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[As much as Tom hated to admit it, exercising in the Boxing room just wasn't cutting it out for him. Some of his colleagues suggested that he should get a workout in the training center, but as Tom saw it? That was less a workout and more a "excuse in killing monsters." The pacifist in him wouldn't agree to unnecessary fighting!

So in the end, Tom settled for heading towards the pool. Granted, he hadn't had swimming classes in forever - and the werepanther in him hesitated the moment he walked onto the area - but anything had to be better than killing monsters for the sake of getting some fresh air and exercise.

Throwing his towel onto one of the beach chairs, Tom walks towards the edge of the pool and takes a deep breath. It's okay, it's just water... he can dive in at any moment...

Except he doesn't. Someone push the werekitty in already? It's pretty obvious, from the way he's flailing, that he's not going in anytime soon.]
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If anyone reading this signed up for Oli's dance troupe while he was still here or would like to join, I'm interested in putting a couple of numbers together for Homecoming. That's only a week away, so you'll need to be able to commit to daily rehearsals, but I'm aiming for fairly simple choreography. There'd definitely be fewer rehearsals after Homecoming if anyone's interested in continuing after that. ♥

- Instructor Sharpay Evans
Vote Sharpay Evans and Tom Bronson for Homecoming Queen and King!

[Yeah okay so Sharpay pretty much lives out here for her open posts. Today she's not making the slightest pretense of marking: She's strutting around the quad in paths which probably look a little random and sometimes make nice corners for no apparent reason; occasionally she stops in one place and then goes to somewhere opposite her starting point and goes to the place where she stopped. Usually when she stops she marks something on a piece of paper, though occasionally she just frowns and tries her last strut again. Whenever she's walking, she's humming very quietly; not too many notes are audible.

[She's not always looking where she's going, either, so she may bump into people from time to time, with a quick--] Sorry!

[And onwards!]

[Knock-knock-knock, Dom. You have a visitor! An eager one, if that quick tapping knock is any indication.]
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[There's really only one thing to do when you've been interdimensionally kidnapped and find yourself in a strange new world full of strange new people, strange new abilities and strange new... other things.

No, you don't run in circles and flail your arms around. That would be silly. Fun, but silly. You go to the library. No, you don't flail there, either.

This is why you might spot an annoyed, somewhat frazzled-looking (but still HANDSOME) blond guy in the library, browsing the shelves for basic info on this Strange New World, capitals intended.

Be careful. His assholery is currently set to MAX.]

What the- Why is there a cookery book in the geography section?
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[So… this morning, there's a man at the training center.

Not really unusual, of course- even if it's probably a man that you hadn't previously met or seen before. He seems to be practicing with the nunchakus, expression switching between bored and determined. He isn’t exactly bad at them, and it’s obvious he’s used them before… but to the expert eye it’s obvious they aren’t his favorite choice of weapons. Well, he needs to rest from the guns sometimes doesn’t he? And he kind of likes the nunchakus anyway- exotic and they give him a lot of freedom to move around.

If he’s realized you’re there, he doesn’t show it. He doesn’t seem to be paying attention to anything anyway. You’d think he’d take the time to at least look around to see if anything has changed while he was back… but he’s apparently missed the training room more than anything else.]

[bbs | Later]

Sup little birds, Jason Todd here. It’s been… a while so I guess I gotta introduce myself and all that jazz or. Whatever.

I’m going to be your introduction to weapons teacher- one of them, at least. Be good blah blah you know the deal. Seriously as long as you don’t bother me much I’m not going to bother you, either. You can call me Todd if you must, but I like my name so Jason is fine.

I guessssss that’s all.

OH and do not come to me with your problems. Seriously. I’m not your mom. Go bother somebody else.
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[Rasler's no stranger to what's said on his acceptance letter in hand, although he is somewhat surprised at Balamb's use of sponsors. That's definitely new to him, he doesn't recall Galbadia ever doing things that way. He's already paused at the directory to get a feel for where the dorms and the cafeteria and training area all are, and so he's currently making his way to the dorms section now.

With a backpack of his possessions and clothing slung over a shoulder he might look like any other newcomer but while wearing a Galbadia Garden jacket (partially left open at the collar), there's something a little off about him if he's wearing a uniform that belongs to another Garden.

Rasler slows to a stop.

Another look down to read what's on his letter and he flips open his course catalog. It says he can do whatever he wants with his free time and take some extra classes here at Balamb while waiting for his field exam-- maybe he'll look into it.

If it means he'll be one step closer to returning to Ivalice.
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[There is a young boy, no older than nine or ten with dark hair and a scar running over the bridge of his nose sitting at an empty table. Before him are plates of varying foods and it all looks very delicious. In Alma's hands is a giant bottle of mayonnaise, ready to be dealt upon the poor food.

He stares down at the plates of food, standing on the chair, with a hungry and excited look in his eyes. His first target? Is a slice of cheesecake that looks fine and dandy without anything else added to it. Not that Alma seems to care. On goes the mayo~!]

[ooc; OHGAWSH i'm sorry this intro post took so late! I went on hiatus for a bit, but I'm back now~ Alma's been around for a little bit before this post so feel free to have noticed this small boy wandering around? He has a terrible love for mayo, as disgusting as it may seem.]
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This is late, so you will have to excuse me for this, but I've only recently come back, and I thought it be best to introduce myself. Some of you may know me; for those who don't, my name is Dominic Sorel, and I am the instructor for the (WTR 101) Intro to Weapons Training classes, and the (INTN 102) Intern: Piloting classes.

For those of you who have those classes, I look forward to seeing you at the start of them on Monday. Otherwise, I hope everyone has a good weekend.

-Instructor Dominic Sorel

[After making that post to the network, Dominic is taking the time to get reacquainted with the Garden again. It had been a year since he had been here, after all, and while some things remained the same, some things changed.

The population of the school had changed. Students he didn't really know, even some teachers he didn't fully remember. He had spent a long time out in the world, helping people, doing what he wanted to do. He'd breezed through SeeD training just like he had with the United Federation back home, except the creed for the military here was more of what he wanted.

He had to deal with the fact that he was probably dead back home. Probably. Most likely. But that wasn't that bad, either. The one thing he was finding tough to deal with was the fact that he wasn't going to get to see Anemone again. Even after a year, he still thought about her. Still wished she was around. Walking through the Quad, he was overcome with memories, both good and bad.]


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