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Instructor Todd, would you like to have some coffee with me? I have some questions about Garden, and since last time we spoke, you tried your very best to be polite and welcoming, I thought you'd be up to the idea.
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["Sora" had been in a foul mood since the carnival--so foul he'd skipped out on the dance. The talk with Aerith had left him feeling rather angry. So, this night, he'd snuck out of his dorm to visit the training center. This is what human did to relieve stress, right? Pound things into the ground? Well, it's what he's doing--pummeling Grats and carefully avoiding any T-Rexaurs by shrinking down into his Shadow form when he needed to. Otherwise, anyone entering the training center would find a large creature, roughly the same size as a T-Rexaur, crushing a few Grats beneath a fist.

And if they kept watching, they'd eventually see him become the small, spiky-haired boy that pummels a few other Grats with that strange-looking, key-shaped weapon he wields.]

[[OOC: You can run into any of his forms: Darkside (the giant), the Shadow (tiny) or humanoid (the form he's usually seen with). Please specify which!]]
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C'mon, Plue. This way...

[The Stellar Mage walks through the halls of Garden, a little white creature with a carrot-orange pointed nose following closely behind. She has her arms full of course guide, snacks, and cookies for Plue. The doors open in the halls and she finds herself in the Quad, and, seeing a bench, she quickly goes over, drops into a seat...and promptly collapses, exhausted. Her books and snacks go sliding to the floor all which ways.]

Huuuungh! Just great! And just when things were finally getting back to normal!

[She stops her whines to raise her head, blink at nothing, blankly, and then sigh.]

Yea. Irony is right. When is anything ever normal for me? At least I'm not tied up somewhere with some creep holding a flaming sword to my neck...

[While his Stellar Mage grumbles and gripes, Plue helps himself to some cookies, plopping down at the girl's feet, and shoving one after another treat into his mouth, wiggling his little legs.]


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