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[At first, Junpei just figures he's come down with something. It happens, right? After kicking ass all night in Tartarus and then getting up to go to school the next day, it tends to wear a guy out, so the onset of a cold or something of the like isn't strange to him. This feels a little different, but he supposes it was really only a matter of time. Getting dumped into an alternate dimension is bound to expose you to something nasty.

But usually when he's under the weather he just sleeps a lot. And whatever is wrong with him this time, it's robbed him of that. He's spent the past two or three days laying on his bed in his dorm, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. He hasn't eaten the whole time, but finds he's not hungry. This morning he finally decided maybe it was time to go and talk to somebody about it, and was alarmed to see that his skin had taken on a peculiar greenish hue. Oh boy. This can't be good. Well, at least chances are that this school nurse won't make him try any weird potions.

Nothing could have prepared him for the news that he's been stricken with Zombie. ...How the hell does that even work? Unfortunately, it seems the usual means of ridding people of the effects of these strange ailments that seem to be affecting most of the student body at the moment aren't working. So he's advised to just stick it out--the malady won't hurt him, he's told--the effects should wear off on their own eventually.

But now he's left with a simple quandary: he's a zombie. And he's hardly been acting the part. Anyone passing through the lobby today might notice a very ill-looking Junpei shambling about, practicing making groaning noises that may or may not sound rather like 'braaaaains'. Don't worry, though, he's not unreasonable. I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes...]

[sorry i fell off the face, guys. TT^TT work is really lame.]
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[When Ryu woke up on the 10th, the last thing he expected to see was complete darkness.  After the Headmaster's announcement, he chose not to stray far from his room.  Now hunger was setting in, and he was determined to find his way to the cafeteria.  Ryu leaned against the walls, slowly sliding his hand along.  He had an approximate idea of how far it was from his dorm, and he was determined to make it there on his own.

Of course, the best plans often go awry, and this one ranked kinda high as being a really dumb idea, and even he realizes it.  Beneath the black fog obscuring his vision, his expression is one of dismay.  A little help would not go unwelcome.]

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(ooc: I meant to post this ages ago and for one reason or another just haven't gotten around to it yet. This is backdated forever and ever and ever ago to after this post)

[Rinoa sits curled around Angelo in a shady, tree filled corner of the Quad, her face buried in the dog's furry ruff as she just sits and well pouts? Mopes? Sulks? Cries? There were any number of words that could be used to describe her current behavior and most of them fit. However, if someone were to look for it they'd see the tell-tale sign of tear tracks on the cadets face as well as the dampened portions of Angelo's fur but thankfully not enough to trigger much of a damp dog scent.

Her face still buried against the dog her voice was muffled as she voiced her complaint, thinking that only Angelo could hear her.]

Why's he such a jerk?

[Maybe she had taken some things for granted and just assumed they were true, but he didn't have to be so cold about it. It was becoming painfully clear that what meant the world to her was more or less nothing to him. The more she thought about it the more it hurt and the more upset she became. ]

[Anyone's more than welcome to stop by and bother girl and dog new and old CR alike.]
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[For the most part, Oswald is certain that he has left the bleak realm of the netherworld behind. Whatever else this place is, it certainly doesn't seem like a punishment.

There are, however, days where that belief is put to the test. Such as days where he finds himself shoved onto a ball floor for dancing lessons.

It's bad enough that he has to discard his armor and his sword for the flimsy cloth uniforms they insist on. But the fact that he's expected to partner up with someone and learn how to dance with her...It's something of a relief when the instructor has them line up today, instead of immediately stumbling over their feet in an attempt not to fall down or step on people beginning dance practice.]
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[Slagging new world with its slagging new rules and its slagging assumption that he'd actually attend all of these fragging classes. Damian scowled as he kicked up random flowers in the Quad. He didn't mind the "attending school" part - he was in the sixth grade back home - but really? Just snatching him from Gotham and expecting him to comply with the rules here? Blasphemy!

The Course Catalog's still at his side, but he hasn't bothered to read it. Still, with the dirt and flowers all over him, Damian's making himself - and the Quad - ridiculously messy. Still upset, he growls:]
The dregs could've at least warned us beforehand! [... yeah, someone had definitely tuned out a good deal of the explanation. Considering the rage this kid's in, this may or may not be a good thing.]
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[After the instructor explains the project, she lets the class use the remainder of the class time to look through all the seeds and bulbs to choose which plant to focus on. Katara sits at one of the long tables shared amongst several cadets, brows furrowed as she looks from one picture to the other, each representing the plants in their full bloomed state.]

I can't decide which one to choose... they all look so pretty! [She's mostly musing to herself as she stares at the assortment of seed packets she's spread out on the table before her.]

[ooc: Tina and Toph are free to jump in whenever they want!]
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[Have a perplexed, out of place Ryu.  His attention is on a piece of paper in his hands, trying to make heads or tails of the situation at hand.  The whole school thing was new to him, as, hey, farming communities don't really need education, they just need able bodies and sharp tools.  Granted, he was deeper in the woods away from them, but it all fit together either way.  He hadn't even begun exploring the school, let alone his own room.  Any passerbys might notice a fishing pole leaning against the railing of the main walkway.  It looked just like his clothing, in that it had seen a lot of time on the road.]

...Out of the frying pan, and into the fire, I guess.


Aug. 22nd, 2010 01:53 pm
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For those of you that keep track of these things, Commander Leonhart's birthday is tomorrow, August 23rd.

I'm sure he'd enjoy some birthday wishes!
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[ Mid-Afternoon in Balamb, and Terra is almost going out of her way to avoid people. Well, if she's spotted before reaching her destination, she'll chat someone up, but ultimately, the girl is heading into the Training Center.

Not to fight, no sir, just for a little quiet time. Why she chooses her quiet spots in there who can say? Nonetheless, if someone DOES happen upon her, she could be found deeper into the Training Center, perched on a large boulder with a book in her lap. She is also talking quietly, almost whispering.

She's not alone. Seated beside Terra and curiously looking over her shoulder is an ethereal woman. Shiva. Anyone who comes into audible range of her lowered voice would hear her talking with the GF(s). ]

"Have you decided?" [ This from Shiva, apparently, as Terra shakes her head at the GF. ]

"I'm not so sure about this 'ballroom dancing' ... although it was pretty to watch when I first came here."

[ She pauses, and both she and Shiva seem distracted a moment, listening to something. Terra finally smiles, nodding. ]

"It's a little easier now that I understand how things work here, for the most part. Plus I have you and Shiva to help me, Quetzacoatl."

[ Don't mind her. She's just a weird girl being...weird. ]
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[Sitting in the cafeteria, Rinoa's currently pouring over all the new course offerings as she tried to figure out once again just what her current plans for the future were.Ultimately it was a pretty big decision after all and she didn't want to rush into it like she tended to do with some things.

Rubbing at the tiny frown lines on her forehead, she sighed and turned to her attention to the apple she was eating. What she wasn't admitting to herself was the fact that she was just using the classes as an excuse to put off what was currently eating at her the most. Which of course was talking to Squall about the latest newsletter, but after last time she was actually a little reluctant to bring up that column again. Not that it was going to stop her in the long run or anything like that, but it did a great job in stalling her up temporarily.

So if anyone wanted to stop by and maybe: eat their meals together, talk about classes, or anything like that she would totally be up for the company.]
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[It had taken some doing, but as Selphie stood in the middle of the decorated bar, the green eyed girl swelled with excitement. Thanks to the help she had received, Dollet's bar had turned into the perfect place to hold her carefully planned party.

In one corner of the bar, tables and chairs had been moved to clear a space large enough for the night's entertainment to begin setting up. It was still early, so the band was still positioning stands, amps and other items as they began to tune up for a nights worth of playing. Selphie left that to the band, knowing when to back out of playing party planner and leaving things to people who knew best about their own equipment.

The rest of the tables and chairs were set up at the other end of the bar, just in front of a longer table set up with food, non-alcoholic drinks, plates and glasses. She had managed to get a fair enough spread of food, hopefully catering to the diverse tastes of the Garden residents. Anyone who was old enough for alcohol, had the option of going to the actual bar of the establishment. Among what they could order there, Selphie had set several single serving bottles of several types of drinks on ice, the large bucket sitting up on the bar where it could be easily watched, and any underage lurkers could be shooed off.

For now, all that the party needed, was the partiers!

OOC Information RE: Invitations, Planning. PLEASE READ. YOU ARE INVITED )
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[At 0900 hours, the announcement bell chimes and once again a voice much more youthful than the Headmaster's begins to speak.]

Good morning, inhabitants of Balamb Garden! This is your pilot Nida speaking. Now that we're docked in Dollet, it's time to get our vacation on! That's right - everyone's free to leave Garden and stretch their legs. Hyne knows I will! [He sounds so eager and can't help but give a little laugh.]

Please remember to stay safe while exploring and don't go getting into too much trouble! Oh! I forgot - curfew. I know I know. Not something you want to hear, s-sorry! Anyways. About that curfew. Good news! All cadets are given an extra half-hour in which they must return to Garden for the remainder of the night. Instead of having to check in at 2300 hours, curfew for this week is 2330 hours.

Don't worry though. We'll be here all week! Plenty of time to sight see and whatever else you want to get done.

Have fun, everyone! Maybe we'll bump into each other.

[The announcement ends, and the intercom clicks off.]

[Mod note: Here's the kick off to the week of vacation for the cadets! For those who are unfamiliar with Dollet, information about the city can be found here. Students are free to roam around the city or keep within Garden if they so desire. The second term will start August 1st-- until then, it's vacation time!

Party-style tags/threads are more than welcome. Mingle, chat, action!

Also note; if there are any interested in trying their hand at getting Siren while in Dollet, more information can be found here. Feel free to PM us and we'll help you set that up. :)]
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[All told, Mitsuru has put up a valiant effort, juggling finals, bad dreams, and classes all at the same time. Really, compared to all that it's only expected that a few things involving personal care would get shunted in favor of more study time. Since Mitsuru wasn't about to tackle a day without a cold shower, sleep was what she chose to sacrifice.

And the effects of that are finally starting to show.

Over in her little corner of the Quad, Mitsuru is slumped forward. Her eyes keep fluttering open, and then closing again as she tries to focus on the notes in front of her. But those moment where her eyes are open are getting fewer and shorter, and she leans forward a little more, forced to prop her head up in her hands.

There seems to be a soft blue glow around her, but she doesn't take any notice of it. So, it has to just be a trick of the light, that there seems to be something hovering just above Mitsuru as she drifts in and out of consciousness.

And...Surely it must just be a fluke of the air conditioning, or a stray breeze, that this corner of the Quad is much colder, right?]

((OOC: Backdated just a wee bit, to right before exams start!))
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[It's the quad again. This fine evening Irvine can be seen lying against the bottom leftmost side of the stairs. One leg is crossed over the other and both arms are bent, hands folded under his head for support. His face is deliberately obstructed by the hat from when he pulled it forward earlier. By his side are a rifle and a book, presumably study material for the upcoming exam week.

All things considered he appears fairly relaxed. Perhaps he's sleeping, even. Care to find out?]
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[ to those who are semi-awake, one might hear a voice shouting, then a little metal thing comes around the corner, into the quad. the Doctor--er, John Smith, as you may know him--is following it, ranting and raving. ]

No, no, no! Bad cat, bad cat! Oh, this is the last time I engineer a robotic cat, absolutely the last time, oh, well, alright, maybe the second to last time.

[ once he finally catches up with it, he places a foot upon it and sighs, pulling a hand down his face. ]

Blimey. Rewiring, then. Yes, time for that.
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[ like most people in the Garden, Riku hasn't gotten any sleep. Well, he has, but the sleep that he's gotten has not been... good. Dreaming of being possessed over and over again tends to make your mornings pretty miserable. he's learned to deal with it, though, even if he's got bags under his seagreen eyes now, that he keeps trying to rub away. he leans his back against the railing of the Secret Area after curfew, writing in what looks like a notebook, or sketchbook.

after a while, though, he gets frustrated with trying to figure out what the dreams mean, or why they're happening now, and tosses his notebook over to the side, looking out at the view.

care to join him in angsting? the silence is giving him an earache. ]
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[What a time to be intro'd. During a nightmare event. Sweet.]

New guy here. Just got a quick question. Are you guys always this much fun? Some of you seem like a bunch of zombies or something. What gives?

Oh right. Names Duo. Nice to meet you and all that shit.
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[The nightmares hit Rinoa particularly hard as she's always been really susceptible to this sort of thing. That and her her can come up with some really messed up stuff sometimes so needless to say her dreams had been rather soul curdling and horrible.  I might even write one out when I'm not so brain dead and tired. Once she'd managed to wake up, Rinoa had been unable to go back to sleep because the images wouldn't go away.

So exhausted and distracted by the images still rolling through her mind despite her best efforts not to think about it, she's trying to go about her day like normal. Rinoa's not having any luck though. Right now she can be found staring blankly at her lunch tray like the food on it was purple with green spots and had a second head. It's probably a good thing she's sitting down as it's questionable if she'd be able to stand right now.]

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[ It's not uncommon for Terra to have nightmares - having nightmares that were quite that vivid were though. She hasn't slept a wink for fear of seeing that face every time she closed her eyes, trying to steal a little bit of rest. Instead, she just kept hearing the screams that kept echoing in her head. This may be why she's found at the second floor balcony during a free period, hugging herself tightly, her cape caught in the occasional breeze.

... Also she's standing on top of the railing. One wrong move and over she goes! (gasp) Pay her a visit? Shove her over? Steal her wallet -- er, she doesn't have one but yeah! ]


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