was told that it might be possible... but I am not holding my breath. They also explained this SeeD place as being a kind of school for fighters. Is it true they are not associated with any country or political power? Sounds too good to be true...

As for this... Whatever this is. What exactly are they expecting in return? Information?


[ooc; Strike outs are personal thoughts. Cloud is just a tiny suspicious of the good people of the Garden. And you want to switch to action, Cloud is currently holed up with Fenrir in the garage. ]
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Right, so I can't be the only one who's noticed that things are getting... a little out of hand, what with the scorch marks, the goo, the Quad pies, the random explosions, the monster dung, the cats --

I'm just going to pre-empt you all and ask what needs to be cleaned up.

- Garden Staff

By the way, can we stick to blowing up cakes and not the toilets? I'm serious, no one's going to be happy if I end up marking those out of bounds.

[Sounds like someone's jogging along the ceiling! Oh, but wait, that would be defying gravity -- oh, but wait, the Prince doesn't care about that.

Look up and receive a faceful of scarf:

> Yes
> No
> How about a falling Prince instead?

Careful, he's kind of heavy...]

(OOC: Thanks to the superpowers event, the Prince gets to reject gravity at will whenever he decides to go wallrunning/ceiling crawling/Spidermanning -- well, moreso than usual. Expect to see him abuse this at every given opportunity.

Please let me know if you'd rather avoid having the Prince falling on your character -- if it just makes things awkward and unfunny, then we can skip that. Also, he'll be making an extra effort not to crash down on any women. Menfolk, however, are in for it.

ALSO ALSO kids on detention, feel free to jump in and complain. He'll be calling on you for help :|b)
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[Great. Just great. Cissnei thought she was going home (not that she was entirely looking forward to it) but... she's clearly not. Unless this is another effect of time differences. Her expression shows just a hint of annoyance, but it's hard to tell.]

This isn't Gaia, is it? I don't remember a Balamb Garden around. [She sighs lightly.] In any case, my name is Cissnei. If there are any other Turks around, please call me as soon as possible. [Though the odds are not really in her favor here.]
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[ And nothing made sense.

This is Cissnei, in a lonely little corner of the Quad, poring over books and muttering to herself. Lack of sleep caught up with her sometime two days ago and, exhausted, she succumbed-- only to find out that staying awake for longer periods tended to make the nightmares... worse. For her, at any rate. So, the books. Not for studying; their titles all seem to have to do with sleep, the psychology of sleep, and one just may be about fancy swimming strokes, but that is irrelevant.

A cornered tiger roars out, an injured ewe still protects her young, and a caffeinated Turk-- or any Turk, really-- searches for clue
s. In this case, clues on how to lucid dream.

Her search isn't fruitful
, though, as anyone nearby may chance to hear. And see, because Cissnei is currently running a hand through her hair before gripping a clump in frustration. ]

I can't believe not a single one of these has anything.
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[There was an open bag of sugar, about six lemons that were squeezed and juiced, a pitcher filled with ice and lemonade on a table (who knows where he got it from), and a stunning red head humming while stirring the lemonade drink with a long spoon and reading his text book for his Information Technology class. Hurray for multitasking!

He was...actually doing well in that class! If only his other classes got the same attention.

There were some pre-filled cups on the table as well, and a sign that said 'FREE LEMONADE'. He may not be good at making tea, but he will make some excellent lemonade!]

(ooc: Grell's in the quad, giving out lemonade. Better than coffee.)


Jul. 9th, 2010 12:48 am
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[ Rude is sitting at a table in the Cafeteria, getting used to his surroundings. He choose a seat more out in the open than he would usually care for, but he was being more conspicuous than usual for a good reason. They had told him that his partner from back home had been dragged into this whole mess as well, and he felt it was much more likely to find him out and about socializing rather than in attendance to any classes.

He was also keeping a sharp eye out for Tseng. He would be the guy to speak with to gain a bit more insider information on this place, and he knew it.

He knew what he had to do. All that was left was sitting, and waiting. . . ]
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[ Tseng just really isn't comfortable with all of this. He would say that world-hopping makes him cranky, but he hasn't really done it enough to set a trend. Yet. Gaea, he hopes this won't be a recurring thing.

So he resigns himself to wiling away the hours in happy conference with the directory. Garden is a big, new place, after all, and it would help to know where he's going.

That and staring in the direction of a board looks much better than staring into space while he waits for all of this to catch up with him.
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[ Mondays.

She'd never liked them before and she sure wasn't a fan of them now. Especially now, trudging toward the Cafeteria, hair still damp and sticky from her hasty after-class shower and a small ache behind her dry, stinging eyes. Perhaps some chlorine had gotten in. There was something deadening about Mondays, stifling, and as used as Cissnei had been to stifling-- rules, clothing, lifestyle-- this was different. She'd never had a pile of homework on her mind, for one thing. It left a bitter aftertaste in her mouth, salty and irritating.

Or maybe that was the dry, unappetizing fish sandwich she was halfheartedly chewing on her way. Giving it a betrayed glance (she'd packed it with some care that morning, to avoid the very trip she was making now), Cissnei slipped it back into the plastic packet whence it had come, and shoved it back into her knapsack as she entered the Cafetaria and strolled to the buffet line, grimacing. ]

Should've put more mayo.

( ooc; late intro is late forever. /fails, etc. )


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