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[The sun is brightly shining behind Selphie as she beams at everyone and anyone who comes across this message on the BBS. There's a very particular reason that anyone can easily figure out if they heard her delighted squeals when she learned they were going to Trabia.

Selphie was finally going home to see her beloved Trabia finally rebuilt and restored to its former glory. The destruction of her first real home had impacted her deeply and now that it was rebuilt and facing further hardship, she decided that she would do everything in her power to help her alma mater.]

Good morning Balamb Garden!

First things first, if anybody gives anybody from Trabia a hard time, expect yourself in for a good loooooooooooong talkin' to!

And that goes double for you, Greed!

Although, if people are willing to build a corral, I say we go get us some Chocobo's for while we're all up here. I know a bunch of you guys are complaining about how cold it is outside so getting some Chocobo's will not only cut down on travel time and save gas but it'll keep everybody warmer as well!

So! Who's game? Come on guys, don't you wanna make your life a little bit easier so you don't totally freeze because you're a bit of a wuss when it comes to a little bit of snow?

No? Okay, then! Your loss. [Selphie just shrugs at the camera.] Anybody wants me, I'll headin' for the Chocobo Forest! Be there, or be square!

[Or be the Adult and keep the troublemaker out of trouble?]

[Private Message to Seifer Almasy/Text]


So yeah... we're all at Trabia right now and there's still a lot that I don't know but, don't get hurt, okay? I know we didn't get along when we were kids but I wanna try to get along with you now, okay?

And you better not be making any weird faces or sarcastic remarks because of this!
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Attention Advanced Recovery Magic MWF students:

Friday's class is cancelled, but that doesn't mean I don't expect you to still work! I trust you to continue practicing with your new spells. Send a message to the T/TH instructor and they can round out your stockpile if you need more, but I'm giving you an absolute limit of fifteen of each spell. We can't waste these, they're difficult to refine.

In addition, your essays on the situations that would require Full-Cure and Full-Life and your plans for junctioning around your stockpile will now be due next Monday. Use the extra weekend to present the best ideas you possibly can! We'll have a discussion on this topic on Monday as well.

-Instructor Gainsborough


[Aerith has made herself scarce recently. She's politely informed the new instructor taking over Tseng's old classes everything they need to know, and she's given what she can t around Garden, but she takes her meals in an isolated spot outside and only speaks to her students.

She wears grey these days and leaves her hair down---somehow, it feels appropriate for her mood. She can be found in her little section of the Quad garden, attaching white ribbon to ever flower that will hold one. It's her way of coping.

That, and she spends time adjusting to company of her new companion. The ever-sleek and ever-intimidating canine waits nearby, lying near where Aerith kneels. How strange that Dark Nation now stayed with her.]
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[Pinkie is done with Spring cleaning, and now has an important announcement, which she will attach as a video message on the BBS system:]


[FWOOOOOOOOT! That's the sound of her party blower. She's also wearing a party hat that's shiny and sparkly. There are various balloons and decorations all about her, and Gummy is chewing on a balloon, with little success in popping it.]

Today's my birthday, and how can I celebrate it if I'm teaching?! [She pauses, then realizes something.] Oh! Only my Home Ec classes are cancelled. Not ALL classes! Sorry, guys! But for those of you who cannot live without assignments, feel free to come down to my room and show me how many ways you can wrap a present!

But remember! All assignments will not be returned! [She giggles before she waves at the camera, reaching forward to turn it off.]

(ooc: Feel free to do action comments if coming to her room, but I may do a log later on for a party!)
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[The air is full of excitement (at least according to Pinkie) as the beloved MC for the date auction takes the stage. Dressed in a queen of hearts costume (with full red bodysuit beneath), Pinkie hops onto the stage with the brightest smile she has in her arsenal.]

WELCOME TO THE EIGHTH ANNUAL… uh… SECOND ANNUAL… No, that's not right either…

[Just how many were there?! Pinkie does some math in the air before batting away at the imaginary numbers.]


All proceeds from the auction will to towards making a fun space filled to the brim with FUN! Doesn't that sound…FUN?! [Is that silence?] Yeah, I'd rather the money go to orphans, too! But we can work on that later, right?! [She looks to the GFC. Well, it's more like a 'WE-HAD-BETTER-OR-ELSE!!' kinda stare. Pinkie looks back to the audience with her brightest smile again.]

So let's get this show on the road! [Pinkie gives a sly look to the audience.] The road to love~!

(ooc: please wait until all threads are completed before commenting! Look to this space for the signal! GO AT IT! And please remember to add your character tags to the entry!)
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I certainly hope I won't have to continue fighting after suffering a concussion. Nasty things they are. I wouldn't recommend them.

Oh, and I DO expect an answer, because I refuse to go back to battle after this. Only a few people are aware of how much it pains me to make such a statement.

-Grell [She's in no mood for her usual heart after her name]


[Grell will be sitting in the cafeteria, a bit in a daze while she tries to sip her beloved orange juice. There is a bandage on the side of her head as she leans her chin into her hand, playing with the straw to her glass. She yawns, because wow, medication is pretty strong in this one.]
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[The Itemcrafting classroom looks like something out of The Sword in the Stone today, with beakers, cauldrons, tubes, liquids, chests, and sundry supplies all floating around in midair, almost but not quite bumping into each other. On one side of the classroom, knives furiously chop away at roots, stalks, and bulbs; on another, large tongs stir boiling cauldrons. In the midst of all this, Slughorn directs traffic with his wand, hurrying here and there to check this process or temper this reaction.]

[Truth be told, Slughorn is running himself raw, between days of gathering up students on the Island and nights of making items and potions to repair the damage they've done to themselves. A very uncharacteristic scowl seems to have landed permanently on his face, and he is constantly mopping at the shine on his increasingly-mottled forehead. In fact, one might almost say he's showing his age...]

Don't even know why I came out of retirement. What am I, a Healer?

[He flicks his wand irritably, sending two completed sleeping draughts and a half-dozen Potions flying into a box.]
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To all the healers and medics among our cadets and SeeDs:

We've been set an enormous challenge. We'll have to fight the monsters too: we all know how to function in combat, of course, and we will attack when we need to, but we're also tasked with a test of our special skills. We're the support beams that hold a team together in the field. Our comrades rely on us to monitor them, to cast protective magic to the best of our ability, and to keep them fighting.

As our commanding officers have made clear to us, we're going to fail a few times. People will fall, and we probably will too. Don't worry: we have enough cover to make sure no one's left behind as a monster's chew toy. And when we're done on the field for the day, we'll have to stay on our feet for an extra little while to make sure everyone will make it back alive.

I'll discuss strategy with anyone if you'd like, but I'll make a promise here: when it's all over, the healers are going to have a little party. I'm still looking for a place, but I'm sure I'll find something!

And to everyone else, if any teams are short a healer please let me know.

-Instructor Aerith Gainsborough
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Okay. So. This whole...Island with the monsters thing? Kind of wish we had a little more warning, I'd have tried to get in some more training or something at least. But I doesn't sound like we have much of a choice. So, if a group of cadets need a healer to come along, I'll join and help where I can.

- Rapunzel
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[ Last thing he remembers is the fight. How much his injuries hurt, how hard he'd tried, and then how amazing Gaara had been.

When he opens his eyes, Lee expects to find himself in the hospital room once again. But... this is no hospital. It's some sort of bedroom.

Not his.

He's careful not to disturb anything in the room as he takes a look around. It seems one other person lives here. Where that person is, Lee does not know. The person owns many things that seem to be a completely different language.

He's not happy about this sudden change in atmosphere. What could have brought him here, apart from very strong Genjutsu? He'd thought the battle was over, but perhaps it's only just begun. He's still bandaged, and he can still feel the dull pain left over from the previous battles. However, this is not something he can -- or ever would -- turn away from.

First, he'll have to locate the reason for this jutsu.

Cautiously, Lee steps outside the dorm room and glances around. Where to? How would he even go about this? ]

[[ ooc: just a note, I wrote his native language as Japanese, so unless someone's speaking in Japanese to him or gives him one of those fancy translators, he probably won't understand. Everything spoken in Japanese will be in italics for now /o/ ]]
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Well, this was more than a little unexpected, but I need to introduce you all to someone.

[Something offscreen pipes up, saying only:]


I'm getting to that! Anyway, Time Compression seems to have brought me a... research assistant of sorts from home for Hearth's Warming.

[She turns her head to the side and nods, waiting for a small owl, who is by no means wearing a bejeweled bowtie, to rest on her back.]

I'd like you all to meet Owlowiscious.


You, you silly owl!

[And, turning back to the camera once more:]

...He does that sometimes.

[OOC: tan text is the owl.]
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[PM to everyone who so much as spoke to his AU, if he knows their name] [ooc: this can be handwaved or backtagged!]

If you remember the guy asking after me a couple of weeks back: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

- Edward Elric


[After those slightly cryptic PMs go out, Ed is absent from his usual hangouts for the rest of the morning. It's pretty difficult to miss him if you venture into the training centre, though - he's standing around a small clearing fairly close to the entrance, although after a little while a more accurate description would be miniature wasteland. Fallen grats lie here and there in the torn-up earth surrounding him; a couple are wounded in a way that suggests he impaled them somehow, but most just look like they've been rather viscerally beaten.

Presently, he settles down at the base of a nearby tree, on top of his untidily folded coat. He pulls at the hem so he can start polishing his right arm, but then stops and hangs his head. There's clearly something on his mind.

Not too far in the distance, a large animal roars.]
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[Who's the lady dressed all in dark gray and blue? Why she's familiar....almost. Aerith strides right past people in Garden, her loose (and suddenly short) hair flying behind her. There's no time to stop and sort out her memory: she needs to confirm for herself that things really are as safe as they appear to be. She tightens a dark blue scarf around her neck and steps onto the observation deck, gripping the ledge tightly.]

I'll complete my obligation and then I'll leave. I have no use for this, and it has little use for me. How can any of this be important in the end? In the end, it's still our job to ride the tide. Not control it.

[But she is definitely going to ride the tide back home straight into kicking certain awful people in the face, she thinks, clenching her fist. She glares out into the gray of the day, allowing her anger to start to pass.]
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[The pegasus pony that cheerfully flies across the lobby to the quad, this morning? There's a few odd things about her.]

[For one, she's flying about walking speed, just a couple feet over the ground. In fact, she may only be flying because of the easel and art supplies case she's got gathered in her hooves.]

[Second, she's singing. Not with words, but she's just in such a good mood that she's cheerfully using her voice as an instrument. (Yes, it's the theme song, if you were wondering.)]

[Third, her mane is noticeably longer than ever, brushed to a sleek shining flow of color that streams around and behind her like a waterfall.]

[Rainbow nods and smiles happily to those she passes as she makes her relaxed way to the quad. Once there, she spends a moment surveying the scene, one hoof to her chin appraisingly, before dropping lightly into place by the stage. With a casual motion of hoof and head, she nudges the easel upright and open, then opens up the art supplies case to pull out her palette and paints.]

[A few quick strokes of a pencil on canvas later, just to set basic scene and proportions, and the pegasus pony is happily mixing paints, still humming as if everything is right with the world.]
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[For some people around Balamb Garden, it's an ordinary day. Others may notice a difference in those people, be it in personality or appearance or the memories they claim have happened, but there are still classes and clubs and missions to get on with despite these odd changes in people.

[One of these things is not like the others...]

Mod note, to reiterate:
  • From December 10th through December 24th, characters may be replaced with AU versions of themselves. This can be any level of AU -- a small change to a world-shattering one.
  • AU characters retain their game memories and CR to the best of the ability of their AU to accommodate it. If you want to sit down with your fellow players and dissect just how your CR would have changed, that's fine! (Here is a place to do so.) But applying the MST3K Mantra is also perfectly acceptable too.
  • Your characters do not have to be affected at the event start, nor do they need to be affected for the entire duration of the event. This way, your regular characters can interact with AUs, your AU can interact with regular characters, and your AUs can interact with AUs.
  • You may use more than one AU per character if you wish.
  • Characters will have their full memory from the AU experience at the end of the event. If their AU ends before the event ends, they can remember it or not as you choose up until the event ends.
  • The event is not mandatory. You don't have to AU your character if you don't wish to.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on the OOC post or through the mod channels ([personal profile] wrmods or [ profile] witchesreign).
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    [There's a small pigtailed girl sitting on a bench, poking at the laptop Garden had provided her with. She had a vague induction as to what it was, but really it was kind of a mystery. Someone had told her that there was something called a "BBS" on here and that it was easy to meet other off-worlders on it.

    So far she'd learned that if you moved the arrow around and pushed a button it did something. There were some interesting things to read about, like the Garden's rules and notices... but she couldn't seem to find this BBS. Not just that, but when she pressed the keys to write, no letters showed up anywhere.

    As time goes on, she grows increasingly perplexed, her frown deepening.

    She was going to work out this laptop thing!

    Maybe if I talk to it...?

    Show me the BBS!



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    [Pinkie Pie, dressed casually in this attire, is frolicking around Garden while passing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yes, she is frolicking, and sometimes hoping on her pogo stick.

    This has everything to do with the recent bout of jam. She's eaten too much sugar, apparently. Again.

    Gummy isn't with her this time. Lucky duck! She left him in the safety of her room for a bit. Hopefully he won't get swallowed up by the jam.]

    ACTION FOR MWF HEC 101 or whomever passes by her classroom

    [Instead of making clothing patterns, the class will be making sandwich patterns.

    Also, Pinkie is still wearing her fancy suit.]

    I want to see LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS today! [She paces the front of the room, looking to every cadet, quite serious about her request.] We're making these for those still in the infirmary since the last attack, so PUT SOME CHEERE INTO THAT SANDWICH!

    [She dug beneath the neck of her costume and took out a whistle before blowing it.]

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    [Time Compression.]

    [Everyone knows about it. Many people in this very building arrived here because of it. Yet how often does anyone see it in action? Usually just a ripple, here and then gone, too quick to study or even appreciate.]

    [Today is different. For a nexus of compressed time has apparently set up shop in the PMGF classroom. Just above the teacher's desk, time and space seem to squash together, like one would envision a portal or singularity in a science fiction show. Afterimages and secondary images of the room at different points in time dance around like drunken holographics. Perhaps most oddly, most ominously, is the fact that this compression makes not a single unusual sound of its own.]

    [Now, you might ask how you would happen to discover this odd nexus? Well, you might look to the three familiar girls that are running away from the classroom at top speed, screaming.]


    Run for the hills!


    [...oh yes, the time compression nexus is spewing out a few gallons of jam per second like some horrible horizontal preserves geyser. In the classroom it's about four feet deep and the flood is rapidly oozing its way down the halls in both directions. Within moments it will reach the walkway over the lobby and begin spilling over the first floor into the first floor of Garden.]

    [Unless your plan is to stick around and wait for Time Compression to also fire off a peanut butter fountain and a bread cannon, better do something quick!]
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    [Tseng can be found in his classrooms all week, shuffling through files before lessons start with a possibly cold cup of coffee holding sentinal on the desk.

    His name is written neatly on the board with the pronunciation underneath. Experience had long since stopped him from hoping anyone would pronounce it right from just the written english.]

    OOC: have a catch all intro for the guy, anyone's welcome to bother him as they see fit. There are a bunch of empty hours in his week for people not in his lessons.
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    You two! Move those supplies to the infirmary, and don't even THINK about walking!

    [Grell's standing in a severely damaged hallway, checking where the needed supplies to help with recovery efforts need to go.

    Meaning that she's bossing random cadets around.

    Once in a while, she'll lift up a large piece of debris, revealing more damage beneath. Due to assisting with the battle, she has a bandage on her neck to cover up an injury. Since the beginning of the new quarter, Grell has since changed back to her usual attire of slacks and her infamous red trench coat.]

    And can someone get me an orange juice?! [She says to no one, and everyone, in particular.]


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