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[TODAY IS THE DAY! Pinkie Pie finally celebrates HERSELF! On her trusty pogo stick, she bounces around Garden with Gummy in her hair (hanging on for dear life), throwing confetti in her wake and shouting:]


[She hands a cupcake to each person she sees. It's a bribe! Pinkie doesn't care how shameless it is, only if people will eat it happily and come to her party!]

(ooc: Please turn down her invite, folks! Nicely or however your character wishes! There is a good reason! (totally playing off this episode in the link, thanks to a helpful friend!)
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[If anyone comes into the infirmary today, they'll find Touma refamiliarizing himself with where everything is (some of it has changed since he was out on a mission), and organizing medical files (there's a growing pile of files for people who are no longer here, according to the latest list from admin).]

[At lunchtime, he hits the cafeteria, surveying the food with some slight distaste. Ah, cafeteria food, he has not missed you. As he loads up his tray with more food than it looks like he'd really eat, he has a device in his hand, which he occasionally talks to:]

What do you want in your wrap?

Do they still have that dressing I like?

[... Yeah, that thing just talked back.]

[Later on, when he gets some downtime from the infirmary that coincides with classes being out, Touma heads for the boxing and martial arts classrooms. He puts on a pair of boxing gloves and starts punching a heavy bag, a little rusty to start with but soon with the fluidity of several years' practice.]

(OOC: Despite the fourteen-year-old icons, Touma is twenty in this game!)


Oct. 25th, 2011 08:40 pm
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[Today, Terra had brought a few friends along with her for class. A hoard of moogles followed her through the gardens. She seems very embarrassed about this and tries to hide them. Why did have to follow her, she face palmed.]

Kupo!!! [One comes jumping on all over the students in her class.]

I'm so sorry! Where do they come from?

[But their so cute, Terra thought to herself, but she has to get them out of the class somehow.]
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hey everyone!!

i know you guys heard about the beach right?? :O so whos going? it'll be a great chance for everyone to relax after finals and everything. it should be fun!

oh but i was wondering what kind of things do you need to bring to the beach? is there anything i need to get? we didnt really have a beach back home and the only time i went to one i was only taking a walk!! so if anyone could help that would be great ok? :D

everyone is coming right??? please please please come!! or else! >:)

- vanille

Action for the Library, after making the post. )
( ooc: Dated before the beach party..! )
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[A grinning Snow is casually pummeling a training dummy in the classrooms. Whatever oddity of time compression has stripped off his brand and replaced it with some other power, he doesn't know, but after some of the earlier adventures he's endured through its questionable charity, he intends to just ride this out.]

[So now he's playing with this new power: density control. And frankly doing quite well at it. The punch he hurls at the dummy starts off light and fast, barely dense enough to engender any resistance even from the air; then, a moment before it lands, his body coalesces into a far more dense form. The punch hits with alarming force, sending the dummy flying.]


I think I might've overdone it.
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This is probably a weird question, but...

Have you ever met someone who knows a different you? If so... what do you do if they don't... get along with the other you, in a way of speaking?

[Because she is completely confused about Mami's words, especially the part about never speaking to each other again.]
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[Remember how last week everyone was singing the alphabet song while making pizza with spoons on their noses? Sometimes singing backwards?


On the counters there are feathered masks for everyone to wear, and beaks to put on. Yes, BEAKS. Similar to how a clown nose would go on one's face. On the instructors desk is an incubator with chocobo. Don't they look warm and cozy?!

But your instructor today looks rather serious.]

LISTEN UP!! [Oh, she's wearing some odd glasses with random feathers in her hair.] These chocobo eggs need LOVE and CARE! We're making snuggly beds for them, so PUT ON YOUR GEAR AND LETS GET GOING!

[Also on every counter are a whole mess of sticks, twigs, some glue, glitter, leaves, cloth, hay,yarn, playdoh…. She has her own example on the desk as well.]

We have to make them BIG enough for them to sleep in after hatching! [Walking up and down the isles, while giving everyone an evil eye.] If I see ONE twig out of place, you'll start again!
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So, given that we off-worlders are here against our will, it's completely understandable that most of us want nothing more than to go home. You know - back to our friends, families and stuff. And enemies, I guess.

Some of us get that wish, but it's just as unpredictable as us arriving here in the first place.

But not all of us want to go home. Right?

Or am I alone, here? Gotta say, the idea of being around people who'd ditch you without blinking is a little uncomfortable when you think about it.


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